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  1. Squad crash upon startup

    My squad game has randomly stopped working and anytime I start the game up, the rectangular loading screen appears and then the game crashes and loads the Crash Reporter. I've tried to re-install the game but that hasn't fixed it, I've tried to start the game without Anti cheat running but that didn't work aswell and I don't have a MSI afterburner. Does anyone have this issue and is there a way to fix it? Thanks
  2. Startup crash

    How do I do that?
  3. Startup crash

    My game launches normaly at first but when the starting animation is over and the control screen after the animation is loaded the screen goes black for about 2 seconds and then the game crashes. I have no clue what to do.
  4. When opening the menu, immediatley the mouse is visible in one place only. When I move out of that place it becomes invisble and doesn't work to click on anything. Please help!