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  1. Falling Damage nerf?

    I like the idea, would be really cool, but height should be really significant in order to send one tumbling over after landing.
  2. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    There is a military saying: ... in order to engage in hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield, a soldier has to **** up his rifle, his secondary weapon, knife, shovel, belt and helm, he has to find a flat ground with no sticks and stones around.... and find himself an idiot-opponent, who lost all those things too.
  3. QFF invite you to their server

    One of my favourite servers, mature (for the most part) gamer base, friendly and adequate admins.

    Nice strategy @Psyrus, should give it a try. Regarding the HAB/FOB separation, it basically gives much more flexibility and room for different strategies. If you don't get it, then just go the "lazy" path and drop both in the same spot. That's the best part about Squad - sometimes even stupid strategies work
  5. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    i like the idea of replacing flag capturing/defending progress bar with the actual flagpole, this could prove to be an interesting game mechanic.
  6. The little broken things

    not sure if it fits the "little broken things" case, but... as of v10.1: - gunner player model sticking out of vics (can take damage from small arms); - player teleported upwards after being revived, sometimes ending inside of the texture or dropping down to instant death from fall damage; - vics catching little bumps or stones and being skyrocketed or flipped; - light vics like techies catching fire from near rpg miss; - multiple times experienced glitched brdm damage model, when it was still alive catching 4 full 30mm bursts to it's side; - body animation not in sync with the actual player state, several times got shot from a player with the gun pointing down or another direction; - first aid bag healing requires medic to go on top of the wounded player, having his model blocking this player's fov; - MG's fire arc glitching most of the times, when deployed on either back or forward slope; - MG's bipod deployment issues: deployed in window or other opening, will often end up blocked by some grate, window wooden frame or event deployed into wall itself (wrong height).
  7. want to build new pc

    just stay away from AMD and you should be fine
  8. Immediate loss of a fire support kit

    I think OWI f*ed up trying to "fix" the kit claim system. Basically, you could have abused kits before, rarely done on public, but still possible having 9+ clanmates online, join first squad, cherry pick the best kits, than the rest leaves and joins the other squad, so you can have two squads - one fullm and another 3-5 ppl but with 2 LATs. I personally don't think it's a huge deal that needs to be fixed. Apparently OWI has another opinion, so they "fixed" it forcing you to drop your support kit instantly when someone leaves your Squad. Really bad idea, if you ask me. It also seems buggy, as I've already got forced to "Rifleman" from "SL" O_o, took me several seconds to realise why I can't drop a rally now.
  9. [Tutorial] - Still Shots

    awesome, thx for sharing!
  10. Squad leader marker range calculator

    Not a bug, https://squad.gamepedia.com/Using_the_map, check out "Compass marker distance resolution". Basically - the further away you set your mark, the bigger deviation you'll get. Have to reflect the "realism" aspect, it's not a range finder, you just have a rough estimate. For accurate mortar fire, the markers are only good at getting correct azymuth, but you will either have to estimate distance yourself or use one of the mortar calculators available.
  11. @Friesen, there is no separate sensitivity setting for ADS afaik, but you could config your Windows sensitivity to smth big like 1200dpi or whatever is suitable for you and drop your "AIM SENSITIVITY" in-game to something low (0.1-0.3). This way you will still have a smooth aiming speed, and it won't be a problem in menus and dialogs. Try to play with the settings to see what suits your best.
  12. Ausstehende Server-Lizenz

    Wir haben vor kurzem eine Server-Lizenz beantragt und am nächsten Tag erhalten.

    @Bahrein, thanks mate, always glad to play with ya
  14. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    wow, didn't expect this topic to stir up such a discussion. I think several ideas are worth trying. The only thing that worries me is that nerfing the RPs will probably have a negative impact on public games, as noone would do constant transport runs.

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