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  1. Hey all. This is Nighthauk. I've been playing Squad for about a month now and really enjoy it. I usually play on the Tactical Gamer server. I try to get on as often as possible but lately it seems that is only on the weekends. I've tried my hand at squad leader and have some pretty good strategies but have found that it mostly revolves around if the squad listens and does the commands set in place. My best game was when I was playing a medic and supported 3 different squads inside of a FOB. I was the only medic for all 3 squads. I ended up scoring an 880 on that game. So far its the highest score that I've seen. I know that medic is an easy role to play but a lot of players still don't play it correctly. See I was a combat medic for the ARMY for 5 years and was also in military intelligence for 3 years to total 8 years active military. I also did some time with JSOC (Joint Special Ops Command). This game is great and am looking forward to the devs adding tanks and aircraft. That will change everything in the game. I also stream my gameplay on Twitch. My channel is Nighthauk4. Please come by and check it out. Maybe you were in my squad and can see what we did great or did wrong. Alright, I'll see everyone in game.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    So I purchased the game a few weeks ago. Are there any other badges or titles that were released at that time? edit Oh ok, so I just purchased it through steam. I guess we don't get anything for doing that except those items offered in steam.
  3. New Dutchy to shoot at.

    Welcome. I think that you will enjoy it!