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  1. Double Neutral and Ticket Bleed

    i had the situation where we already held more flags than the enemy, but ticketbleed still stops when double neutral happens on the last 2 flags even if one team already owns 5 and the other team none.
  2. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to retrieve an abandoned vehicle which got its tyres deflated and someone just ran off before with the last repairkit. (no ammopoints left) Which means pls think about making the crewmankit at vehicles for free. without any costs to switch kit since I guess it was the whole point of changing this like you did so you can retrieve vehicles much easier. Communicating to the team to always let ... who actually knows ... that much points in a vehicle so someone could still drive it back in case is not doable. TL:DR - pls make sure you always can get a repairkit on a vehicle regardless of ammopoints.
  3. so you think its the lack of transport (trucks) mid late game?
  4. I would actually like to know what the intention, besides testing just for the cause was to implement such a feature. Maybe the community can help to find alternatives or solutions for this problem:
  5. Double neutral stops ticketbleed. Even if you own more flags or even if you got your double neutral on your last and 2nd flag. Have yet to figure out if thats a wanted feature or not. Opinions?
  6. you are underestimating camoflague. or maybe that your brain plays tricks on you with the information given to you. it makes a lot of difference if the (camouflaged) object is moving or not. has something to do with tunnel vision and peripheral vision which can be trained to a degree.
  7. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    have a bad feeling that same will happen when Buddyrally is hopefully removed rather sooner than later before ppl get too used to it. the worst about this Rally isnt even that its forgiving mistakes to the point that you actually could get an advantage out of failing but much more sitting on the receiving end of it. on the other team. There is no way to track or understand enemy "movement" (well, kinda hard if they teleport) which was a big part of game. Iam getting more and more frustrated to the point i stopped playing even if it would have been a great update. I cant even understand the argument that its in there for testing. we are 3 years in developing and got rid of this years ago just to test it again? what was the point of testing it before and deciding against it. get a bugfix for this rally out soon pls.
  8. thats very true. works the other way too. spotting someone camoflagued not moving is much harder.
  9. your word to Owi's ears.
  10. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    is the hotfix which removes Buddyrally still not out yet? hopefully in 3 weeks.
  11. I mean they are a great and fun toy. But does anyone feel that they are kind of unbalanced regarding risk/reward? I think their spawntime is just as short like the normal variants. On Talil you got 3 on the russian side and i think they only cost 5 tickets maybe ten, not too sure about it.
  12. Buddy rally poll

    get outta here or behave and at least read what this Thread is about. If you want to prove, that the FOB mechanics of v12 were bad with this example it might be kinda misleading. Especially this part of this Map is kinda problematic, although i cant see any rallys in the ditches north or west from where someone could have made a at least a flanking manouver while still it would have been hard just because of the map. an if you are locked in somewhere things already have gone south. and could have been prevented vehicle support could help alot in this kind of situations .. assuming you still got some do you really think a team that got locked up like there should be given the possibility to just spawn on attackflag without effort and overrun them on their defense? Dont get me wrong i had situations like this and i hate them. I also hate getting wiped by another squad. Or blown up in a tank. (btw: the mobile TOWS/Kornets are way too OP) how did you did that? with the buddy rallys? in v12 it was the same tactic but you would have done it with another FOB.
  13. OP definitley has a Point. Its another minigame for the SL. I would prefer a map distance-tool like drawing a line, where everyone can decently can estimate ranges on the map.
  14. Buddy rally poll

    Not sure if i understand you correctly or if this was a question concerning me, but yes i think its the same mechanic that already got discussed long time ago with cooker fobs and coded out of the game for exact those reasons. and for the good i think. now its back just with a rally.
  15. Buddy rally poll

    i spawn there as a SL and then run 100 m away to set a new Rally which actually is the tactic when you spawn on your Buddy's rally. Make 2 out of them again as fast as possible. What i would like to know why would you actually like to make a something like a buddy rally system work. whats the intended upside? Its the damn same concept which was already discussed when cooker fobs where in place back then. where the meta was that 3 guys cruise around the map and set up a million fobs. When this discussion was going on i actually also defended this system and giving suggestions on how it could be working when limited. After it was gone i would never would have wanted it back.