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  1. squad leader only = shit squad leaders

    Yeah I joined one squad where the guy "I'm gonna leave the SL position to another guy after I get a vehicle"
  2. OWI's Logo

    I thought it was established that it was wheatley from portal 2
  3. Squad 3rd person

  4. Squad is now on MIXED recent reviews on steam :0000

    What the hell? Why are you suprised it's getting mixed reviews? And why should we all go and DOWNVOTE them? If the game's on steam it's gonna get rated - the price you pay for that.
  5. How is the European community?

  6. AKS-74M

    give it to some rebels or something
  7. AKS-74M

    So would it be so weird that someone took a aks-74 and put polymer furniture on it? (yes, i can agree that maybe russians shouldn't use it)
  8. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    Yes while we're at why don't we add the context sensitive buttons aswell? You know, you don't have to press different buttons! Hey killstreaks is also a good idea! And why is there no .50cal barret yet? I mean that's one of the most powerful guns in the world that can one shot kill anything!
  9. Losing interest pretty quickly

    I played last time in February somewhere, it was fun for a couple of days with friends. After that I didn't care anymore. And after that what updates has there been? Updates to maps? Power cables? Nothing that peaked my interest exactly. Yeah... And for those saying "BE PATIENT IT'S AN INDIE DEV TEAM!!" They made a kickstarter... I will start playing more hopefully when G3 or vehicles are added.
  10. Have you been rejected for military service?

    Yes I think it was due to me not rating myself in good physical condition and not being super hyped for foreign service.
  11. That's not the point. The point is that there's no way to award points in manner that is reasonable in those situations.
  12. But what if squad then decides to just go around the map and build fobs? Completely in useless situations? It's like tartan says, it's impossible to give an accurate representation. Sure, you could refine it to it's maximum potential but you'll never have a true representation. How about comms then? Should points be awarded to SLs who use their radio alot? Nope that wouldn't work either as the SL might be just spamming the radio all time. I agree that it is an issue, but I don't see a solution.
  13. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Damn... This is where I think the Squad devs should put their effort in, into coding. You guys can put as many cool weapons, factions and maps all you want but I think people are gonna lose interest if we can't get some nice mechanics.
  14. The message could not be in the same line as in the chat. Could be on top left corner.
  15. VFX Feedback for Bruno :)

    I like the dynamic smoke but it's too small. Hardly gives any cover. I can have video of that tomorrow. Also why no actual "throwing"? Instead we have that weak underhand throw.
  16. Insurgency Troll Squad

    No #SELFIE? Bit of a missed opportunity there m8
  17. My first match!!!!!! (Please read)

    The more repeating characters you put in your post the stronger the message will be.
  18. Aiming Downs Sights correct view

    I recall z-trooper was considering it. Guess it's not exactly top of their priority list.
  19. Closed Alpha Version 2 Announcement

    A K M K M
  20. How to Promote Usage of localVOIP?

    Too be honest I'm just glad people talk. You don't get that in many(any?) games.
  21. PAX PRIME coverage

    Your blowing all our kickstarter money on blackjack aren't you? Hookers and blow?
  22. Can Squad beat out/out populate Battlefield battlefront?

    Squad competing with Battlefront and Battlefield??? I didn't know Squad had a final release date...
  23. LevelCap FINALLY posts a Squad video

    It sure it is milsim compared to what his subscribers that are used to: BF4.
  24. Man portable ATGM, RR's and deployables.

    Showing some real maturity there boys.
  25. "click" sound when pulling trigger with empty mag

    Now, this isn't the correct but since you brought it up. Medal of Honor(2010) has nice features like that: Squad devs should definitely take a look at some elements on that game. Another cool thing is that everytime you pick up and AK it's slightly different. Maybe with polymer furniture, para stock, different wood furniture and so on. Really gives a nice realism to it.