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  1. Placeholders...Placeholders are everywhere

  2. Kokan Squad Remake

    Is this the first time a community map made it into squad?
  3. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    damn these updates just keep on coming
  4. Former PR player, coming back to teamwork based gaming

    I would recommend you get in touch with your old TG pals, my friend:)
  5. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Would be so boring if it's an ar-15 variant
  6. Why 9 player squads?

    Why? Right now most server run 70(+2) player servers. Maximum is 72. That's 35(36) players per team. With 35 players that's only 4 squads of 9 players, one of which has 8. It's usually 3 ok squads and the last that has 0% organisation - leaving 3. This game wants cooperation teamwide between squads right? With only 4 squads there's not much you can do with that. In my opinion with the current maximum players 9 players is too much. Maybe when(if) Squad reaches servers with ~100+ players, 9 player squad would make sense. Right now? I don't see the logic too be honest. 7 players maximum seems to me, be the logical number. Is it because of realism? If so, is that really a thing that you need to emphasize realism? Have you tested any other squad sizes?
  7. Why 9 player squads?

    50v50 huh? Nowhere in this thread has anyone said anything like that. The reasons (so far) that I've seen so far for having 9 player squad is: - and let me tell why they're not very strong points.. "realism" - generally a point, however gameplay must also play a part. Besides, this game isn't exactly the model of realism anyway is it? "down the roadmap" - while I don't really have anything against big squads I feel like it would be wiser to have a smaller squad size until those features that you speak will be introduced(also, still have no idea where you get this information?) EDIT: FAQ. Well, still no good answer as to why 9 player squads is needed right now. "firepower" - sure if you have a 9 player squad against a 7 player squad you'd have more firepower, but it "it feels better"/ "kit layout makes sense" - first, subjective. As I said before 9 players alone isn't something I'm bothered with. And second, how does it makes sense? 1+2+3+3? What's the difference between that and 1+2+2+1? Or 1+2+2+2? Don't tell me that I've haven't read them. It's just you that can't give a good reason is all.
  8. Why 9 player squads?

    Well we don't have that NOW do we?
  9. Playing Squad having previously played Project Reality?

    Shit, that was 7 years ago. I don't recall that. Probably running around (with no mic mind you) randomly shooting people and dying a lot. It's not that I don't enjoy squad, when I do play I like it. It's just that there's nothing really in me that wants me to keep playing.
  10. "You don't put a FOB directly on the point, idiot"

    If you have a no fobs in the area it would be better to have one fob in a bad spot than zero in good one.
  11. Playing Squad having previously played Project Reality?

    Migrated? What are you talking about? Yeah I've also had some trouble just seeing who the hell is shooting me on some maps. I've been a backer since day 1 and have like 20 hours in Squad. I can't really put my finger on what makes me don't enjoy Squad as much as I do with PR.
  12. Why 9 player squads?

    Where have you got this information?
  13. Why 9 player squads?

    Where did you find that information? Why not change it later - "down the road" then?
  14. The Art of Warfare Servers

    So right now there was a guy spamming the SL comms with shitty music, making the game unplayable for all SLs and ruining the game for everyone basically. It's fine if you can't have admins on 24/7, but please - shut down your servers if you do not have the capacity for that.
  15. Ragdolls, pistols & other feedback...

    We don't want it to turn into Battlefield do we?
  16. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Yeah this map really feels more alive than many I've seen(IN squad too)
  17. 1000 player servers

    Pff, yeah the technogoly is surely possible to have 1000 player server. But don't get excited just because you saw a tech demo. When you see it working in a game - then we can talk.
  18. BF 2142 is now available.

    Indeed panties have been wet. I didn't actually think of that, I just thought it would be cool to finally play 2142.
  19. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    What? You don't run chicom+adidas+AK? pff Sidearm: P226
  20. Honest Opinions - Was the game better in v6?

    The poll options seems really biased...
  21. The argument for kit dropping

    Regardless of "kits" being pickupable or not there needs to be some sort of system that lets you use equipment or weapon from your wounded or dead comrade. Out of ammo but your squadmate is down? Too bad can't pick up his rifle! You're the medic and out of bandage? Too bad can't use the one that your friend died with! The best thing in my opinion would be to implement a penalty system for using something that isn't yours to begin with. Which includes enemy weapons and equipment.
  22. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    I should've clarified that I was looking at the al basrah remakes pictures when I made that comment. The remake(Squad) has less colors than PR in those shots. Are you disagreeing with that? Not at one point did I say something like: "it looks bad", "unfinished", "worse" etc. While colorless it does look more realistic.
  23. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    man squad looks so bleak compared to PR...
  24. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Tell me this... 1. How many times has this happend to you? 2. Do you have a microphone?
  25. [Image] New implementation for Vehicle seatings.

    Honestly I'd prefer Para's over PR-style.(can't believe I just said that) Just a little more subtle.