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    Belgian Forces, lets have some FN love. Sidearm - FN Five seven Submachine gun - FN P-90 Used by vehicle crews Assault rifles - FN F2000 Used in limited quantites. Could be a nice SL perk. - FN SCAR-L Standard rifle, replacing the FN FNC Marksman rifle - FN SCAR-H PR Automatic rifleman - FN Minimi MK3 Tactical SB 5.56mm LMG -FN Minimi 7.62mm LMG Grenade launchers - GL-1 mounted to F2000 - FN40GL mounted to Scar rifles Anti tank - M72 LAW - Panzerfaust 3 AFV - Piranha IIIC Various versions could be comparable to BTRs -ATF Dingo counter to Crows? Unarmoured transports -UNIMOG Because who doesn't love them some Unimog. Seems retty rare but c'mon, its a Unimog! -Iveco M250 transport I think Belgian would give us a nice set of FN weapons with some nice changes to existing grear. My second choice would be Austria, but just for the different versions of the Steyr AUG.