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  1. Has anyone tried RTX cards?

    Will this game support DLSS? sorry if dumb question. Dont know much about game development/engines.
  2. Hello, I'll be looking to upgrade my GPU for 1440p gaming from my current GTX 1060 6GB. So far I am trying to decide between 1080ti and RTX 2080. I know the 1080TI performs well on this game at 1440p, does anyone here know what kind of performance the RTX 2080 would have? if it is similar to within a frame or two or better I'll be getting the 2080. I know its a little early since the card isn't officially released as of this moment but I am hoping to get an idea if anyone who knows about the engine/technical specs of the card would have an idea.
  3. What position do you play the most? Why?

    i like AT as well not just for the vehicle hunting but also for destroying people with frag rounds. Insurgent/Mil/Rus LAT is my go to class. The insurgents get 3 frag rounds. Deadly.
  4. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    its a trade off. Like I said, if someone wants to make sure, they can still drive the truck themselves. If no one wants to do it and the SL feels confident, he can use the automated driver. Maybe make it so that automated driver will only spawn if near an existing HAB so the initial logi required to set up a HAB will still need to be driven by a player.
  5. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    I am not going to do logi runs. They are way too boring and my gaming time is valuable. The Devs need automate that somehow. Just make the truck drive with a bot driver automatically using a road to base and then drive back. If people want to do it themselves they are still free to do so.
  6. Balance Is For Normies

    thats not what balancing means in a video game. Balancing is not about symmetry, its about giving both sides a fair and theoretically equal chance of winning. Real life is not balanced. The americans would almost always win these match ups given the rules of the game which is to simply hold more territory and cause more casualties because the americans would have overwhelming training/technology/fire power advantage. This would not make the game fun so thus, constraints have to be placed on them or give the Insurgents some kind of advantage to balance it out. I.e. The americans may have better armored vehicles but the insurgents will have better man portable AT weapons, IEDs and mines etc to fight that. The design emphasis would be to make it fair and balanced with those two opposing dynamics. Now what the OP is saying may have been done for balance but that doesn't mean its a good way of balancing it. They could have kept that advantage to the americans if it goes with real life as long as they were confident that the opposing side has enough goodies to make it fair.
  7. I couldn't be happier with the coming update

    no more useless iron sights on AKs that feel like they are 20 metres away from your face..
  8. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I have no idea why you thought squad was going to be anything less than a milsim. Its clear from the description of the game to the actual game its based on (Project Reality) where this game is headed. It just makes you look confused when you tell people playing squad to go to arma if they want realism. Why don't you go play counter strike if you want hardcore competitive FPS?
  9. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    it will be right after 9.12341512515
  10. Question about iron sight

    i have the same problem. I'll even take the iron sight m4 over the various AKs because of this. the iron sight LMGs except for the SAW have this problem as well. Its really terrible. Like you mentioned, i don't think they took distance from eye to monitor into question. I find myself leaning forward with my face closer to the monitor more than usual with this game. I don't really have this problem with other FPS.
  11. Any ETA on V10?

    cant wait for 9.123123124124124124124121241241214
  12. this won't affect AT spam because every squad will have 2 ATs like they basically 90% of the time always do. As long as the grenadier has less explosive rounds, the game will be more balanced with enabling squads to use more LMGs, recon etc. While I can't wait for bipod, a bipod is not enticing enough over an AT. you basically almost always need 2 AT to be optimal unless you are fighting insurgents.
  13. The Red dot in red dot sights cannot be seen

    sorry what is exactly is reshade?
  14. I noticed that in almost every game, having 2 LATs is super crucial and most squad leaders will insist on having 2 of them. this makes it so that only 1 other fire support role can be chosen and so LMGs and recons don't see as much use. this is especially true when you play as militia and insurgents and you are fighting Russians or americans or when Russians and americans face eachother since the AT is required to counter vehicles. I would suggest that LATs be separate from fire support and be its own distinct category like medics are which would allow more squad members to utilize the other fire support roles without handicapping the squad by not having AT.
  15. Squad & Civilians

    i have a feeling once its apparent that the US or whichever team has a large ticket lead, they will massacre any civilians they come across.