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  1. Vsync method ?

    Thanks for your opinion, but that isn't an answer to my question.
  2. Vsync method ?

    When I turn Vsync on in the game is it triple buffered or standard double buffering ?
  3. Black squares and lines all over textures?

    yes I've noticed this too, also on the firing range, also on an AMD GPU
  4. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    To be fair I'm hoping for wall scrambling before vehicles.
  5. Flickering in Alpha 6

    Yep i'm getting this problem as well, is it just AMD cards ?
  6. Sun glare now gone?!

    Thanks Mr Taxi, that's good to know, I can stop fiddling around with my ini's now, cos I thought it might be something wrong with my files.....
  7. ini settings for eye candy

    Can someone tell me what settings to change in GameUserSettings.ini to get 6.1 looking like 5.2 on high i'm looking at these lines but not sure how the number scaling works MotionBlur=1 MotionBlurQuality=3 LensFlare=1 LensFlareQuality=3 Bloom=1 BloomQuality=4 AutoExposure=1 EyeAdaptationQuality=2 ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=120 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=2 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=2 sg.ShadowQuality=2 sg.PostProcessQuality=2 sg.TextureQuality=2 sg.EffectsQuality=2 Also if I've missed anything can some kind soul point me in the right direction Thanks
  8. Sun glare now gone?!

    It all looks dull and lifeless now imho
  9. Gorodok is the best map so far!

    Aint you ever seen piccies of Ayres rock ?
  10. Server browser v6 ?

    Is there something wrong with the server browser ? after the update i found it really difficult to get into a game, kept trying to join servers with lots of free slots but was frequently getting rejected with a server full messages. Used to happen occasionally before the update but seemed a lot worse last night.
  11. AMD performancee

    But i'm guessing no for AMD GPU bliss till Unreal 4.12 gets squirted into Squad
  12. Optics or BUIS for US medics

    Yeah i would like an Eotech too
  13. Optics or BUIS for US medics

    Which is why i would prefer the larger aperture BUIS option, cos atm the irons are obstructive
  14. Can the medics have some sort of optic, or at least BUIS with the larger aperture selected, as this would be less obstructive than the carry handle peephole sights and encourage people to play as US medic more ?
  15. When do you get a kill?

    I can see the logic behind not letting you use the scoreboard to confirm kills till the end of the match. But it would be nice to have some sort of downed statistic so you know you've not been firing blanks all night.