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  1. Dolina

    All depends if the community is willing to download the files, play/test these maps and offer feedback to make it better. I think the biggest reward for people creating maps is the fact it get played and you can play in your own creation.
  2. Dolina

    I know what you mean,but I think you should finish it. It would ve nice if there would be some info on the future plans of custom made maps and the how they will get playtime. For a first map 4x4 is a huge space to fill. Probably the main reason I picked 2x2. You should bring it back to a 2 by 2 km and finish it and than put it on the shelf until they can be played. Thats the moment where the community is needed. Once custom made maps are in the game I hope the community supports them. As people spend valuable time to provide you with free content. What project did you joined?
  3. Lets name it Karasu

    A little fly through.
  4. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    I like the mines.....
  5. I'm quite new to the gameplay. What I don't like. - Long walks - Not communicating SL - I hardly see enemies. - The difference in games. With that I mean is that one game It all feels great. You have a nice game with good gameplay and firefights and tactics. Next game nothing goes well. I'm playing but really wonder what I'm doing here.
  6. Wake Atoll

    I like the bright lightning. One can see far.
  7. Modding Helpdesk

    Go to any position in your map and Press rmb and pick "Play from here"
  8. Lets name it Karasu

    Dude do you want me to post 45 mb images?
  9. Lets name it Karasu

    Nope no trneches. Here I promised some high res screens. Mitsu on the discord told me how to make them.
  10. Modding Helpdesk

    Thats all solved see earlier post.
  11. Lets name it Karasu

    No tunnelsystem in this one. Busy polishing the map. Fixing things like grass on roads,floating stuff and replacing to close to one another placed trees. Also decorate the objective areas. A tunnelsystem in this rural setting does not comes logic to me. When I get home tonight I will post some high res screens.
  12. Modding Helpdesk

    Disabling collision will not show the water material when shot at it. You will see it like you shoot at dirt. I finally solved all by using another watermesh. Now I use the Waterplane_Logar_Slow and it works fine. When I used Waterplane_muddy I had problems. I did not copy paste it from Gorodok. It won't work.
  13. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Unfortunatly turning my grapihcs down helped me to spot enemies......
  14. Lets name it Karasu

    Last movie I will post. A 9 minute drive around the map. Visiting the 6 objectives.
  15. Modding Helpdesk

    My vehicles drives on top of the water instead of in the water. I use the waterplany muddy mediam speed. The spline in the Gorodok rivers uses a collsion profile name with multiple values for collision for the river and in the editor in that map the vehicles there drives in the water. In my map the collsion profile name is none. Anyone knows where to set the collision value for my splines ? When I try the SM_env_river used in Gorodok it ends up only visible under the terrain.