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  1. Defend the Dome! is hosted by the Thunderdome server This is a FOB attack and defend event! Here's the basics- We'll play a total of 2 maps, each map having 2, 45-minute rounds. Both teams will have 15 minutes at the start of the match called the build period to build their SuperFOB. Once the 15 minutes are up, admins announce one side to attack first and the other to defend. At this point the attacking team is allowed to use any vehicle, hunt down, attack however they want and locate the other teams FOB. Attacking team can place Rally Points and only two attack FOBs with HABs (attackers can only use the attack FOBs for respawning, building ladders, ammo crates and one repair station per FOB). The attacking teams objective is to destroy the defenders FOB and defenders must stay alive until the 30 minute timer runs out. Now there can be multiple ways to end the round. First, if time expires before the attacking team has taken down the defenders FOB, we end the round. Second, the attacking team has the option to forfeit if all SL's agree. Third, one side starts coming close to our ticket limit amount to prevent the map from ending before the other team has a opportunity to attack. After the first round is over the attacking team is now the defenders and the previous defenders are now attackers. The maps will remain a mystery until the day of the event. Each map will have a DMZ drawn in the middle to separate teams from placing their SuperFOB's next to each other and provide logi run balance during the build period. Players can not place the FOB within 2 grid spaces from their main. During the build period both teams are allowed to bring any vehicle they want for defending and attacking. Defenders can bring back vehicles to their main before the round starts to save for attacking. Once round starts defenders who choice any vehicle to defend must stay within FOB radius until round ends, if the vehicle is destroyed defenders can not grab a new one from main. Attackers can use any vehicle and are free to grab new ones if destroyed during their round. This event is built for those who have creative minds and love building large scale SuperFOB's! RULES Squad leaders must listen to admins 5 squads max per team All Logis must make supply runs during build period Vehicles can be used for attacking and defending. You are allowed to leave any vehicle at main for attacking if you want BUILD PERIOD 15 minute build time During the build period all players must stay in their FOB radius Logis are allowed to make supply runs No stacking more than 3 objects No shooting from FOB during build period No building at main No team killing No troll building ATTACKERS Rally Points are allowed for attackers only Attackers are allowed TWO FOB's with HAB's Attackers can only build ladders, ammo crate and ONE repair station per FOB DEFENDERS Defenders must stay within FOB radius HAB can be placed anywhere Vehicles that are chosen to defend must stay within radius until round ends Defenders are not allowed to spawn at main during their round Admins will be on each team to maintain order and enforce the rules. There will be at least 1 admin SL on each team to instruct those who are confused and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Dates and time will be announced here and on our Discord down below. More info can be found on our Discord server here. From one of our recent DTD event
  2. @Grunt_ All Thunderdome ban appeals are handled on our Discord - https://discord.gg/Vx6tU5N
  3. Welcome to the Thunderdome! Discord - https://discord.gg/Vx6tU5N Website - http://www.squadthunderdome.com/ Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/squadthunderdome 80 player server Server location - Chicago
  4. Great work guys! Keep it up