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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    yep, unfortunately you were too late to the party... cutoff date iirc was the 30th of november.
  2. Logi V10

    also you should always be able to use your mouse wheel to select different resources (if you haven't rebound it).
  3. Where Did My FPS Go?

    How much free space do you have available on your SSD? Also clear app data cache and maybe even reinstall squad (heard from some that that fixed performance issues).
  4. January 2018 Recap

    looks mighty fine! @Gatzby the links for kamdesh pics #2 & 3 contain pictures of the logar expansion:)
  5. Will SDK be updated?

    It's out.
  6. Steam Audio

  7. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I just paraphrased kory from reddit who stated on a couple occasions that it's still 3 weeks out. however this was most likely meant as a joke since two weeks ago it was three weeks and a couple of days ago it was still 3 weeks. it's just always gonna be 3 weeks until it's here:)
  8. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    three weeks:)
  9. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    you answered the question yourself:)
  10. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    well I'm not saying that I want assets to become immediately available, what I meant was that it's fine to wait for the asset but I'd like to be able to help my team in one way or the other while waiting. looking at PR here: it was really nice to have about 15-20 minutes for the teams to set up positions on the map in order to be prepared against heavy assets. maybe there are more ways for crewmen & pilots to accrue points then?! one quick example of the top off my head: have them ride gunners on trans choppers for example (which e.g. could be abused to just farm points). or enable them to accrue points while building FOBs. reward them for doing something that contributes to the team's effort basically.
  11. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    quite an interesting take on the asset system. however what I miss is that when I'm in an asset squad I can't contribute shat to my team while I'm waiting for my asset to become available.