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  1. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Haha then that pilots mistake is ever turning. Why turn when you can engage a helo like that from 5km away with missiles! Or with guns from above where they can't aim at you easily! I do agree however that with the current map size in Squad aircraft dont really fit in. Even in arma where the maps are enormous you still cover the thing in 1 minute with the throttle open.
  2. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    What jet are you running down in a little bird in Arma? Even the Wipeout which is one of the slower planes can easily cruise at 730km/hr (actually faster than a real A-10 so the opposite of nerfed), and you're still holding ~300 for gun runs if you need to aim carefully. Whereas the littlebird tops out around 260km/hr, and that's pitched forward to hold speed without adjusting your nose up at all to aim at another target. Only time I've ever caught a jet in Arma with a little bird was against some crap AI pilot who was flying at practically stall speed.
  3. Long time on black screen while loading.

    Interesting thought on graphics having an impact. I wouldn't imagine they would at least for loading to the main menu but I guess I don't know enough about computers to really say. I didn't really find a fix other than uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to fix the issue for me. Didn't change any graphical settings at all. Went from 3-5min load times like you down to 30 seconds. I mean your computer is completely capable.
  4. How to improve performance?

    It is kind of a relic of the past. But there is also a certain "feel" to 24fps when it comes to movies which is the reason they continue using it even if they shoot a higher frame rate and then downscale it. Its very interesting stuff when you go behind the scenes in film production and play with the same shot in different framerates.
  5. Drives me nuts... theres literally no reason to do it and I guarantee that no one thinks you're funny if you do. Only time I've ever been amused by "mic spam" at the end of the match was some guy who kept playing shitty recorder at the end of the match. But even that was done at a tolerable volume that you could still hold a conversation over and it was just something funny he did for like 10 seconds or less
  6. How to improve performance?

    Aaah, the good old "call it a meme because you don't have a real way to disprove what someone said or don't fully understand it" meme. This actually makes a lot more sense than people complaining about FPS because it looks choppy. I guess I can't say I have a lot of experience feeling that mouse difference as the FPSs I play I don't tend to get frame rates anywhere near that high (Arma for example). And the games I do get frame rates that high in tend to be flight simulators where you aren't even using a mouse.
  7. How to improve performance?

    You're right, its doesn't see in a certain fps per say. But at certain framerates you do effect how you see things in certain ways. It's widely agreed upon that 16fps is about the lowest the human eye can make a moving image out of that's not just a still slideshow. ~23-24 with motion blur is a smooth image for the human eye. 30 with a high shutter speed and no blur is also smooth for the human eye. 48fps is where they actually had issues with movies looking "too realistic" and went back to cinematic 24 again because it detracted from the experience. 60 is what you film action sports and fast moving objects at for playback in realtime without motion blur. Only reason people go above that is for doing slow motion photography. As I said before, there's a reason specific framerates are used and avoided in cinematography and the same applies to any moving image. Sure there isn't a true reason for capping fps, its never going to hurt you to have 200fps. BUT I've never heard someone complain about "well my frames dropped from 200 to 100," you simply wouldn't be able to tell the difference without looking at your fps counter. Whereas if you are running 60fps and suddenly drop to 30fps sure, you'd be able to tell and it might matter in a fast paced game.
  8. Yes, this would be so preferable to the current points system. As you said, right now if you sit your whole squad on the first two points and cap them you will instantly have far more points than anyone else despite the possibility that other squads have had a much higher effect on the ticket counter of the enemy via disabling FOBs and destroying vehicles.
  9. Unbalanced maps please!

    So why are you complaining that you're never safe with your back against a wall?
  10. Unbalanced maps please!

    Can't say I've ever had trouble finding good firing positions. Sure you have to be a little creative due to the brush, but you do IRL as well. Why would have map based choke points in a game that strives for some level of realism and freedom of movement and encourages tactical gameplay (including setting up your own chokes through the use of FOBs). I also believe there already is imbalance in the game that makes it challenging. Watch 90% of Russia/US vs militia/insurgent games and the BTRs and HMVs just steamroll their puny pickuptruck technical. Sure reality may be uneven, but you are never safe with your back against a wall in reality like you seem to imply bullets and bombs go through walls.
  11. How to improve performance?

    I've always said, anything above 60fps in a videogame is just a *** measuring contest
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Two words: Situational awareness
  13. Yeah. Its frustrating in a game that begs to simulate at least semi realistic combat that 1-2 shots often wont put someone down or at least render them combat ineffective. To compromise you end up having to dump 5 or 6 shots into someone which is difficult to do accurately with recoil and whatnot. Headshots are of course the way to go and will end them in one shot, but its often intense enough that aiming for those isn't easy.
  14. I agree there should probably be some reaction/debuff as far as weapon handling goes when you are hit with a round. Plenty of times I've lit up another player and they end up returning fire after I've dumped 3 or 4 rounds into them and they end up trading in a situation where I should have easily had the upper hand. Seems to happen most often with me when I'm playing against the Americans with the higher rof on the M4 as well as the fact they all have optics.