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  1. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Gorgeous details texture on that British tank keep it up you guys doing amazing work looks so real I'm excited can't wait to play this game feel it will be a very good game among the best ww2 shooter and that what we need Through hard work will become a masterpiece and I will play with pleasure.
  2. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    These are stahlhelm of Wehrmacht and fallschirmjäger double decals many soldiers have them on their own helmets are national were used in late 1930 until by the end of war I hope they will be an appearance in the game. Waffen ss parka (w/hood) blurred edge fall camo it looks outstanding beautiful. Waffen ss soldier in winter camo with toque over his head. Waffen ss unterscharfuhrer in a camouflage jacket tarn and equipped with an mp40 sub machine gun this camouflage jacket was a different version of the one worn during the may 1940 campaign. Regard with this are late ss uniforms their own stahlhelm used to be unveiled without any patterns covering the whole helmet inside of helmets had on both sides ss and hakenkreuz swastika emblems these units who have fought in earlier battles until the war ended these are reference ss uniforms if the game will aiming for history accuracy we desire to see such uniforms in the game and all sorts of miscellaneous things within in equipments gear lots of variants many more all together some soldiers used to having on their helmets all over belts chicken Wire everything they had at hand being very creative so on be more precisely accurate significantly is important the authenticity in ww2 era to make a game world be realistic as possible as it was back then in that time period every detail it is matter should be serious taken and thoroughly I hope some devs are been useful and taking some ideas for this game we want an real ww2 game first person shooter that I waited long time ago This is the opportunity to make this happen if you have really an truly militaristic advisor in the team and he knows what's is talking about it would be great to listening to him by sharing his thoughts opinions what's the best for a game based on ww2.