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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    SQ-MAK in Logar Valley PAAS
  2. MUHAREBE ARAMA KURTARMA (SQ-MAK) Established on 2017 Muharebe Arama Kurtarma has a successfull background and is of the top tier Turkish Teams. We are ready for any kind of battle with our staff who have a mission consciousness. The team has an order command and rank system. We like to play the game as a simulation. We are ready to play with all the confident teams. Please contact us if you have any question or for battle request. for communication: https://discord.gg/BjdZTuj RAMAZAN AVCI
  3. ATB Training :)

  4. A.T.B Shots :)

    thnk you bro
  5. A.T.B Shots :)

  6. List of active clans and communities

    Name: ARMA TÜRK BİRLİKLERİ Tag: [A.T.B] Link: http://www.a3atb.com Language: Turkish Descriotion: We are the most elite team in Turkey.We are ready for the match with every team that wants to meet. Server: TR ARMA TÜRK BİRLİKLERİ SQUAD SERVER Members: 50+
  7. A.T.B(Arma Türk Birlikleri) Established on 2015 Arma Türk Birlikleri (Arma Turkish Forces) has a successfull background and is of the top tier Turkish Teams. We strife to the future with victory as our motivation. Behind Arma Türk Birlikleri(Arma Turkish Forces) success lies a player and skill orientated. This management is using player based respect and love to act as a team.With this management model the team is also fulfiling various social and sponsorship project. With all these project ATB has behind we are also trying to be leader in this field and also with all of our investements made in ARMA 3 and SQUAD game(s) we are also trying to fulfill the community request. With all the forces backed up by ATB national and international we are walking with great self trust into the future. Please contact us if you have any question or for battle request. RAMAZAN AVCI A.T.B(Arma Türk Birlikleri) Gegründet in 2015 Arma Türk Birlikleri(Arma Turkish Forces) hat einen erfolgreichen. Hintergrund und ist einer der Top-Tier-Teams.Wir ziehen in die Zukunft mit Sieg als unsere Motivation. Hinter Arma Türk Birlikleri(Arma Turkish Forces) Erfolg liegt ein Spieler und skill orientierte Management. Dieses Management nutzt spielerbasierten Respekt und liebt als Team zu agieren.Mit diesem Management-Model erfüllt das Team auch verschiedene soziale und Sponsoring-Projekte. Mit all diesen Projekten,die ATB hinter sich hat,haben wir auch versucht,Führer in diesem Bereich zu sein und mit allen unseren ınvestitionen in ARMA und SQUAD Spiel(e) versuchen wir auch die Communty-Anfragen zu Erfullen. Mit allen Kraften,die von ATB nationel und internationel unterstützt werden,gehen wir mit groBem Selbstvertraunen in die Zukunft. Treten Sie mit uns bitte in Verbindung,wenn Sie irgendiene Frage haben oder für Kampfanfragen. RAMAZAN AVCI [ATB] Arma Türk Birliklerihttp://www.a3atb.com [email protected]