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  1. Hey guys - I'm wrapping up on a trailer for Squad v8, it's a fan-made trailer. I've managed to capture an immense amount of footage in-game using bino's and on foot, but I've just been alerted to something called the 'admin' cam available to server administrators. Couple questions - are admins capable of transferring admin power / making another member of the server an admin - and if so, would the second admin also have access to an 'admin' cam? It's practically perfect for what I'm looking for in-game footage-wise, the ability to get aerial shots of some of the vehicles leaving base for example, or a battlescene overhead would be phenomenal.Second question then, is there an admin out there willing to allow me onto their server as a film/movie maker? I'm not sure what I can offer in terms of compensation outside of credits in the film when it goes to it's respective social media outlets (youtube, vimeo, etc.) But if it's a possibility, please let me know! I would be forever grateful. It's not something that would necessarily need to be ongoing either - I wouldn't expect to keep the status after I was finished filming for example. Thanks in advance, a personal message or reply works fine here - I really am hoping someone can help me out! Cheers.