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  1. [Solved] Updated pushed on steam, game is now broken

    Got to the bottom of it, was a bad ethernet card driver. (https://imgur.com/a/aCnDT) Reinstalled the driver, then re-downloaded Squad. Went much smoother this time. I can get into servers again without a hitch. Going to go out on a limb and say that was corrupting the download. Also, the only thing the Steam uninstaller leaves behind in the installation directory is an EAC log file.
  2. [Solved] Updated pushed on steam, game is now broken

    Unless I missed something, I've already tried that, uninstalling + deleting appdata/local/Squad Also ran memtest86. Ram passed without errors.
  3. Got a weird 1-GB patch when I started steam when I tried to play Squad today, and it seems to have broken the game. Already been through the quick-fixes, reinstall EAC, reinstall the game, verify integrity of game files, clear cache data, etc. When starting the game, I get a series of asset errors, and trying to join a server results in a variety of errors ranging from an invalid auth token to an Unreal Engine crash. Specs: i7-3770k @ 4.5GHz 16GB Corsair Vengance Ram 256GB Samsung Evo 840 SSD Asus GTX 1080 Dedicated PCi Ethernet Card In the middle of writing this, I tried to download the game from another Steam Server. Downloaded completely and tried starting it, got a BSOD. Lost all of the EAC error snapshots. Steam now says the game is not installed, despite all of the files being there. While I played the steam circus of making file space to install a game that already exists, I reinstalled my graphics card drivers since Google said to do that. (BSOD code 1033). Steam proceeded to download more files. Fired up the game, got a single EAC error. https://imgur.com/a/SCu1W At least I can snip it. I'm now able to join a server. Walked around for a few seconds, get EAC Kicked: Authentication Timed Out. I'm pretty sure this issue has more to do with my PC now than Squad, but I'm still posting this just in case someone knows some black magic. **** me.
  4. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    Yep, I can confirm that my RAM modules were the issue. I was able to borrow some ram to test the game. After verifying the local game files and downloading the pak file, I was able to play the game without interruption. I also didn't get the "corrupt update file" error from steam either. I would have never thought the error was at such a low level. It was certainly an Odyssey to get here though...
  5. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    HOoOoOo lee ****ing $#!+. I figured it out. After trying every damn fix I possibly could, I FINALLY figured it out. My ram modules are failing! After reading this post from the CS:GO reddit, I decided to run memtest86 on my computer. Not only were there NUMEROUS errors found, but it actually failed to complete. The same thing happened with the windows memory test diagnostic. Well, time to find that warranty paper!
  6. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    I went ahead and tried to verified the local game files. It came back with only one file having an issue, said file being 7.5GB... After downloading it, steam reported that there was a "Corrupt Update File". (I should note, I've been here before.) Hovering over the "Corrupt Update" text brought up a context window, citing C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Paks\pakchunk1-WindowsNoEditor.pak as the corrupted file. Seeing as it said "Update Required" on the right side, I went ahead and queued it to update. When it was done, I started the game, all settings in tact. While waiting for a server to free up space, I got the same error pop up for pakchunk0, as well as for pakchunk1. At this point, I closed the game and decided to uninstall and reinstall EAC. I went to the "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe" in my Squad directory, and started it. I picked Squad as the game, clicked Uninstall, then Install Now. (Previously I had only tried using the Repair Service.) I started the Squad again, joined a server, and subsequently got both pakchunk errors again.Just like in my first post, I wasn't kicked from the first game. Figuring it would follow the same behavior as before, I DC'ed and joined another server. Can you guess what happened next? I was able to play for a minute, before it kicked me, throwing the same 'EAC authentication timeout' error as before. And that leaves me here, back at square one. ****ing hell man, I just want to play Squad...
  7. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    Alright, I finally got home and was able to repeat the error. I deleted Squad from my steam directory, as well as my AppData folder. I re-downloaded the game, and started it. Launcher_log.txt had this line had this file: [LauncherFinished] Result: 0 Message: EasyAntiCheat successfully loaded in-game I set my settings back to the way I had them, and joined a server. Started a Squad, and spawned with the SL kit. I immediately got this: http://imgur.com/a/dUdn2 EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown file version: (squad\content\paks\pakchunk0-windowsnoeditor.pak) At this point, I can safely call it second verse, same as the first. Here's a copy of my log file: https://nopaste.me/view/2c6846bc#L3 And here's every mention of "EasyAntiCheat": https://nopaste.me/view/9f001496 I've also already tried uninstalling EAC, verifying files, and ETC. But I'll be sure to try again while I await your response.
  8. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    I'm not sure what to do about this... I've uninstalled & reinstalled the game multiple times, deleting the appdata files along with it each time. After a fresh reinstall, the game will work fine for a single match. About halfway through said match, I'll get a pop up error saying something along the lines of "Error: no windowsnoeditorpak". Right now I don't have the time to re-create it. In every subsequent match I play, I get kicked out within two minutes of joining, and I'm left with an error message saying something like "Error: EAC Authentication Timed Out". I'll try to post an update tomorrow with screen caps & stuff. If anyone can decipher my rambling and figure out how to fix this issue, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. 120FPS in Shooting range, 30FPS in combat

    I got a laptop because I need performance on the go. I also didn't want to go the desktop/ potato laptop. 95+% of games don't warrant a desktop cpu over a laptop cpu, just a good graphics card. In any case, I got a solution!
  10. 120FPS in Shooting range, 30FPS in combat

    Okay this is REALLY getting on my nerves now... I started up my old computer which I built in 2013, and it's running BETTER than the new one. I get 130FPS in shooting range, and a very stable 50FPS in game. OS: Windows 7 CPU: Intel I7 3770k GPU: Nvidia 680 w/ 2Gb VRAM RAM: 16Gb @ 1333Mb Hard Drive #1: 256Gb SSD Hard Drive #2: 1TB WD Black Hard Drive Monitor: Same one Seriously, WTF is going on!
  11. 120FPS in Shooting range, 30FPS in combat

    I'm using an ASUS laptop, specifically, the GL502VS. Specs are as follows: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel I7 6700HQ GPU: Nvidia 1070 w/ 8Gb VRAM RAM: 16Gb clocked @ 2133mb Hard Drive #1: 256Gb SSD, Squad is installed here Hard Drive #2: 1TB mechanical drive Monitor: Dell 144hz 1440p monitor I'm also using an Ethernet internet connection, in case that's relevant somehow. Please tell me if I missed anything.
  12. 120FPS in Shooting range, 30FPS in combat

    I'm pretty sure this is some sort of software issue. I've gone through every FPS boost/fix guide I can find on google, but nothing seems to fix this issue. For the FPS readings, I was using all medium settings with TXAA, at 1440p resolution. I'm very certain that the issue isn't hardware related, as I have a very new laptop which runs VR games just fine. There is one peculiarity in that every time I launch the game, I get a Windows "Make changes to your computer" prompt. If I click "yes", then it's followed by a notification that says "Installing Microsoft VC Redist Package". The game launches normally afterwards. If I click "no", then the game still launches normally. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank-you!