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  1. EAC nightmare

    Nothing, then?
  2. EAC nightmare

    Hm. I'll try this. it's a genuine game breaking nightmare.
  3. EAC nightmare

    Any thoughts on the following? I've had major issues with EAC that I can't resolve. It's stopped me playing for months. I can enter a server but immediately get kicked with an EAC dummy message. I have tried: - clearing cache etc - deleting EAC directory in full and verifying files, prompting an entire reinstall of EAC - waiting for entirely new versions of the game to roll out before clearing cache and trying again etc Nothing has fixed this, and I've no idea why. Pretty sure I did a compete reinstall too.

    Ever since v13 came along I've not played at all thanks to EAC issues and dummy client crap, despite reinstallations, cache clearing aplenty etc. No idea. Two months.
  5. Alpha 14 Released

    Yep, couldn't agree more about torque. personally feel the tanks remain hugely underpowered up hills too
  6. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The commercial aspect dictates, quite reasonably, that overall sales probably had more weight than longevity. it's people's livelihoods on the line this time above catering for a PR vibe, even if that's still a general idea, and really, that's fair enough, even if I'd be more than happy with 1500 committed players of a slower tactical game!
  7. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Whatever. I'm out. Too old for aggressive idiocy on what should be a civil forum.
  8. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The lost art of discussion.
  9. Female soldier models

    I don't know why people care so much about NOT having women in. It may not be realistic per se, but it's also likely most wouldn't use it. It could be argued that a little bit of allowance for player preference etc. would actually be a nice bit of PR and a nice gesture that would basically have minimal effects on almost all players, but might make a few feel good. What's to argue against, really? Other than the dribbling gamergate incel types who'd argue against this regardless of any case mad based on odd spite alone. It would be weird to see all women soliders in the game, yes, but I simply don't think that's likely to be the outcome. Even having female models only available where it could vaguely be possible would simply be a step for some and against none.
  10. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I think, read in context, you'll find that my point was not "childish as ****". It was part of a conversation; something that seems increasingly hard for people to understand in such polarised times of strange hostility. Your post was weirdly, needlessly angry and aggressive, which, given that you clearly consider yourself a fine exponent of maturity compared to the petty babies around you, strikes me as rather ironic. I was simply stating that in general terms, populism does not always get the best results for either individuals or the collective. It's not whining; it's a recognition of the generally understood fact that just because a lot of people like something, it's not a guarantee of quality or positive creativity. In a nation of 49 hens and 51 foxes, the popular vote is hardly likely to have a resonable outcome. Venga Bus might have outsold any single Tim Buckley ever released, but it wouldn't be considered better because of that - only a reflection of the fact that lowest common denominator appeal tends to deal in the most generic and lower brow material. It is simply true to say that a lot of people preferring something doesn't make it better. McDonalds may be the food of choice for countless thousands, but most people who consider themselves to be more informed would not say it was 'better' for that. Please keep your vitroil to yourself. Also to use your own example - you assume both balls are of equal value (value of course could be a number of things here, but still), which is an over-simplification in this context. You also have to add other concepts to it such as - what if there are already many places where red balls can be played with, but increasingly few blue balls? What if this area was once designated a blue ball area, to cater for the minority who preferred blue balls, but has been gradually pushed aside for red-ball players who already have a wealth of opportuity? I'm not saying that's the case here - I'd say the ball is still mostly blue, but the red tinge has got stronger, that's all... but if you want to extend your metaphor to something more valid and applicable, please take wider things into account.
  11. Alpha 13.1 Released

    helicopters would also support this
  12. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The thing is, it's hard to argue against that. It's business, in the end, and made for that purpose rather than solely as a labour of love that could afford to aim for a specific vision without any commercial aims or requirements - as PR was. It's something I lament, but can't argue against. Nevertheless, I genuinely don't understand the buddy rally thing at all - but if I'm the minority, what can be done? It's no different in politics. The mass of a vote is in no way a reliable indicator of what is best - but it does indicate what's popular, and in some situations that's the bottom line.
  13. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I honestly find it hard to believe these are considered improvements. Each to their own, but while these changes might be 'fine' I'm.. a bit lost on it. I understand commercial imperatives etc but I do agree that squad sits in a fairly unique space and it would be a huge shame to dilute that too much. Populism isn't often the key to good creation, even if it's a good way to ensure money.
  14. The Wrench, May 2019

    Yep, good stuff. I just hope we can really start to reliably get some of these maps on board, ideally officially. I'm still disappointed with no new ones in 13.
  15. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Hey Gatzby - any news on map updates etc.? I am somewhat disappointed in the speed of developments in this area, I suppose. I know engine changes have meant a lot, but it's still a little hard to understand what feels like a somewhat glacial pace here!