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  1. Unexpected error. (0xC0020015)

    I have the exact same Issue since yesterday. Should i do the same or is there a known fix for it already?
  2. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    actually this^^ ... atleast now sandbags can be built anywhere ... big love for this but still ... if even assets are not getting used because they give away position its contraproductive to have deployables tied to the fob! they used up both before ... AP for rearming and CP for repairing ... not really much but they did. when repairing it was consuming slightly more than the points would generate back then. u were srcewed if you didnt had atleast around 50 cp left for a repair... the ap were consumed in a bunch every some seconds. (and i think this wasnt changed in any way ...) but u will be alot more out of ammo than you were before ... its easy to tell a SL to keep some ammo left when he was operating mortars ... its impossible to take care of every single reload
  3. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    as stated the instant or actually the infinite resupply has to change cause it leads to "absurd" gameplay ... dropping fob/ammo digging up, redo. i refuse to do this because its silly. i never had a problem with automatic generated points. at least you had to wait for resupply and everything. i also dont think that backup fobs that "cookup" while time goes on where you could place spawn or vehicle repairstations later were harming gameplay too much. actually they made sure gameplay was still going on. but whatever. its much more likely now to get steamrolled by a better team than it was before. i think the ammocrate should also as stated just be slightly more expensive. sandbag only fobs without supplies imo. better think of available limited ammocrates at vehicles. all kind of vehicles. or a role with ammosupply. /edit ... i think this could be good solution like or similiar in the quoted post above mine: make stuff placeable in a small radius of the car where it is right now eg. 300 CP/AP in a vehicle ... so you could place a nice outpost with an ammocrate and some sandbags ... maybe even a hmg in the middle of nowwhere without having the restriction of fob-placement. maybe even make it supplyable by other cars than the logitruck. why shouldnt a humvee who was back at base repairing take some useful stuff to its squad again. every gameplay i can imagine right now on the getgo connected with this seems to make more sense than the mechanic we have right now. even if you place a fob afterwards where you already createt a "hmg/crate" from a vehicle those assets would just get "swallowed" by the new fob. i think you wouldnt even have to code this cause right now if you place a fob on training range your fob swallows all the ammo crates around it. and i havent played too much yet but im not sure if vehicle CP/AP shouldnt be seperated now. It was sometimes a mess before this patch. where only mortars and hmg (i think they did) cost ammo points and would interfere with a vehicle repair/reload. It will be impossible to communicate to people to save up for the vehicle.
  4. well SL has alot of responsibility ... and sometimes its really much to handle all at once. concerning markers i could think of squad markers for the squad ... on the other hand that what squad chat is for. but i would like to have markers we have for the squad right now (move markers, defence markers etc) as a SL for other SL too like we once had. back then there were a lot of dicks and swastikas drawn but you could use the same mechanic for it like we have now as SL for the squad itself !!! equipment yes ... time ago the medics had binocs ... now they got a grenade. but the scout has. similiar role for americans and russians maybe? concerning vehicles ... get your motorbike... even a small unarmed teci can provide a fast attack with following rally on a flag ... so no ... wouldnt do that. you should spawn on your rally and shouldnt need the vehicle for yourself. if SL is alive and rally is on CD and he requires a teci he will tell you. what could be thought of is the need of always 2 members for every vehicle. .... especially for vehicles that are not in base!!!!!!!! but abandoned for whatever reason in the battlefield logi trucks should always have two or even three at least at mainbase or fob (where it shouldnt be .... logis should always be at mainbase or on mission ... actually this is also why there should always be two driving this ... so they could change the vehicle at mainbase then!) cause its such an important vehicle. not alot is more devastating than a logitruck get ambushed by a gunner in middle of nowwhere cause there was not a reserve driver. so are stryker and btrs but its natural to play them as duo. for RPs ... sometimes you are unlucky and the reset timer happens even on locations where there "shouldnt be" an enemy ... but they can be everywhere! and actually if it happens you did something wrong. you dont place a fob just on a location where you just arrived. you secure it before ... theoretically you should do the same with your RP. practically it would turn out like this: give a movemarker for the squad where you want to place the rally ... give the eye marker to the squad then to secure the area ... place the rally when its secure! move on! having someone to be able to build staff might be something to think about!! there was a situation where i tried to get the SL to place me a sandbag and an ammo crate on the location i was. i tried to cover an area with my grenade launcher ... and i couldnt get him to do it ... he didnt understand ... we had 2000k points ... and its something not alot do ... when SLing i didnt had that request once! everthing is better with a sandbag ... but still i had the grenade launcher ... either it would be a role which can place stuff or an option that the SL has to give to someone ... but thats similiar if fireteams or Sec.inCommand Roles come in ... or not. otherwise it would be a mess if you are waiting for something important and someone uses up another 50 points to place something else. or it could get abused by trolls too if it wouldnt be restricted for squadmembers on the other hand ... when i do SL and see someone "having" a position or covering an area i just place a sandbag right in front of them. they tend to hold this position then!
