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  1. Really going with forum post count elitism?
  2. What I don't like: Galaxy brain squad leaders 90% of the time. The safe, conservative, smart thing to do is stupid. Let's drive a logi with no support into the equidistant flag to build a super FOB and get obliterated by a Stryker immediately instead. Defend the flank? No, let's do a pincer attack over an open field on the side of the map with no flags on it. Then when the initial play inevitably fails, lets run back and forth between flags as they get lost/neutralized without ever actually making it to the action. What I would do about it: Maybe the game needs a commander position to organize the squads.
  3. Alpha 9.8 Release

    You activated the gun deployment hype train a little too early IMO. Made it sound like it was imminent. Still nice patch though.
  4. Some other games have incorporated mechanics like this and I think it's a nice compromise between realism and keeping a game flowing forward.
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    This game is still pure arcade to me. I feel like some people are just telling themselves that it's a realistic shooter in order to maintain their identity. But it's seriously Call of Duty with some more complex systems and with hardcore mode damage.
  6. LAW is underpowered

    The LAW is fine. Even with upgrades it's not that great. If US AT needs to be buffed they should put the AT4 or Javelins in.
  7. Checking now, 1.5x can be enabled in v9 for a 0 frame impact for me. I still maintain that in v8 I A) had it set to 2x ss, B) the visual difference was completely obvious (hard to miss when the graphics settings update instantly in Squad), and C) it didn't impact my frames. For what might have been happening behind the scenes, who knows. It's possible 2x supersampling in v8 wasn't actually 2x supersampling, maybe it was limiting itself behind the scenes to keep the frames up or so
  8. Well it doesn't matter what info I log now unless I can go back to v8 to compare and prove it, since I'm apparently either a liar or a blind/stupid person who imagined graphics vastly improving with supersampling enabled.
  9. It's possible if the GPU murders the game but the CPU is bottlenecking it. I'm guessing it's less efficient or uses a different method or something or other in the new version uf UE4. Just trust me that 2x supersampling was definitely working, the visual difference was immediately noticeable. It eliminated the need for AA and looked 10x better than any kind of AA. Now I have to play the game with jagged graphics again.
  10. In Update 8 I could have it on 2x supersampling with a 0 frame hit to my performance, now it sends it from normal (~45-60) to ~30 fps. i5 4460 8GB DDR3 RX 480 8GB OC Windows 10
  11. Alpha V9 Lag/Stuttering

    I'm getting this too. It's not a reduction in average frames, but lots of micro stutters, rubber banding, and sometimes audio popping.
  12. American Militia?

    It's an interesting idea but completely inauthentic. Even though these militia types have warned of it coming any day now for decades, as of yet there's no civil war or mass uprising in the US.
  13. What do you guys think of the new sounds?

    I like 'em, especially the AK-74
  14. Release: Alpha Version 9

    New rifle sounds are great Not waiting 2 minutes after launching the game is great RIP America. They get rolled every time because no autocannons.