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  1. I like the vehicle chat Idea. Another idea, perhaps double tapping your squad mic would drop a visible icon on your position visible for 10 seconds or so, similar to the temporary halos we see for the SL commands. Could be used for a variety of things, like giving the SL your current location on the map, or indicating enemy spotted or something.
  2. I think it would be beneficial to be able to tune the loudness of any of the three types of chat "On the Fly", ie Hotkey'able function. Examples of situations could be you just jumped into a vehicle ( Ex. BTR ) and now the ambient noise is louder than your comms level, I find the level required for Squad chat while you are inside a BTR is just simply to loud for when you are not in a vehicle. Or how about you hear foot steps approaching but there is to much comms to hear it, you should be able to mute instantly for that situation. I know you can quickly go into your options and adjust but it would be easier if it were hot keyed, especially if there is a fire fight and you need to adjust to hear commands.
  3. well aware of the options gentlemen... Thank you for the discord link beginna, but thats outside the scope of my GAF meter...
  4. Mods/gamemodes for the game

    There already are custom servers that you can join. To get into one, change the heading at the main join screen, "Custom Servers" I cant say for sure what differences youll experience, but I do know for sure that there will be custom map editing, as I have friends already developing open source maps for gameplay. As far as game mechanic custom servers, I have no need to avoid the vanilla settings.
  5. RANT START.... I wanted to pass along my continuing negative experience at "We LOVE Squad Germany" server. I have over 700 hours playing SQUAD so by far this is the most consistently toxic server I have ever played on. This server is not moderated from what I can see and team killing is always rampant to the extent where you must leave the server because no one is kicking these players. I am even considering the fact that they specifically are targeting all players who are not German, especially squads where 'English mic' is the squad title. Today was probably the third time where there is a coordinated team killing effort by several peoples where they will each join a squad, and using coms, they will execute over 75% of the team at once. I have never seen a ban, or kick from any admins. Every time I request an Admin or ask if one is around, there never is one present. This server should not have an official license as it is a toxic experience for all types of SQUAD gameplay. I am a NA player and will only play on this server in the early morning or very late at night. I avoid it as best as I can but always try it out again, and am always met with the exact same experience and type of toxic gameplay. RANT END...