  5. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    well i think there are more "stages" or phases when you play squad. Due to flag mechanics and circumstances. of course when defenders decide to sit inside a flagzone with a fob there and you even got an attackfob established theres not actually much you can but surrounding and "throwing" bodies inside of every angle until you get it. especially when fight already started and enemy is aware of you. someone should stay back at the attack fob because thats where the enemy might try to get to stop the attack again ... but before this situation there is much room for other styles of gameplay. beiing the first squad that arrives there for example trying to sneak in when you are one squad only attacking you can try another angle at the second or third attempt. Trying to get hidden to the enemy again. or actually stop pushing and just wait ... just rally up. maybe switch weapons ... nowadays everyone wants to have 2 lats ... when you want to get on the flag and got pushed back its maybe time to ask for a grenadelauncher or even a marksmen. or its time to call for reeinforcement. you keep up your constant push, controling your rally just to make sure you occupy the enemy so the bravo squad can do its "first approach" its always diffrent when you attack an enemy the first time (unknown to the enemy, which is an advantage to get yourself on the flag or on a better position) if everthing doesnt help you can think of establishing an fob there and the part with the "constant sacrificial play": it can be a part of a tactic actually like written above otherwise its up on us to not play like this! i think you are all refering to the feeling that as long as the squad has its rally point everyone plays its own game. sometimes you kill sometimes you die. this is a different story than it might actually be better to really just give up and respawn in some situations. as said in my prev post and above. when it feels like this its time to regather, rethink ... its natural that people tend to work together when they actually do something together! its natural that if you spawn alone that you are on your own! and its natural that in an ongoing fight a squad gets a lil bit spread out and lost. even if you keep attacking ... if it gets a little bit out of hand just wait at the rally and try it together one more time. works wonders from what i experienced. thats why i was in favor of the idea of wave respawning for example in groups of three. but im not sure if i would really like this. and i even dont think that dying is not important. besides costing your team a ticket, besides costing your squad resources on the rally, besides reducing your squads numbers in the fight you actually start to create this style of gameplay. cause you will spawn alone back there. chaos is about to begin. ps: and dont forget its alpha which means its a kinda new game and pretty hard and punishing already and players have to learn it. when i started to squadlead i had to learn and understand the gamemechanics and back than was glad when i realised that i atleast had to establish such situations like above and managed to do it. to get a feel where to put down my rallys. to keep control of them in terms of spawn count and safe spawns and to keep an ongoing push of name and countless bodies to the AO. but of course thats not where it stops. second lesson was how to organise this chaos and how to be really effective then
  6. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    well hate was probably a too strong word but i was actually refering to the idea that rallys are "op". i actually think they dont are. especially when you compare it to FOBs. when a Rally is OP what is a FOB then? Both are Respawn Elements which both sides have. Technically both of those Elements "simulate" a larger Army than there is. Its up to the Players or SLs to use them to their advance. And its up to them how they use it. Good use of them might compensate for lack in Aim-Skill. Not only this but also their use has a great impact on experience: I dont think its the Rally Points fault that players do the run and gun on repeat till someone uses up the last spawn, which is just not a good game experience. First its their own fault. Secondly, the SL could help change this. If you consider it as a Save Point like in single player games for the whole squad you can create an awsome experiences for 9 people if you play as a SL with this mindset. I often do the SL and i try that the Rally is more than just the point from where all the dead guys come from again. simple commands like: "when you spawn wait there and secure the area, we are going to rally up" help wonders. If they do so, everyone suddenly experiences something else than run and gun. which is good. squad is together again. such moments help that noone is going out like a headless chicken because death is no problem because of the rally point. of course there are situations