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  1. Hello. So this is an issue that is probably well known by now, and before it is said, yes I did research the issue to no avail. The issue: When playing the game or just going into the firing range, I load up successfully with a good amount of frames (45-60 FPS). I can walk around fine, but after just about a minute or two I begin to hear some audio stuttering. If that's not the correct word for it, its basically like the audio freezes with the frame and makes an odd noise (like deep, static bass with some static popping in the background.). Of course, my frames begin to freeze every 3-5 seconds. Sometimes 10 seconds. Firing a weapon produces the noise and makes the game freeze more and for a longer period of time. Obviously, this is not playable. This is my gaming rig. I know AMD has a lot of issues with Unreal Engine, but that cant exactly explain for a very common issue now. Even when optimization was relatively poor or non-existent and FPS was trash, I didn't have this issue until after the last update really. AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core APU PNY GeForce GTX 960 GPU 8GB of RAM, 2x4GB @ 1866MHz MSI 970 GAMING Motherboard Corsair H80i GT CPU/APU Watercooler My rig is due for an upgrade, but seriously. Every game I play performs fantastically. I don't really get it. Any help will be great. Also, I've already tried the following. Drivers checked, up to date. Game Cache Cleared (Both in-game and manually in the local application data directory). Re-installed game. Adjusted settings, failed attempt resulted in my clearing the cache again.
  2. [Solved] Squad won't Start

    First, I would ask if you added or removed any files to the main directory? If so, delete the add-on or Verify Game Integreity. Second, Try running Squad.exe as Administrator Third, if that fails, all that's left is to just re-install the game.