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  1. QFF invite you to their server

    BIG fan of Q.F.F Have played there on multiple occasions and the only reason I would play on another server is if QFF is completely full. The Clan is always welcoming and patient with newcomers all the while happy to follow a Squad leader who isn't a clan member (In my opinion) What separates QFF from the rest of the clans is this open arm camaraderie approach which allows everyone to dip their toe or full on belly flop into the experience! Squad is blessed with having a decent community, and I sincerely hope it stays that way! That being said there are always idiots spouting toxic fumes hell bent on ruining it for everyone else. I reckon Gamers should pass a free license at 16, then receive points for infractions resulting in a cooling off period (30 mins). Repeat douschebags offenders would eventually loose their license all together!!! Back in the real world though, its just nice to have found a decent server, with decent admins.. See you on the field (preferably in my sights not yours)