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  1. The Rifle has less single shot recoil than the 9mm Pistol on the U.S. Your entire screen moves up when firing a pistol. For a smaller caliber there should be less recoil and it should be more controllable.
  2. So I haven't seen many complaints about how after 10-15 minutes into a match the game starts lagging very badly. I believe it is server side because my fps is around 50 the entire time but the game stutters. One time I dug up a HAB and the lag subsided but only for another 10 minutes. It really makes the game unplayable. Here is an example of the issue I am experiencing, apparently along with others. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Hope you fixed the terrible lag that made the game unplayable during the v9 stress test.
  4. AND the stuttering many people had as well. This version will not be released this week and if it is it will be unstable which would cause more problems than upsetting all the whiners that cry about release times.
  5. Tons of people had issues with the game stuttering including myself. It made it unplayable after 15-30 minutes into a match. It would start out smooth sailing but when the fighting started it would start to stutter. Weird part is most of us weren't getting lower fps but the game would stutter 2-3 times a seconds like we were getting 7-10 fps. Most of us reported it so who knows but everyone wasn't experiencing it though. It reminded me of when squad was laggy but much worse.
  6. Having the same issues I had before with the lag getting worse as the game goes on. I knew that would probably happen
  7. Follow these directions.
  8. So I downloaded the closed beta and everything is in the firing range. I'm having a blast right now
  9. the wrench

    That helicopter tho....
  10. Because people don't understand how to play, on any map I rarely see INS using the fastest vehicles in the game to out maneuver the enemy. Usually people just drive them directly into the enemy because they thing they are in an armored vehicle. Everyone runs around like normal and teamwork is lacking in almost every game between squads or even in squads.
  11. Probably tomorrow with the recap.
  12. Sweet
  13. I only play on servers with a ping below 60 and I'm almost always get on servers based in Dallas which hit at around 20-30. It may be slightly affected by lag but I have shot one round into a head before and it did not kill him. I have played around with this as well with a friend since I posted this and I can shoot him in the head with an ak from 10ft. away and not kill him. I don't get it.
  14. Hello, I don't usually participate in forum discussions but I am leaving my feedback because I'd like to see this game succeed. This isn't only my opinion but of many other players as I have mentioned it while playing and many people agree. I have many times shot someone in the head with almost every large caliber rifle in the game. Sometimes (25-30%ish) they go down in one shot. All the rest of the time I have to shoot them again. If I get 2 successful head shots they always go down. I can get a good head shot and then shoot them in the chest sometimes up to 3 times for them to die. A lot of the time I end up trading with them which is frustrating because it happens a lot. Sometimes I will be aiming and ready at a corner leaning, especially if it's my right side, and will start shooting before them. I always aim for the head and I can see the blood-puffs coming off their head but will end up dying with them. All of these situations are very frustrating because any head shot with 5.56 and up should kill an enemy. I have heard some say the helmet might be preventing it but insurgents with no helmets do the exact same thing. The helmet is more for protection from shrapnel, potentially stopping a smaller caliber round, or deflecting slower moving rounds from a distance. Close range rifle rounds would penetrate any helmet, especially within 50m. I am only critical because this game is obviously geared for realism. This is literally the only thing I have to criticize about. You are doing a fantastic job and I am looking forward to future updates, especially the next one. Cheers.