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  1. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    I second this. I'd like some official news as well. "Weekend Roundup" doesn't mean much to me to be honest.
  2. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I don't really have the same optimism as you but I think the game can be fixed through a community mod. Maybe the PR guys can make a mod to make it more hard-core to what it used to be. some of the crucial things that have contributed to what OP is talking about: - Easy and unlimited spawns on Rally points. - Everyone being able to revive each other rather than just medics. Encourages squads to be more reckless with their lives. Also punishes squad cohesion because before the entire squad would want to stay close to medics who would usually stick closer to squad lead. Thus, squads would stick together. - People figuring out the optimal meta game of driving around and putting habs every where. This is currently too easy. Especially with choppers around now. This is mostly a balance issue which can be fixed by requiring more squad members to be near a squad lead or increasing the supply cost of HABs so a single logi cannot put down multiple HABs. It doesn't really make sense how a single chopper that small can carry both the construction material for a HAB and all that ammo. Helicopters should be a means of reinforcing HABs not constructing new ones (unless you make multiple chopper runs or have multiple choppers unloading supplies into a radio) - The new drone and artillery features which further punishes any defensive play. Also makes Habs and radios too easy to find. - The engineer class who is encouraged to go ninja and blow up enemy radios. I doubt combat engineers have a role in real life to sneak into enemy bases like they are Solid Snake and blow up things. Right now combat engineer is the ninja role.
  3. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    the zoom is meant to represent 'focus' which you can't do through a game monitor. when aiming in real life you don't zoom but you can change your focus on your eyes so that things further away are easier to see. The only way for the game to represent this is with zoom.
  4. What's next?

    I don't think the MG/SPG emplacements are that useful to be honest. The bunker MGs/SPG field of fire is too low and the insurgent machine guns are too unwieldy. The only useful emplacements are the TOWs/Kornets and maybe the AA-gun. The Insurgent MGs got nerfed hard when scopes became common for most kits so now enemies can return fire very effectively and kill you. Good luck if you're using the unshielded MG. They also got another indirect nerf with the addition of off-map artillery and air strikes. You can set up an elaborate kill zone with fortifications and bunkers and it will all go to waste with a single off map artillery strike wiping everything out. They should increase the field of fire of MG bunkers/SPG and increase the suppression of the insurgent MGs so they can serve their role better. This way teams will need to make use of effect smoke barrages, armor and flanking to dislodge bunkers and machine guns.
  5. territoral control

    i think part of the problem is that it requires very low numbers of people to take a territory and so you have squads splitting off into pairs or 3 people to capture territory hexes. This makes it so A) when you meet enemies they are also in 2s or 3s frequently doing the same thing or B) you are running for one hex to another with very little contact. I think the solution would be to increase the amount of players need to capture ENEMY hexes to 4. Neutral hexes can stay the way it is may be but capping enemy hexes should require more people to make squads stick together.
  6. What's next?

    in terms of emplacements, i feel like most of their worthlessness comes from their narrow field of fire for bunkers and SPG emplacements. Also ever since the game changed so that lots of kits have optics, emplacements like the insurgent machine guns aren't as useful because they don't give enough cover, cause a lot of attention for the user and are extremely inaccurate even though they are meant to be used at 300 meters or more because the shooter can't see anything at those ranges effectively. They were fun to use for suppression when iron sights were more common for everyone, but now you just get shot by a prone ACOG or equivalent.
  7. Mic not working?

    - Does the Speaker Icon light up when you hit the local or squad voice command button? Are you sure you're using the right one? I.E. if you're dead and use the local comm, no one will hear you. - Do you have push to talk enabled in the game, in steam or another software that controls it? If so try disabling it. - What headset and microphone do you have and does it work in other games? - Open Squad and minimize via alt tab, If you right click the speaker icon in Windows tray, Go to open sound settings, click "App volume and device preferences" does the input list your microphone? Can you change to it if not and restart. These are some of the things i would look into. I have had the same problem with other games on steam (Insurgency Sandstorm) and after playing around with the settings in windows it started working. Here is a few other things to look into: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221596087-Troubleshooting-Audio-Issues Hope this helps
  8. Shot Effects

    Im just hoping that the community is big enough that a popular mod that can bring in these changes is created if the game keeps going down an unsatisfying direction. Overall i love this game but i miss some of their older features like dead dead and limited spawns on rallies. Theyre working to make the rally system better but if they keep making these small changes over time to make the game worse, i just hope there is a mod that can fix it.
  9. Will there ever be object damage?

    That might be too resource intensive considering large parts of many maps are trees or brush. I also dont know if the engine deals with that type of thing well.
  10. Not sure if it was the latest nvidia driver update or a reinstall of the game that i did but last night i uad a very smooth experience. I have an RTX 2080 if anyone is wondering. I installed the new driver from scratch after uninstalling the old driver and it was fine last night.
  11. Unplayable after few mins

    Im happy to report that after reinstalling the game after a driver update im not seeing the same issues anymore.
  12. Unplayable after few mins

    I have the same problem with alpha 17. I7 9700k and RTX 2080 and on skorpo i was getting like 20-25 fps on large parts of the map. Other maps like talil or mutaha has regular micro stutter and lag like every minute or less. I updated my graphics driver so i will try again tonight but im going to take a break until next update if this keeps up. Not playable the way it was when i played few days ago.
  13. Some New Nations Idea

    Id like to see Turkey.
  14. The game last night for me barely felt playable and was not enjoyable with these problems. I think the devs need a hot fix for this as its a major issue. I dont think ill play it if it stays this way.
  15. the other day I was playing on Skorpo. Framerate at many different parts of the map was like 20 FPS. This is ridiculous since I have a RTX 2080 and didn't have this issue before. And on basically every map there is micro stutter and lag. I thought it was the server lagging then noticed it was happening on different servers. Updated my drivers in Nvidia and still same issue. Its pretty bad.