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  1. Wait...Are you telling me you want to have PR feature in? HERECY!
  2. Escape from Tarkov

    My previous post was sarcasm regarding the fact that you are limited to the same four maps. The game is basically a grinding festival of looting same maps with few bots.
  3. Escape from Tarkov

    The main question is: How many maps does the game have?
  4. Logi V10

    Well... Succes of Squad design: 1) Implement the feature such way noone on the public server knows how to use it. 2) Make sure it is annoying to use it. 3) Profit.
  5. PR lately has faster development pace than Squad...
  6. Can confirm. Does not work for 1920x1200 too. Whoever designed this thing forgot to implement upscaling/downscaling (what a noob!).
  7. Asset Rules

    This is normal in PR to follow the rules. Squad community (and server administration) unfortunately is not mature nor smart enough to implement such rules,
  8. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Whoever wrote this month's recap has to learn English grammar, syntax and punctuation.
  9. Rising Storm 2 has choppers. But wait, that is Unreal Engine 3...
  10. Well, AFAIK noone uses "early protype" definition in the Game Dev. Everyone calls it "Alpha". Placeholder is something what was added into Alpha as temporary solution (e.g. models, animations, textures, voice acting, sounds etc) when final content is being worked on.
  11. It seems you have trouble with understanding what I wrote. Let me paraphrase it for you: The game was released appr. one year ago filled with "temporary" (placeholder) solutions. One year later the game has the same "temporary" solutions with more of "temporary" solutions without finishing the base content of the game. So far the only "done" content is player models and weapon models or was there "temporary" marksman rifle for US?.. I never personally complained about bad performance. I actually suggested to add "The game is not compatible with AMD processors" instead of optimizing the barebone product. Especially when the Engine the game is based on will be updated in the future. That is huge mistake and waste of time Offworld did to satisfy the screaming crowd in the hope of achieving better Steam Rating. In this topic I do not complain about the lack of content. I express my concerns about the lack of "finished" content after appr. one year of release date on Steam. Please learn to read and understand what is written. Constructive criticism is the following: "Complete the basic features before adding more of unfinished stuff!". Is it enough constructive according to your definition of "constructive criticism"?
  12. After 6 months of Early Access release US and Russia character models are not placeholders anymore. Great! Looking forward to mid-2017 release date then! Everything else is not placeholder because it is being worked on heavily. Maps are placeholders for one reason: 1. That's assuring. 2. Like one year after Early Access release? Ok. 3. Well...Is vehicle driving physics alrighty for you then? Why do you think it is final? Have you ever been driving the jeep/truck in real life to compare it? 4. So is it "No. The system is final" or "Temporary. Being worked on" ? 5. So it is a placeholder, right? 6. See above.
  13. I was wondering if there is anything in Squad what is not a placeholder... Placeholder models - CHECK Placeholder animations - CHECK Placeholder vehicle physics - CHECK Placeholder FOB/Rally mechanics - CHECK Placeholder HUD - CHECK Placeholder maps - CHECK Is there anything I forgot to add into the list?
  14. If you have no FOBs you leave the server because you obviously play with clueless and arrogant players.