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  1. Just for you to know, i have been playing this game few months now and i think this is the best and more realistic game i have ever played and devs are doing great work in enhancing it to be a very realistic one However, let me give you some business oversight on gaming industry today: Trend is focusing lately on sandbox gaming Money generated from B2P games alone are not enough if you dont have yearly expansions (which i hate) or in game Shop (which is critical how you design to make it far from play to win module) Shooting games alone cant survive because even if this game is realistic and fun to play.. but you will eventually quit because of no purpose or no real link with a community that builds for you friends people seek to find through gaming world and here comes the idea: New Product called Squad: WW3 Online one server (or 2-3 servers distributed between regions to limit ping difference) Skill system that will improve aiming/speed/rank/weapons unlock/construction skills/ manufacturing skills, etc.. (skill system should take 8+ years to cap) world map -- factions to fight to dominate war map resources in maps indie stuff.. manufacturing of all items/ammo/cloth out of resources trading hubs and destructible caravans politics and "guilds" within factions construction of buildings/ defenses, etc.. using buldozers and tools controlled by players R& D : Invent ur own turrets/launchers/etc.. (with certain limitations ofcourse) You see where am going? this module will allow you to either charge players for small monthly fees for the continuous development or have internal store to sell premium account that will boost skill gain Any thoughts about it devs?
  2. Since this is the most common weapon being used by Iraqi/Taleban insurgents .. can we have it? (P.S .. it can be carried as a main gun.. not the one that is fixed in trenches)
  3. Hi there joined recently the game .. playing mostly on exodus server Was wondering about the vision of this game... will this only be an FPS combat game in current state or there are plans to have a unified system where the combat results in each server might have impact on the faction results (for example).. something bigger than having a score board after few minutes of fights where your fighting effeciency might have a bigger impact on the game Take Heroes and generals as an example .. every fight you do will have impact on world map .. which helps your faction to dominate more lands.. (or acquire more resources if you want).. Hope to get your feedback