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  1. And what about just asking if the medic thinks it's safe to revive him or if he should give up? Most of the times, wounded aren't next to the medic and the medic doesn't look 24/7 on the map because - yes - the battle maybe is going on. And the local voice of that wounded player will be very silent if he's not that close so I don't see that problem of "extra noise". It's just asking for a response of the medic, if he will try to revive or not if the squad's medic is down or there is none.
  2. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    +1000 Also very good idea.
  3. 3 medics per squad?

    Ahhh, the good old times on Karkand with only Medics in a Squad... Medics were so OP B2T: 2 are enough, I'd say. I like that they now have one frag grenade with them, which makes their "fire power output" equal to a standard riflemen but you still need some other roles in a 9 man squad to fill. 3 medics would mean 1/3 of the squad would consist of medics -1 SL which leaves only 4 people with special kits like AT.
  4. Didn't the devs mentioned they won't implement destruction? Out of balance reasons and performance issues? Some small destruction like driving over trees or even brick walls with MBT etc. would be cool.
  5. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    Actually, in my almost 200 hours playtime I never heard someone complaining about driving the logi. It was mostly only for a few runs like 3 max. Never heard about a SL needing constant supplies. But that chould change now with mortars in. With that, enemy will also maybe be more focused about taking out the logi driver with sending some out to ambush the supply driver since there must be a logi driver if the mortars can fire all day long. With helicopter like someone mentioned it will also get more exciting to supply FOBs.
  6. decoy stones ?

    Doesn't the word "decoy" already says it? Just place it on the road and the enemy may will be tricked that there is a mine and not drive with a vehicle there until checked edit: oh, the word "decoy" has multiple meanings. I just was thinking about the meaning of "faking" something
  7. CPU Upgrade worth it?

    I heard Squad is more CPU intensive than games like BF4 so it should definitely make some difference. Maybe not now but in the future when the devs are deep into optimization and fixing performance issues. I would wait. btw: I am also looking forward to upgrade my CPU for squad in the near future, but it runs still pretty decent on the i3-4130 I have paired with a GTX960 and 8GB RAM.
  8. What is the purpose?

    Having a good time
  9. What about a mute button? It could generally be used to mute annoying players in the game and be used to just mute the squad members in that particular fire team so the SL only has to hear the fire team leader(s) and the mates which are still with him. Could be a lot of chat going on in the radio if there are two fireteams - probably even at separate locations - and they all have to use the squad channel to communicate in their own fire team. Local voice doesn't work that well when you get two far away and distance shouldn't be a obstacle in fire teams. edit: Actually, there is already a lot of things going on in the radio and fire teams won't be that effective if you can't easily communicate. btw: I love how you can't hear anyone speaking when artillery goes down near you. (no sarcasm, really)
  10. When is Squad finished?

    Wow, you just look at one thing and therefore come to the conclusion that the game will never be finished? What about all the things that changed and are going to change in a while with V10 like animations which will be quite huge with vaulting and free look etc.? V9 just came out and with it the n-wheeled vehicles system which had quite some impact on the vehicles performance and the ability to press Capslock for more torque? (Well, this sounds like nothing but is actually really nice to have because of the issues we had while driving uphill) They are just still making the base for further assets like tracked vehicles (I think this is already included) and helicopters are announced for end 2017 and if there is one early-access studio which I trust then its OWI (or Klei Entertainment but they already delivered several times).
  11. SL Experience Requirement

    Yeah. I often ask my members if they know a good spot for a FOB since I dont know every corner of every map and I presume that from 8 people maybe one will have a better idea than me. I really want to tell people that they are part of the squad so they can present options what to do next, especially after we got wiped from the map and lost our rally point. There are some people out there who do that but its often just that one guy who has the courage to say "hey SL, let's get a logi truck and drive over there" or "hey SL, let's don't get into the capzone but clear those buildings in the south because that's where the SQ2 is taking fire from " In the end, it's my choice as SL what to do but if I think you're right, I will not hesitate to thank you and do it
  12. You quoted my "aim faster and win" and respond to it with "blatantly false". Yet you still say, you have to aim MUCH faster. So how is my argument "blatantly false" if its just about perception of HOW much more faster you have to aim? I do not want to offend you but I really do not get your argument here. If there would be like 10 shots needed to kill someone then it would be incredible hard to kill someone with a red dot since he can aim easier. But if it's just about 2 shots - which I mentioned - the "skill"-difference between getting killed and to kill is not that huge. And there are still so many other factors which others already mentioned not just the red dot.
  13. SL Experience Requirement

    Actually, I think building a FOB in a safe location far behind the frontline is not totally a bad idea. It can be a game changer if there is a FOB to fall back on even if in the end it didn't get used. But IF you had to use it which you don't know yet if you will THEN it would have been very good from the SL. It was just a bad decision to keep the whole squad back to build a FOB in a non-critical position. Just place it and choose on to build it with you and the rest of the squads goes to the front. I made the experience that a lot of people do change their squads while the game is running but just can't because there is no squad left to join. Just make up a squad and if enough people are frustrated with their SLs they will go and try out your squad lead.
  14. Medical system in Squad

    +1 I really like the idea of a medical tent. A repair station for infantry. Would make much more sense for a FOB to fall back to it then to just use it as a spawn point which is nearer to the battle than the main base. Would make FOBs also more valuable if it can bring a squad back to full strength. But I don't want to make this thread about FOBs.
  15. A simple system to encourage search function.

    I know a forum where the site searches for you all topics based on the title you gave your topic in real time. It's not impossible and it's really convenient. And if user then decide to not use that automated search function, well.. there is no way you can make them use it anyway.