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  1. Classes you will never see

    I wish they add a "baker" class, a small bakery on Al Basra outskirts would be nice... bretzel anyone?
  2. Seems like you guys are missing the point here. It's not a question of if forbidding rushes is a good or bad thing. The question was "if admins can forbid things" to which the answer is "yeah, obviously the can! it's their server, they can do whatever they like". end of story, bare with it or find yourself another server. P.S. just to be clear, personally neither like the idea of "no first flag rush", nor any kind of restriction that cripples the ruse of war element of the game.
  3. I like the idea, although I assume implementing it would be kinda hard. Since you still have to take different wall/roof materials into account plus should explosion affect several levels for multiple floor structures?
  4. Reduce mortar spam

    Oh, are you getting wrecked by mortars? Poor princess... The only things about mortars which might need more work are pretty superficial - a bit of damage tweaking and animations, apart from that - these babies are awesome! Here is some footage from a forward observer eyes of a super FOB getting wiped, and I think someone requested to change mortar sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGVkmFWN2s4
  5. decoy stones ?

    @PROTOCOL I assume you can't place a stone right on top of the mine, just within one foot around it, which is, also taking the size of those rock in consideration, making the rocks pretty much useless, except for a decoy i guess, but still not that effective. There are plenty of debris on roads for you to hide your mines anyways, especially on Al Basrah.
  6. Mortar Calculator

    @Maggiefix don't have my tablet with me, but something similar: so, ARTY comes in handy when you don't want to waste time holding one of "qwertyuiop" keys or switching to number keyboard
  7. Mortar Calculator

    made a small "quality of life" update to v3 of my Calc. For someone using it on tablet, it takes time to switch between keyboard and number layouts and add spaces or dashes, so now you have support for "ARTY" coords (name is my invention not yet copyrighted). So instead of "A4K5K6" you can just give "ARTY", which is how secondary number keys look like on my screen keyboard: Q - 1 W - 2 E - 3 R - 4 ... O - 9 Note: Z and Y are both "6" for English and German layouts
  8. Mortar Calculator

    @Germanfragger, put quotes around your coords like "A3K5", it's an interactive console, interprets your input as variable name
  9. Mortar Calculator

    it sure does have an effect, but since there is no map elevation data available, you can only manually compensate for height difference. Might think of some simple rule of thumb here, like every +10m (target.height - mortar.height) you add +5m to range or something like that. The effect will be more obvious the shallower trajectory of the shot is.
  10. Mortar Calculator

    fixed, thanks for reporting
  11. Mortar Calculator

    My take on Calc thing Squad Artilery Solution Calc * kept the code clean so its easier to read and modify (yeah, you can do that in 80 lines) * used a bit different coord format ("A3 5 6" instead of "A3K5K6") -> reads better for me and is easier to dial on tablet layouts Note: fixed azimuth and elevation inaccuracies P.S. kudos to both Maggiefix and XXPX1 for the great ideas
  12. Mortar Calculator

    Really nice job, mate! You will get a better match with higher polynomial, I'm just not sure it will bring better accuracy: h=a0+a1*x+a2*x^2+...+a4*x^4 with A (x not scaled): ๋A = 1579 -0.086101 -0.0013167 1.8505e-006 -9.0395e-010 looks like: I think the version on trinket.io still uses simple interpolation between given mils.
  13. Replace LAW with AT4

    I personally don't care what models are used for LAT/HAT weapons, as long as both classes serve their purpose: - LAT should be effective against light armoured vehicles, requiring teams of 2+ LATs to effectively oppose well protected IFVs and maybe even crippling/immobilising MBTs as soon as vehicle point damage is implemented; - HAT should be able to confront MBTs individually, being able to cripple or even (for a well placed shots) kill it singlehandedly.
  14. Russian names on Yehorivka

    haha, well played, mate The names are obviously Ukrainian, and I see no single reason why they should be Russian. At the end of the day, I don't care even if they are Klingon, but it's funny to see some Russians squirming about it
  15. Army hand gestures

    Heck, haven't thought about that @Dubs. I guess you are right.