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  1. Nvidia Driver Update (388.31) Issue

    385.69 best performance for me in all my games, i tested all newer drivers and reverted back every single time. i am using 1080ti rog strix here. use nvidia ddu to remove drivers before reverting back to a older one. cheers
  2. @Zylfrax791 be aware of dragons eating jupiter and eclipse uncovering planet X.... LOL :-D :-D :-D hehehe
  3. Alpha 9.9

    interesting with i7 7700k @ 5ghz and rog strix 1080 ti @ 2000 mhz here, some maps i cant run at 4k locked at 60fps, when i say locked at 60fps it is really locked, no areas of drop (high trees density areas) etc. theres 2 maps i can run 4k perfectly , sumari and kohat. Other maps i have to use 1080p + 2 x supersampling, and some 1080p only no SS to get a truly locked 60 fps from start to the end of the match.
  4. Alpha 9.9

    all maps??? full server? locked at 60 fps?
  5. REALLY slow motion movement with 9.9

    i think this is only happening in the f.range cause in servers i didnt experienced that. cheers
  6. Alpha 9.9

    yep i dont think all maps are optimized equally, some i can run full server at 4k, 60 fps locked (sumari, kohat, yeho), some 1080p + supersampling x2(kokan, chora, firstlight, al barash, logar, narva), and others only 1080p. (goro, fools road). Smaa, shadows low, only bloom on, everything else maxed out.vsync on. 7700k @ 5ghz Rog strix 1080ti 16gb HyperX @ 3333 mhz and trust me when you play at 1080p 2x SS or 4k and have to go back to 1080p without supersampling everything looks very aliased serrated, really harder to see the enemies, and it makes your eyes tired much faster. optimizations for the maps to run more equally should be a priority imho, maps with too many trees density are the worse in my experience they should be addressed first, maybe trying to share the trees assets in groups that uses the same texture..idk. something to match the performance on all maps, this way we with capable hardware could at least run all maps at 2x supersampling, or even better, at 4k witch is amazing for squad.
  7. no eac trigger doing that? thx
  8. idk if compatible with unreal engine.. but if it is, yebis 3 should be implemented for post processing fx. it looks much better than what we have in unreal atm, and its not too resource intensive.
  9. Hardware input ?.

    steering wheels supoort too fanatec, logitech and trustmaster would be amazing . I love car and race simulators and have a pretty nice racig rig, driving a techy with it would be crazy fun!!!
  10. Some maps have awful godrays that looks like flickering laser beams... there's anyway to disable them or modify how they look to be more difused and smooth? a ini file edit or something that is EAC allowed. thanks cheers
  11. Alpha 9.8 Release

    yep for sure it was because the engine upgrade, maybe some samples need rework or reinplementation into the game code for the new engine version. or maybe its something about the new audio mixer in 4.16... hope for a hotfix soon ;-)
  12. Alpha 9.8 Release

    some gun shot audio samples arent being played properly, its cutting really short, than only the reverb/doppler effect triggers. very strange. @Gatzby more easily indentifiable on russian guns. cheers
  13. Alpha 9.8 Release

    fps here also way more unstable with 9.8, lots of stuttering when it drops. Cleared ingame cache, tomorow gonna verify steam cache files too se if it fixes it. But on maps i was getting a pretty stable 60fps full server now fluctuates between 43-60, something is broken. also reporting that in al barash people are still following trough the map. cheers
  14. the lanplay useallavailablecores don't make any difference here tho.. still 35-55 fps on full servers.