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  1. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Cannot WAIT until Narva.
  2. Dolina

    Yeah, will consider that. It had crossed my mind.
  3. Dolina

    Regrettably, I'm probably going to stop working on Dolina. I'm not 100%, but... First, I have been asked to get involved with another project, which is cool for me, but it means that my already-limited time constraints are probably simply too much to do this and complete Dolina as well, which, while I had intended to release it, was turning out to be a huge investment. I've got a lot to learn, but ultimately, while I am happy to see mapping as a hobby / labour of love, I find it hard to justify the time unless the map will get played. I'm not confident this will happen. Second, I just felt that it was maybe not going to be the quality I'd hoped for throughout, at least not without the ability to devote a LOT of time to it. Parts of it I felt quite proud of, but there is a huge, huge amount still to do. I had faith in my concept, but 4x4km in a Euro setting was probably too much to bite off for me at this point; I've never used UE4, or2 or 3, for that matter... If you've been doing some assets etc. for me, then I apologise: obviously, feel free to release these to the community - or please talk to me first about possibility using them elsewhere, because my interest in them stands.
  4. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    I have a feeling they'll be sorting a water solution at some point.
  5. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    I'm sure I recall that it isn't currently possible in Squad's sdk, though I may be wrong.
  6. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Starting to look hot shit Rainey!
  7. More or less with you on that, Peerun. At least the principle of punishing the player whilst limiting the impact for others, and allowing for a learning experience for genuine mistakes rather than punitive measures that may not be justified or useful.
  8. So what do I need?

    So maps, it's just the SDK, as a basic. Are you looking for free software or paid? Things like world machine are paid at higher resolutions but not at low, and there are free alternatives I think. Maybe give some more detail? There are also some sticky thread already about useful tools etc, pretty comprehensive. Have a look!
  9. Snipers (not marksmans)

    Probably worth a search - this has been discussed at a lot of length already, I believe
  10. Dolina

    An overdue update: Starting with a little bucolic goodness... Take a sedate drive towards the town. Venture through the outskirts... But you'll need somewhere to park. Take picturesque walks along the deserted pavements... And visit the industrial back streets... But don't forget to stop for a little rest and relaxation before you leave.
  11. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    Anyone else getting EAC issues after this one?
  12. Dolina

    Village progress
  13. Dolina

    Working on the village area.
  14. Dolina

    Breaking cover: I've been pottering with this for a little while, and fully aim to get this complete and released when possible. It should have a different feel to what's in Squad to date, and will present some tactical quandaries. Vehicles will be a must, and, at 4km, it should support armour and possibly helicopters at such a time as they are included. It's broadly influenced by an area of northern Europe. About: Dolina is a combined arms map that provides an array of strategically valuable points to contest in a large, open and varied environment. From rolling hills of farmland and forestry to lush plains and wet marshland, this is a sparsely populated rural area, defined by the confluence of two rivers that cut a swathe through the terrain. There will be both AAS and INS versions. Status: Still very much WIP; 4km is a BIG thing to map. The basics are in place in terms of landscape and layout. Some areas are essentially complete, others need a serious second pass, and other still are not started beyond basic placeholders. It also needs lighting to be redone, game layers set up, various custom assets etc. to come.
  15. Such Wow

    Nice friendly squad you had there.