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  1. Less Teamwork than in Battlefield, i think i can compare this game to Call of Duty. Voice chat is not used and if it is, it's like in CS:GO. The 2-3 Helicopters fly like a potato and you'll get shot shortly from a random Missile. Weapons are... pretty all the same, just with other names and designs. The Role-Choosing, and what makes me to get to the bottom now: There is a mapvote after every round, that means there are like 2 maps being played the whole time. What i do like best is the Vietnamese speecher. Wasted my money on this game, all because i got hyped. Too bad. At least the performance is steady high.
  2. Have 382.05 atm, ill try 372.90 out, thank you.
  3. Notice the dropoff from the tandem heat after the patch, its a quite big drop. Also there is a limitation to a lower amount of players after the patch (am I wrong?). Also you should just not be in range of a tandem heat, it's not that hard. I do not like the performance atm, it seems that my performance went down like 10 fps and it is not really playable anymore around 30.
  4. Thank you! Took the upper one, worked.
  5. You.... you have to be a troll, i would kill for having constant 45 fps!! Also i have a Aspire V17 Nitro Laptop with i7-6700-HQ 2,6ghz, 8GB DDR4 RAM and GeForce GTX 950m and can barely play it on 35-45 fps, in bad times 30-35. Seems to be much difference between our Laptops.
  6. Had the same problem on holidays / other router. The problem is not your PC, it's a router's thing.
  7. Don't laugh at me, but is it better to disable hyper threading on i7 to get more fps? I googled already, but that's all too high for me. Is hyperthreading that bad? I have i7 6700HQ. I tend to use the programm CPUCores, there's also an option to disable hyper-threading. Also there is a "game on dedicated cores only" button for "single threaded games" is that usefull for squad? I know, i am not well expertised in that :3
  8. I'd like to switch from laptop to PC, my setup i'd like to buy costs like 1800€. Problem is, we need a new couch for living room first. Too bad the difference between laptop and PC is too big even for women...
  9. Be happy that there IS a que now.
  10. Building super-fobs by getting supplied all the time is useless in most cases anyway. 2-3 supply runs for a fob should be max.
  11. What's the name of that program?
  12. There you see in what a prison humans are.
  13. Maybe, just very maybe.... it only ever ever worked in CoD:MW2 for me... but try to open ports in your Firewall, maybe deactivate it for test... thrilling Story, i feel with you. Tried to put the game on an other device, maybe Laptop or 2nd PC? Just to test if ist your Hardware or your internet-Connection. Maybe take your PC to another WLAN from a friend.
  14. I'm really sure i never saw someone above 200-250 ping. I'm from Germany, i often Play on US-Servers (On late shift, Germans still sleep or work, thanks for time difference, i Play on US-Servers when theres like 11p.m.) and i have like 140-180 ping and i prefer those Server more than German Servers with 40 ping, just because even i speak mainly German, this language doesn't fit for me in this game, so i prefer english and accept a higher ping.
  15. Rifles are shoulder-holded. I shot with H&K P8 pistol, G36 and MG3. G36 with shoulder inbound has less recoil than the P8 had for me. But maybe it's just because i am not trained to hold a pistol recoilless. MG3 with bipod felt the same like P8.