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  1. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    Regardless of nerving or buffing artillery i think one main problem is the difference when it comes to open FOBs like in a wood or a "protected" FOB placed in a wooden shack which actually shouldnt protect anything from artillery or an airstrike unless its a concrete bunker. I know we dont have map destruction but there has to be a way to fix this.
  2. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I have to disagree. You dont win the game by draining those tickets of the enemy vehicles you win it by draining their firepower. You are right that vehicle and infantry gameplay feel like 2 seperate layers of gameplay. especially in the beginning. i just dont think they really are. Its just in the nature of itself that your primary focus is the most dangerous threat. its tank vs tank. then tank vs ifv then vs apc and last but not least vs infantry. if you win the tank fight apcs actually can start to support infantry without fear of heavier assets. its all about unbalancing firepower and overwhelm the enemies. The problem if you start to support especially your infantry too soon with the vehicles the enemy will gain good intel on yourself and therfore has the first shot and advantage on your tank. This means vehicles still rely on intel presented to them. if it comes from infantry squadleaders, scout cars, lonewolfing snipers or helicopters. especially the helicopter is a powerfull tool in providing this intel to your heavy assets. and normaly intel wins the fight given you have somehow 2 equal tank crews fighting each other. Raising ticket costs would in my opinion only shorten the gametime round and might end up too easy in a steamroll. The psychological effect you are talking about is a false one. Your mindset as Crewman shouldnt be too much about the tickets but much more should your primary resource and mindset be about the actual firepower and its impact on the battlefield. Therefore respawn timers actually weighs more heavy than tickets. to your counter argument: yes tickets would drain probably just too fast but winning the vehicle match already now wins the game if played correctly by the infantry (team). and i think this is actually how it should be.
  3. although last time i was playing on a server which still had this "no locked squads" rule. they were kinda strict on it. same time "heli squads max 3 only!" was kinda scratching my head.
  4. iam still not sure why devs are making such a mystery of distances ... We have a map with grids ... why cant we have a compass (the one to draw circles) and/or ruler Iam always doing it with fingers and its mostly accurate
  5. Mobil HQ for Commander

    some may have not noticed it but: insurgents and militia already have mobile command centers. It works with every vehicle but the logi truck i think. Just stand close to it! the russians also can use their bmp as command vehicle! (even in base) (intended or not) never tested it with bradley.
  6. let the SL dismantle it again with holding F. And actually let SLs be the only one. Maybe with a radial menu.
  7. 2 days after hotfix i had massive stuttering again. even worse than before but it got fixed with clearing game cache. maybe this could help you!
  8. since the hotfix the massive stuttering is gone for me!
  9. They had a strange approach on the Flight Model. Its not really Physix based. Rotors and your input dont do what they should do or you would think they should do. They wanted to make it accessible to new players. Oddly enough that most (experienced) pilots still struggle with the Model cause it takes a long time to somehow get a feeling of what and how the model does or doesnt do something. And i still dont believe that someone who has no gaming piloting experience does learn easier that way. And in every game which had helicopters you somehow had to get alot of time in there to get gud. There is a good and in deep post on reddit about it, even with a dev response. They probably should have taken a more realistic approach physix related with more forgiving inputs. no one needs a DCS flight model here or even the arma advanced flight model would have been too much The normal ArmA model should have been the treshold. Just more realistic but forgiving! But we are here now and this probably wont change. I think that with the approach they chosed they did themselves no favor when it comes to changing or finetuning small parts of their flightmodel cause those artifical mechanics wont interact properly with each other ... but im not a programmer and this is just a guess. however, in v16 you were able to raise rudder control input by changing values in the cfg file which made flying much more controlable. It then also showed how "arcardey" the actually is model is. (which isnt bad per se, even if some of us would want a more realistic one) It made flying a lot more fun though and it raised the skill gap cause of new possibilites. Sadly they hardcoded it to the low standard input settings. It actually was a simple fix to a much better flight feeling! ps: here is the reddit post
  10. well after updates i would always do it once ... it always felt better afterwards althoug this time the stuttering is stubborn.
  11. 12 ... but right now i cant help you with stuttering ... waiting for help also since update!
  12. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    In every feedback to helicopters atleast someone mentioned the extremely low-power tail rotor in comparison to the crazy pitch acceleration and the only fix for it (changing it in input.cfg via scaleinput) got "fixed" by being hardcoded to broken values instead of finetuning the behaviour! We dont even know if the feedback is getting through.
  13. i hope this is not the case but it somehow feels like:
  14. i dont like it either ... but since this forum somehow died and even developer responses are much more frequent over there i decided to switch there last month after 3 years only beeing here! and yes it might be on the lower end but it still runs smooth on low settings, even on some mid-to high settings. it just doesnt look great.
  15. since you are damn right, this stuttering is an even bigger issue! it makes especially flying almost impossible! you would probably tell me to upgrade my gtx970 but frames and game run smooth wouldnt there be this new stutterissue! so instead of moaning: help the communitysupporter to gather some intel on your specs!