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  1. Mines, mortars, and IEDs oh my!

    lol was this cheesyness meant as a joke? "this concludes your instruction"
  2. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Step up or shut up. If you don't like that someone isn't fully aware of new changes then make your own damn squad.
  3. Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    Don't kid yourself, you did it promote your channel. We're not stupid. OnT: Looks cool imo, don't recall us having a real "SWAT-style" game for a while. And of course I don't count Siege.
  4. What can I penetrate? ;)

    That's not what he asked. But thanks for another useless post. I would also like to know exatly what I can shoot through.
  5. Ghost squadleader(WARNING: SPOOKY)

  6. Bundeswehr Mod

    my phallus
  7. Wake Atoll

    Hey, it was you who put out a 4km PR wake island was it? I remember testing it! It was cool (but didn't work so well gameplay-wise).
  8. Sarau (Inspired by Kashan Desert)

    why though
  9. What goes on inside some Squaddies heads?

    It's both. Mockery and immersion. Also try to stop me.
  10. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

  11. Free look & weapon rest position

    what would that add to the game?
  12. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    Could agree on the priority part...But else? Meh, updates come more often than you should be happy with.
  13. So, when do the other factinons get artillery?

    Man, what is with americans SCREAMING into the microphone
  14. cant update amd drivers to latest version

    Hello? Any update on this? I still get error on startup and shutdown
  15. Sound Balancing

    Only the gunshots are loud for me. I could hardly hear a truck ~30meter away from and a BTR(!) managed to drive up to my building and shoot me, for I only faintly heard him. I'm not sure i this is a bug on my end though.
  16. Be an admin they said - it'll be fun they said...

    So what an admin would do then.
  17. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Too bad there's so few statics in squad yet, could really use some more variety in buildings:(
  18. How Do You See Squad In A Year?

    Well the "full project" should be taking shape by then, hm?
  19. Placeholders...Placeholders are everywhere

  20. Kokan Squad Remake

    Is this the first time a community map made it into squad?
  21. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    damn these updates just keep on coming
  22. Former PR player, coming back to teamwork based gaming

    I would recommend you get in touch with your old TG pals, my friend:)
  23. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Would be so boring if it's an ar-15 variant
  24. Why 9 player squads?

    Why? Right now most server run 70(+2) player servers. Maximum is 72. That's 35(36) players per team. With 35 players that's only 4 squads of 9 players, one of which has 8. It's usually 3 ok squads and the last that has 0% organisation - leaving 3. This game wants cooperation teamwide between squads right? With only 4 squads there's not much you can do with that. In my opinion with the current maximum players 9 players is too much. Maybe when(if) Squad reaches servers with ~100+ players, 9 player squad would make sense. Right now? I don't see the logic too be honest. 7 players maximum seems to me, be the logical number. Is it because of realism? If so, is that really a thing that you need to emphasize realism? Have you tested any other squad sizes?