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  1. Ping or No Ping

    while you are right imo with alot what you say Are you sure about this? Are you sure that some squads in RL are not equipped at least with some kind of gps display and get some information from satellites or UAVs in real time? Is it really too unrealistic that this already is happening in actual conflict zones? Im not too sure but im not a real soldier but i doubt that it would take too long that at least some units would have exactly features like this. Including Pinging a part of map? Could imagine if its not official right now that some units work at least with a smartphone app. but maybe im going to far here
  2. Ping or No Ping

    I would like to start a discussion on the Map-Ping feature and try to understand the different views on it and why so many people actually like the removal of it. I am SLing most of the time and i really appreciated this feature for following reasons: - Its easy to call out GRIDS, but hard to FIND them When i hover over the map i can see the grids on the bottom left. When i have to find them as SL i actually really have to follow the actual GRIDS to find the Location. Someone called it "Grid-Hunting". While its complicating communication in general again in a game which is about communication which kinda is absurd, its further on complicating the Life of a SL and the SL only. I know most of you feel that the SL has too less to do and is generally a very unchallenging Role in Squad but im not too sure about this. A lot of comments also on reddit were, that most SLs will thank you for removing the PING-Feature because all the "Enemy on my Ping" Calls will dissapear. But now all those calls will be the same, only with GridCoordinates. Filtering now the useful from the useless information will again be harder for the SLs. Not the Callers. A lot comments also were that SQUAD is about Communication. Ping was also kind of a Communication. Its not like someone could mark the enemy on its own for the whole team. Only downside of PING-Feature imo is that it might discouraged people to communicate in a way like "100m West of Rally" but not too sure about it and this wont change if its as easy to mousehover over position and just readout the coordinates.
  3. Ping or No Ping

    What do you think of "100m North of rally, on ping"?
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Tweaking and testing things like speed is totally fine. Trying to implement something like the rally points with a mechanic (Teleporting troups without effort) we already tested versions ago (Cooker-Fobs) which was considered exploitable and not wanted is something i dont get. Someone has to put time in coding and implementing this i guess. When i read in the Notes that a "simple" Marker for Mortars (not sure how simple but i guess more simple to implement than the buddyrally system) is not making it into the next patch than this is whats triggering me a little then.
  5. I am not sure what the intention was or is to take out this feature but pls bring it back. I rather have my squad defending an attacked FOB while i take it down than to have 5 guys shoveling and to be overunned as a consequence.
  6. its harder to hit once its lying apart in pieces but still there. But i think its always possible to completly destroy it.
  7. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    same here ... there are some situations where you need the exact location of someone or something but you as a SL have to filter alot "useless" information. With pings or without pings. Only thing even worse is, "Enemy on H3K2SubK4, SL mark Soldier at H3K2SubK4, OMG LOOK, He runs now to H3K2SubK5! SL Mark him!" In both cases the correct way to communicate would be:
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I dont get the logic or the idea behind the new Rally System. We had Cooker-FOBs which were considered as too gamey because of ppl teleporting through map without effort and already had a complete revamp of logistics and FOB mechanics as a consequence And now you do the same with rallys? Feels like a light Version of Cooker FOBs. Back in the days i was quite used to them and didnt considered them too bad but now i really wouldnt want to have them back. Hope that this Rally System doesnt make it to the final patch. The removal of the Ping System im already missing. Its simply overcomplicating Communication. As he perfectly said: Only thing i could imagine to "nerve" the Ping is that it would only be visible to SL. Actually im starting to give myself the creeps when im thinking of all the squadchatter again of "H8-KP9-SubKP7" to only mark the soldier i already marked a minute ago which has now moved to another rock 10 meters away. Squad already was too fast for this kind of communication before the increase of Movementspeed. But OK i think i can live with that but dont want to. And Thanks for trying to balance the vehicles again and also for making progress to RAAS. PS: Removing the Rangefinder on FTLs is great. Was getting upset because of the misuse of FTL Thinking of Mortars: Can we (Sls) pls get a seperate mortartarget marker (with range ofc) which doesnt reset when setting an attack or move order? and speaking of Markers, especially when this new Rallything is seriously beeing considered ... can we pls also get an enemy Rally Marker? PPS: Disabling FOBS inside a Vehicle still possible? Pls reconsider!
  9. I'll bump this one time. Would have needed it yesterday again some times. /edit I guess it got dropped when FOB mechanics changed. Before FOB Health would automatically refill if enough friendlies where around unless you were pressing F as a SL. Maybe it could be implented now as a one time decision which takes 30-60sec to dismantle and without the cost of tickets.
  10. Redeploy From Main Base

    I like the idea behind it but since we got persistent ammo it wont work i guess.
  11. Game Mode: King of the Hills

