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  1. Map Testing

    Now THIS is what I want to hear!
  2. The Fate of Fallujah?

    You must say that Tallil looks a step up from the others. I STILL advocate as many maps as possible though; I had hopes there might be mapping community contests etc. to incorporate more, though I recognise the complexities.
  3. Really hope they lock in settings that can be advised. no shadows... blimey
  4. Regarding V.12

    Add my two cents here: I was lucky enough to get in on this one and also fortunate enough to get in a squad with one of the game designers and other OWI guys, which was nice and interesting talking to them. But it's hard to understand how people can't see that no-one is entitled to get in on these. Ther purpose isn't for consumption; they are purely for the benefit of the game's development. Of course we are all interested, but throwing toys out of the pram because you didn't get a proper peek at something only a very few do is pretty silly. You will get to see all of this soon anyway, and in a better state, too. Oh, and as it goes: I have missed playtests before, plenty, because of work, life.. etc. That's how it is.
  5. What would you like to see in Squad

    Fyi, the coming map quite evidently displays a lot of progression the mappers have made in a number of ways... Wait and see.
  6. Regarding V.12

    It doesn't mean all maps will have 100, maybe.. and even if it does, the meta changes might wel make that a different kettle of fish. It's actually entirely possible for all the maps to easily fir 50vs50, but it depends on how the game works.
  7. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    Personally, I think the ability of the medic to revive only is what really makes it a pivotal and interesting class. It ensures that revives need to be considered tactically in terms of reward/risk, and ensures that the class is completely indispensable whilst also needing to be be supported whilst supporting the squad. I would have preferred a system something like that outlined beneath, as I find the idea of normal soldiers doing revives from conditions that are evidently very serious to be a negative one. I understand some of the frustrations from the current medic class position - though not all. I don't find it a terrible role at all, and if played properly and in a sensible way, it seems a genuinely vital role for any squad. I do wonder, though, if it wouldn't be better to examine the class or medic-meta again from the ground up in some way. I know there are only so many iterations that can be made, in the end, and the game has to remain essentially fun and with enough realism - but I'm not sure the current direction of travel supports this. Perhaps there could be a new wounding system entirely, something like: Minor wounds: affect ability to run or aim stability, but can be self-bandaged - essentially like grazed bullet wounds or shrapnel etc. - and does not lead to continual blood loss. Disabling wounds: not critical unless blood loss is allowed to continue for a period of time, and your squadmates basic medical training could be enough to get you moving or vaguely combat-ready again. For example: Leg wounds reduce tyou to a crawl or standstill until bandaged up by someone else Arm wounds hugely affect ability to hold or fire weapon but are otherwise basically mobile until bandaged up by someone else Critical wounds: More like now , perhaps caused by trunk and head shots - anyone can bandage you to stop an otherwise-fatal bleedout, but require a full medic to stabilise you and heal before returning to full movements, and this would take, say, twice as long as the other wound types to sort - again ensuring that soldiers are cautious not to expose themselves to huge danger without cause but also that there is a strategic element to thinking the medic / squad lead must do. Perhaps a med unit could be a deployable as well - as part of a FOB, requiring consideration regarding build points etc, but incredibly useful at instantly healing people, for example, or fixing those up speeedily who can't be given full aid in the field - a requirement for thosem maybe, who fell into the critical wounds camp. Seems to me this would be a 'more realistic' solution; one that reflected the training of the normal soldier but also added some depth and consideration for the medic in terms of priorities and so on. I'm sure this would be possible. Different icons could indicate wound severity, possibly, although it might simply be easier to temporarily mute the critically wounded so that it would be clear who was in a bad way and who was 'walking wounded'
  8. Good Job

  9. September 2018 Recap

    Funny but voip latency doesn't really bother me. I suppose I just let it become part of the immersion to a degree; field comms are not always as reliable as one would like! Don't feel it has much impact to be honest.
  10. September 2018 Recap

    I still don't really get the issue there. I feel like they've made huge progress with optimisation. Obviously this could just be me, btu isn't it a minority with any significant issues now? Obviously it can always be improved buuut..
  11. September 2018 Recap

    Looks a pretty substantial one; Talil shaping up. I had hoped for a nice surprise; maybe an extra sneaky map - but hope springs eternal. One new one and some updates will have to suffice!
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Worth pointing out that the vast majority oif players, I believe, understand that points can be an idnicator of good play, but are far from a perfect reflection of this. It is possible to have a good score without doing anything particularly good or decisive, and it is also possible to have an incredibly important role to the team whilst having very low scores.
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Noob. Git gud.
  14. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I think that's a little harsh and extreme. They have already said they will be looking at the randomisation and other modes to counter this issue, as well as other mechanisms.