when you just have to get the bodies into the flag zone and it actually might be better to give up and respawn to get into flag or help your squad fresh and alive instead of occupying another soldier, the medic which has to revive you while others cover him cause you couldnt keep your head down which actually is a good experience too if done like this ... might not be competitive but this is the point where balance of RPs comes in. And still you lose one Ticket. And thats what its all about. Its not a one life mode which could also be fun but i dont think AAS is suited for it. And especially in those situations its important that your SL keeps control over the RP. the things i mentioned i like about RPs in my prev posts might come from the fact that i as said do alot of SL and this is what is going on in my head all the time cause its nececarry if you want to win. i dont know why i like this. i dont even know why we like games where we die and have to kill someone else, but hey . But thats what SLs also are for and it doesnt distract other ppl in squad. i wouldnt even know from what. if i gun over a flag in a compound or over a RP in a wood doesnt make a difference to me. In the end its always your men with a gun against other men with guns. edit: what i really like about squad is that it gives us the tools to have exactly this and also the freedom that its up to us to achieve this experience!
  7. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    i dont get the hate towards the rally points like they are now ... every squadmember can die once and rally up with the squad again its a simple and good mechanic it establishes frontlines with ongoing firefights ... which is what we all want it allows for tactical manouvers/thinking for both sides and not only a "9vs9 1life deathmatch" for example: moving the rally to a diffrent location when enemie knows your direction realising to fall back when pushed back too close to the rally and actually defending it for the other side they have to find the rally keep an eye on the enemy SL or atleast predict his movement and finally trying to disable the enemy rally point. which are all elements of the game right now i like ... balancing the rally and other game elements will always be a matter first things i would start with to balance it before changing the mechanics of it completley would be: - respawn time on rally - refresh time rallys are so fragile imo ... because all it needs actually is a teamplaying lonewolf who observes the whole situation on a flank to disable it and i think someone already mentioned it somewhere but a flag i think never was succesfully defended with rallys only edit what i could really like is the idea of wave respawning ... because it would actually help keeping the squad together
  8. Motar squad watch your size

    yes, but in war a lot of things arent ideal especially in a a public match what really hinders a normal working squad to also use mortars is the lack of a seperate mortar marker ... you always have to use one of those which u or i atleast need for infantry to give orders and i use them often (it doesnt have to give u the exact distance but atleast the azimuth) on pub matches i often play a defensive squad in the beginning .... making sure we get all flags ... set fobs somewhere behind and i often place one mortar on those which one guy easily could handle if i just could give him the correct azimuth by a simple seperate marker when playing this type of squad i mostly have a supply truck with me which is also no real problem to coordinate thank god the logidrivers mostly start to look at the map while driving and also have an eye on the map/game progress and sometimes give u valuable feedback for your decisions where to send the logitruck for example. worst thing you can do is occupying the logitruck cause of your mortars ... nor do you want the enemy to know the exact location of the fob due to constant mortar fire i almost never supply those backupfobs twice ... the ammo is enough for one or two attacks with mortar support right now actually i mostly place down a rally point somewhere at the front for my squad then drive back to the fob with a car and one or 2 guys to build up a base with repairstation and mortar, then use the mortar till the rally point is going low on respawns. then i refresh it, maybe even on a diffrent attackangle with those who are with me and attack with the rest of the squad. if there is no need for supplys at this time the logidriver can go for the base and use the mortar then if everyone uses local voice and keep squadcomms clear its actually not too much of a mess and if u believe it or not the squad also kills enemies if you are not there. i often see SLers beeing the first one somewhere i often see squadmates waiting for the SL to check the corner actually i try to stay somewhere close to the rally and behind the squad u will have a much better experience as a SL if you let your Squad do its actual job and you can focus on supporting your squad with what it needs. Respawns /edit dont get me wrong ... of course there a better ways to handle this but this is the compromise i come up with while almost always playing as "Alpha - Squad" with "random players" probably ... worth a try