    I dont know if the Bleed System will work out but i like the idea of variable Objectives. Can you still build inside its radius? Can you set a FOB inside or spawn on Objective?
  12. Regarding player retention: Besides all things that could be made better, more appealing or whatever i think another big reason just is that Squad isnt for everyone. I "sold" Squad to a dozen of friends which actually dont really play it. They all play CS:GO (even on global), PubG and even Battlefield. Not because they are too stupid for squad but because they like different playstyle. Squad is slow paced. Really slow paced compared to the others. Some might say even boring. Why still so many have bought it but not play it might be due to the good reviews, reputation and the kinda cheap price during regular sales. Regarding the UI: - First Person UI: Its actually a very clean design. There is nothing but the real basics you need. Stance, Stamina, Equipment and Ammo and the Compass. The bleeding indicator might feel a little unresponsive for new players though. - Map/Command/Deployment UI: Its actually a well thought out design which still needs some tweaks to be handled smoothly. Problems with handling it from a new user and from veteran point of view: - Squad Selection: Maybe there should be a warning or some form of indicator (or even a popup i can disable in options) if you are entering a Squad or if you already are in a Squad which doesnt have a SL with a proper SL Kit. (Thats often where rounds start to fail at the beginning) - Role Selection: It feels very unresponsive if you select a Role which isnt available anymore. You just cant spawn and dont get any response. That definitley could be made better. - Deployment: That sometimes feels a little bit Tricky. Maybe you could center the map over the selected Spawnpoint. Its sometimes hard to find the only white Spawnpoint on the Map. Maybe switch yellow and white. Intuitivley i would say the coloured Spawn should be the selected one. - Map: The Map is in my oppinion the real problem. First of all there is no topographic map which feels kinda odd given that squad is supposed to be a military shooter. I still have problems reading the map for hills and valleys. Another problem when SLing is that you cant delete markers when they are placed beneath/above an object or on a flag. A friendly FOB marker placed on the flag layer will always stay there. No chance to clean the map. Horrible. Another Problem is that an inactive FOB has the same colour as the enemy FOB marker. Yesterday someone shoveled the FOB down because it was red on the Map (even though he spawned there probably. atleast he was checking the map to see if its hostile or not) For new players maybe you could do 4 step procedure like we go through when selecting a team which ppl can disable in options. select team select squad select role select spawnpoint everything on a seperate page Since you are putting effort in this Topic I would really like to start to hear some concrete issues besides squad (UI) is unintuitive. And maybe even a suggestion of what exactly to add/Change.
  13. It is also a fact that UX is heavily dependent on players and how they play. Especially on Squadleaders. Ist a nature of Squad. Not sure if or how you want to change that. We do have to organize and built our own Spawnpoints, get all the supplies there, keep on supplying and adapt if something changes on the objectives (which is the part where it often fails). From my exp it doesnt really matter for a good game if you win the middle flag or even lose the second flag aslong those basic spawnmechanics are well organised and always taken care of. I mean normally if you handle this than it is enough for you to win the game when playing public. But its also mostly the deciding factor if you feel you got a good or bad game. How to improve new Player UX im not too sure. Maybe more useful tooltips on more topics. Especially on Game Mode and game mechanics like RPs, FOBs, and active or non active Flags. But imo there are right now enough tweaks neccecary for improving normal/veteran UX: - 2 Man disabling the HAB by vicinity is simply "($/='*****" !!! every meatgrinder was better. Solution could be either a percentage instead of just 2 or you switch back to the old way and additionally let SLs disable/enable the HAB in Command Menu. This way SLs could also channel the stream of "BlueBerrys" which if done correctly would also improve UX in general. However, right now Its just to simple to take one down for the amount of effort you have to put in a FOB. also regarding FOBs. - with persistent ammo you shouldnt lose all ammo when changing to a different kit. Just give the points back you got! - replacement of emplacements, especially with the TOW should be possible without losing all the CPs - SLs should be able to disable a (hostile or friendly) FOB alone manually like we could once with our own radio. - vehicle flipping (i understand there should be punishment for driving recklessly but the PhsX dont allow such a harsh way)
  14. agreed. Right now on the starting screens are only changelogs. Maybe they could at least gather up some essential Info even if it is community Content. There are a lot of great starting guides out there. written and on YouTube. (Like i think i recall that they are already doing this on free weekends) This definitley could help newer Players and would be at least for now a Workaround to an actual Tutorial
  15. never expect anything. Always assume the worst! And with a willing SL a new Player should have a decent experience (at least from the perspective of learing the game basics). It is a community driven game. And let them finish the game before introducing tutorials. last time on a free weekend i think i remember that there was a note right on the starting screen (actually left) which recommended what you should do before getting into game. I think they linked to some starting guides and also the wiki. even some Video guides if i recall correctly. Not too sure though. Right now you got some changelogs.
