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  1. Village progress
  2. Working on the village area.
  3. Breaking cover: I've been pottering with this for a little while, and fully aim to get this complete and released when possible. It should have a different feel to what's in Squad to date, and will present some tactical quandaries. Vehicles will be a must, and, at 4km, it should support armour and possibly helicopters at such a time as they are included. It's broadly influenced by an area of northern Europe. About: Dolina is a combined arms map that provides an array of strategically valuable points to contest in a large, open and varied environment. From rolling hills of farmland and forestry to lush plains and wet marshland, this is a sparsely populated rural area, defined by the confluence of two rivers that cut a swathe through the terrain. There will be both AAS and INS versions. Status: Still very much WIP; 4km is a BIG thing to map. The basics are in place in terms of landscape and layout. Some areas are essentially complete, others need a serious second pass, and other still are not started beyond basic placeholders. It also needs lighting to be redone, game layers set up, various custom assets etc. to come.
  4. Nice friendly squad you had there.
  5. karasu

    Which RO2/RS maps?
  6. I don't want to clog this up too much, but I'd put money on them having thought of it and also having plans to address it. Surely it's clear that there was no point implementing these things prior to the new animation systems? That doesn't mean it'll be there immediately or soon, but it's simply stupid to create too many new things in that category that would only need to be reworked or created again from scratch. I really think the key time for picking up on detail is once the fundamental foundations are all entirely in place.
  7. For god's sake, there has been loads of discussion on this! Squad probably will get hit reaction in the end. I don't understand why it's being spoken about as if that's not the case.
  8. the wrench

    I think people should be a little understanding of the fact compromises may need to be made, particularly at this stage, when it comes to gameplay vs realism. Surely a solution to the underwater camping issue is to be applauded? Yes, it's a bit wonky about the vehicles, but so what? It's not such an inelegant solution, as it's clear they can't always traverse waterways anyway. Just pretend it's the wrong shape to cross in those place or something. Shouldn't be too much of a trial.
  9. I really hope so; this has been looking phenomenal. Been keenly watching this from the off.
  10. korengal

    Hey, any updates? This is looking so good.
  11. It might seem 'unfair' to those kicked, but it's pretty common practice, and also easy to see a fundamental: those financial investing in a server have a right to prioritisation.
  12. Balance can be achieved in different ways, and different gameplay styles can be accommodated on different maps, I agree. I think uneven player counts can technically work (if there's an appetite for it to be included in the game), but care needs to be taken to ensure both sides have an enjoyable experience, and maps need to be designed carefully for that (and often in ways that are just as restrictive to others who prefer more open play, in turn!). I don't agree that all maps have no 'safe spaces', though. If you have enemy all around, then sure, but that's no different from reality. Effective movement and position can still ensure relative safety at certain positions etc. Also, there is in no sense even play everywhere. The difference in factions ensures that's the case, despite what some people claim. Conventional forces and insurgents etc. do have to rely on different tactics against decent opposition to prevail, etc.
  13. Anyone want some texture assets such as shop fronts, banners, posters, advertisements etc - other things to bring a place to life, give it a story somewhat - I'm probably up for contributing. I don't have all the time in the world but feel free to PM me if you've got some specifics in mind. Best to have a clear idea of a brief first, as this can cause issues otherwise, but there we have it. Alternatively I can just put some things up to use as people want, if that's something people are interested in.