  9. last time i was playing squad, my computer hang himself ... rip. ... i might have been drinking some glass of red wine, but before realising that i was staring into the same picture like forever while trying to connect to a server, apparently i first had to realize how good and actually helpful the loading screen is not only that everything you can do in game in terms of pressing buttons is written in there the picture alone which trys to tell you the basics of the game ... : the one with your flag you have to secure, and the forward base where you advance from after youve secured it with it the forward base with its ammocrate and its repairstation ... the one where the SL secures the Forward Base with his Rally on the flank the one where the squadleader secures his rally and even has a Medic nearby the one where even the rest of the squad secures his medic and the SL ... actually the loading screen is a tactical masterpiece in my oppinion and should have its place and time in squad just a lil bit longer "even if you lose .... when you play like this, u always win you already have won" ... and i only have to say this because the SL is fighting on an inactive flag on the pic
  10. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    i think this is server side ... at least last time i checked before 9,4 had overheating on jensens though yesterday on a server and no overheating on training match while trying to get the time for the stryker 50 cal against the btr ...starts overheating after around 7 seconds ... when u stop a moment after five seconds you can get a btr down in 2 sprays in ~10 seconds takes you 14 when ignoring overheating mechanics
  11. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    i think this might help to get a feeling for armor and firepower: STRYKER.50cal vs BTR 10 - 14 seconds to take it down BTR14,5 vs STRYKER endless (~1,5mag) 30mil vs stryker 6-7 seconds stryker vs MTLB 6-7 seconds 30mil vs BTR ~3 sec BTR14,5 vs MTLB ~3 sec Stryker - 4 rockets BTR - 3 rockets MTLB - 2 rockets what might also be good to know is: i think a rocket does more damage when the vehicle is on fire or smoking... i dont have another explanation u need to shoot a btr 4 times with a rocket when there is enough time between the shots same goes for a humvee with 3 shots others i havent tested
  12. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    i lately did a lot of driving vehicles and besides of the 30mil variants the btr is heavily underpowered against the stryker. it needs more than a full magazine of a btr to blow up the stryker you cant even kill it with one full magazine even when it was hit by a rocket wich makes gameplay against it ridiculous... and it would actually be good to implement overheating in training matches just to get a feeling for it ... if you have to learn it on the battlefield it leads to frustrating moments for gunners and drivers
  13. denying rushing should be made by the map designer and or "forced" or made possible by him to balance the assymetric warfare and to give players the possibility to create different szenarios for every round on this map. its on the players to understand where to send your troops. rushing is viable tactic and nothing gamey about it imo. everyone spawning in at main base and getting out of there is no bad thing too imo its the time where u first get your squad together and get ready for a maybe 2 hour fight it also gives you time to cooperate and talk with other squads or squadmembers while not beeing under fire edit the part with capping first flags with only one man which might feel awkward and not fun for the one guy capping could be solved by the map designer by giving them this flags from start. like in kohat us vs russia. or by game designers to implement an automatic flag capture option for map designers (with maybe a impossibility to rush those flags and a indicatior for it - like a greyed out version of an already capped flag) the need of capping a flag is slowing down the game too by itself and therefore maybe wanted by the map designer the gameypart imo comes in when you rush, succeed or at least stand and have a fob established in minutes where the whole army which got wiped elswhere or even held their spawn can spawn in in a second. the gameypart imo is when "all" u need to do is outnumbering the enemy on the actual flag because of this mechanic its often contraproductive to control territory around the flag it might be contraproductive to send a squad searching for enemy fob because it might end up searching mushrooms in some woods not finding it and beeing utterly useless because u lose numbers on the flag and due to game pace and mentioned