  16. for the technical problems: - try to get support in the Troubleshooting Forum but for most of us it runs without those Problems you described (most of the time) which seem game Breaking to me. FIX that before you get any further. regarding Server Problems: - there are a lot Servers in the US and those who are 24/7 full are full due to a reason. Take your time to get onto one of those. There are active Admins and ppl with alot of experience playing there who can help you. Just say you are new and they probably take you by the Hand. Although you might end up doing Logi runs (which still is k so you can learn this side too) Gameplay Problems: when you got your game running and got onto a decent server you will learn the game basics pretty fast i think and will change some points of view from yours. Community is helpful, give them a chance to explain in game and yourself to learn by just doing. UI is a little bit overloaded since some versions but you will get used to it. Actually if you dont really want to really get into the game and it's mechanics, you dont even need to read a single page of Wiki. It is much easier to learn than any ARMA mod. Not to master though. Actually if you let them atleast hop in with a experienced SL this could be a lot of fun for all. Besides … can you think of a Triple A game where there is no Tutorial? Where you just hop in and know everything from the start? Most of those games have Tutorials for each part of the game to lead you into and when you are finished you are still "bad" at the game. This sadly isnt a Triple A game from financial perspective. Ofc some mechanics are not set in stone or subject to change and not everything is perfect. So if you could come up with an idea how to make things more intuitive maybe it gets implemented.
  17. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    it is a great new feature. i actually think you see it as normal rifleman too on the map. it is just a Little bit greyed out and blue … so you have to look for it. just check next time at start of map. Makes the start much more easy to organize if everyone just marks their waypoint. /edit when an enemy vehicle is once spotted and marked every Squad should know about it. If it is moving again you can follow it by SL comms and mark the place where it finally was last seen. Especially in this case it is benefitial when both vehicles have their own SL definitley. Vehicle Chat should be a thing
  18. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    -on map, markers are shared! (attack, mvmnt, etc and also hostile Forces markers) -still there is the mechanic to directly communicate. and often Vehicle to Vehicle communication is as important as Information for all others as INF Squad to INF Squad communication is. -what if you are the SL who is not communicating with other SLs and got 3 vehicles in your Squad? If i refuse to play the game properly or even sabotage the game what do you do? get an admin and enforce teamplay. thats not really a Problem on most Servers. Local Chat, as it is now is not really suited for vehicles. But i think that it is good that Squad gives you the freedom to do as you prefer.
  19. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Some ideas to the logistic Squad Topic: with the new mechanic of disabling FOBs and persisting ammo i still dont get why there are no or few dedicated 3 man logi Squads. In my opinion you cant hold a flag with only one FOB which still seems the way to go. It is more or less based on luck how long it takes to get overrun. So there should always be a backup FOB. Im not sure if i like the proposed idea of building a FOB alone. Driving alone in a truck somewhere just soloing. Just doesnt feel right. Although im not sure how to make it more attractive to the other 2 People who are with you. Maybe it is again just the way we play and handle the mechanic. A decent set up for AAS is 2 Defence fobs and one attack FOB. Im not sure if there really is a need for more than 3 maybe 4 FOBs especially at the beginning. While attack and flag FOBs mostly are made by normal Squads the Backup FOB could be made by the Logistics Squad which can be upgraded to Mortar FOB later for example. giving a Task to every of the 3. (SL, Driver, 3rd guy). So the FOB actually stays defended and not left on its own. If somethings is about to change on the flags the Logistics Squad again should be on the move and be one step ahead to already prepare for the new Situation. It is actually not too boring Gameplay. You spend a lot time reading the map, the game and anticipating, which if you do it right can actually be rly satisfying.
  20. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Nothing prevents you to stay together. it is the same with the stupid (sry) wave spawn System, which encourages random give ups to be on the next wave. Nothing was hindering you from communicating to the Squad to hold the Rally and actually Rally up there. Although the unlimited spawns are better now imo. But thats another topic. pros for a locked, one vehicle Squad: Every SL can reach a single Vehicle directly. All vehicles get the same Intel the same time Crews can talk to themselves without disrupting or distracting other vehicles. Ive played alot in both types and from my experience this is the better solution.
  21. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    In this case there is a lot of overcommunication if they use the Squad Channel. Gunner of Vehicle 1 doesnt need bearings from Vehicle 2 in most cases for example. If both vehicles have their own SL they can communicate to coordinate via SL channel. Another thing (and this might not be the case especially on public) is that a one Vehicle Squad is easier reached by all other SLs that need support. While i know that sometimes vehicles do their own thing it is actually technically easier to get support from a Special Vehicle if they are in a closed Squad. Ps: someone knows how to disable this autocorrect in Edge? making me crazy.
  22. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Problem with all vehicles in one Squad is the lack of Information or the additional handicap of passing on the Information from SL to Squad and ofc the lack of a Vehicle channel. >9 Problem could be solved with "Key"+Numpad
  23. Vehicle imbalance

    After some testing online i think that the 50cal is just too strong. and while it is too strong, the 30 mil is too weak. It was sometimes easier to kill a btr with 50cal than another 30mil.
  24. Vehicle imbalance

    when im SL i even could place a Rally with a LAT kit (+3). I was just referring to the regular kit! sry