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  1. Squad leader marker range calculator

    Not a bug, https://squad.gamepedia.com/Using_the_map, check out "Compass marker distance resolution". Basically - the further away you set your mark, the bigger deviation you'll get. Have to reflect the "realism" aspect, it's not a range finder, you just have a rough estimate. For accurate mortar fire, the markers are only good at getting correct azymuth, but you will either have to estimate distance yourself or use one of the mortar calculators available.
  2. @Friesen, there is no separate sensitivity setting for ADS afaik, but you could config your Windows sensitivity to smth big like 1200dpi or whatever is suitable for you and drop your "AIM SENSITIVITY" in-game to something low (0.1-0.3). This way you will still have a smooth aiming speed, and it won't be a problem in menus and dialogs. Try to play with the settings to see what suits your best.
  3. Ausstehende Server-Lizenz

    Wir haben vor kurzem eine Server-Lizenz beantragt und am nächsten Tag erhalten.

    @Bahrein, thanks mate, always glad to play with ya
  5. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    wow, didn't expect this topic to stir up such a discussion. I think several ideas are worth trying. The only thing that worries me is that nerfing the RPs will probably have a negative impact on public games, as noone would do constant transport runs.

    [SQ UA] SQUAD UKRAINE - [UKR/ENG] Server Rules: Any abusive, racist or offensive content in chat, player or squad names, voice coms etc. will not be tolerated. No spamming, flooding or advertising is allowed. Any kind of cheating, ghosting or exploiting bugs to get advantage over the other players is forbidden. Intentional TKing, vehicles misusing, blocking or provoking other players will be warned and eventually punished. All Squad Leaders must have microphone and should be able to communicate in English. Supporting new players, team play and helping administration to stop rule violations is always encouraged. SLs are encouraged to mark claimed vehicles on the map and follow the markings as the round starts. Admins are allowed to kick/ban players from the server with a valid reason. Server Admins: DenisVitamin BravoTwoZero theLucky LARIN You can always give a feedback or reach out for admins in our Discord (Ukrainian/English): https://discord.me/squadukraine
  7. SL kit force

    why not taking one step further and let SLs take over player controls? Like an Overseer, assume control over their minds, issuing their brainless bodies commands to execute...
  8. Rally points like in proyect reality

    Says what? Afaik, anyone is free to use any asset as he wishes to achieve victory as long as it doesn't break rules or balance of the game. Can't see how this is breaking any rules or game balance, also no exploits or bug using involved, so... And just to be clear, I'm totally for testing out timed timers, and testing different setups/features in general. As far as I'm concerned, that's what early access is for (among other things) - to test game features with the bigger player base, probing for a better game mechanics.
  9. Rally points like in proyect reality

    Adding timeouts on RPs would also make "signal RPs" impossible, where you place an RP on specific approach route or FOB/flag just to notice it disappeared to signal enemies are near.

    I might be wrong, but I thinks devs confirmed more roles and specifically Crewman is coming.
  11. Not really a killer feature, but I can't count how many times we've lost our ground and had to start from main because someone just took the last 1-2 spawns on RP. Keeps happening all the time, either due to inexperienced players or by mistake. It fades a bit when you are playing with your squad/clan mates (still happens time to time though) and is a bigger issue when having random players on pub. Would be great if SL could just temporarily "disable" RP denying spawns for anyone but himself. The "on hold" RP status could automatically go away as soon as SL spawns to let others spawn in and refresh this RP.
  12. Increase HMG emplacement shooting Angle

    IRL you wouldn't be able to turn the gun, but you can relatively easy turn the whole tripod, that would be a neat feature to implement in game. So that gunner cannot shoot 360 immediatelly, but is able to adjust rotation of the whole thing and then "construct" it a bit more (to secure tripod ends with some sandbags for stability).
  13. Graphics improvements?

    ReShade is no magic tool, but when well tuned, it helps to add some sharpness and more vivid colors to your image.
  14. October 2017 Recap

    Yeah, I think a rough roadmap with some estimates would be a great thing. Not ranting or demanding, just feeling that this lack of transparency is doing a bad job for otherwise great game and development effort so far.
  15. October 2017 Recap

    I still don't get this "never provide release date estimates" policy from OWI. At the end of the day, this stupid v10 hype and false expectations are purely caused by the lack of info from developers themselves. With no input, community is happy to jump on any update/release rumor out there and then rant about their expectations not fulfilled. It's pointless to give exact release dates, but some rough optimistic/pessimistic range (like v10 is coming middle December optimistically, but could be delayed to Feb) or some progress update to roadmap like "v10 is 50% ready" with every monthly update would settle this thing down.