above things its easy to than flank the enemy unseen establish fobs/rallys and start steamrolling on next flag on some maps. what might help is not only a minimum number to cap an actual flag but also a max cap eg: 1 squad for both teams where the flag indicator starts going to neutral so as attacker you can neutralize the flag with even numbers so you can "hold" the white flag as the previously defending team with even numbers this would give both sides time to try control area around the flag and to start considering the whole map as battlefield searching for fobs ... creating unique experiences and objectives due to different, changing frontlines and slow down the game and could help reducing steamrolling which is imo the much bigger problem than rushing to a flag at the start itself. (which i dont think is a problem itself because it creates different experiences) it might slow it down too much. u might have to set different max limits for different flags and with this indicators for the players so they know when they are on max u might have to tie the defending max cap to the requirement of having at least a prevouisly owned but now white flag connected to this flag for the attackers
  14. on official servers i think its questionable to forbid any strategic aspect/tactic of the game unless under specific circumstances like low player population. what would help more i think would be a clarification of how the flag system/ticket system really works the official wiki quote " Ticket Bleed: Owning more CPs than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty; the more CPs owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs " is a little bit misleading after a lot of hours i still wasnt sure and after a test on al basrah-aas & paas it works like "if you own more than the half of all the flags" meaning ticket bleeding starts for americans when insurgents cap suburbs and vice-versa this is important to know because if the US rushes refinery on AAS succesfully and your not able to cap it back because of them just defending good it would be a viable tactic to just fortify suburbs edit\ im just meaning people shouldnt panic because of getting rushed on a flag unless its the ticket-bleed-triggering one imagine a powerplay on insurgents side until enemy us squad(s) leave refinery or die there because of boredom so let them have the oil - but not your home at least on al basrah AAS. on PAAS which has 6 flags you should make sure to cap refinery and/or make sure to counterrush one of their two second flags still ticketbleeding only triggers when u own more than half of the flags if people would know that or understand that there could be some interesting matches. actually while testing this i stumbled upon a different interesting thing: a humvee is blown up after two insurgent-rockets if you hit it once then cap a flag (meaning let some time go by) and shoot it again its not going to blow up ... anyone knows why or how this dmg system works or has a explanation for it?
  15. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    actually i think this one language only thing gets out of hand sometimes especially on days or times where there is only one or 2 populated servers have often played on russian servers on afternoon cause other servers were empty ... and a lot of other names from in this case europe were playing on that server at this time too ... same goes for french servers ... not excepting german ones beeing in a russian squad in this case doesnt help the squad and yourself too. although even in squad u can understand foreign languages in the situation which often leads to surprisingly satisfiying and good experiences. e.g winning a situation against another squad and after this squad starts talking to you not knowing you are not of their language! because i think this is getting a lil bit out of hand: i tell this in regards to how harsh the world actually got in the last days and years ... and while we all play a game of war we should be aware of that language is the first bridge to overcome national borders and differences ... it might sound a little bit ... something .. find a word for it but i think there is a lil bit truth behind it nothing against nationalism in a healthy manner but actually i think locking up the servers based on language is in so many ways bad. i for myself got alot better in english just because of squad and active squadleading (actually i find it way more easy in english than german because i got used to the special vocabulary and always try to translate the learned english phrases into my native language which is getting weird sometimes) and dont get me wrong its still the decision of the community or at least the serverowners which has to be respected first of all. but in my oppinion it might be more legit when community and playerbase is getting bigger maybe should turn that damn hippie music which is running right now off again and kill some foreigners on the internet