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  1. good catch I do .. but I kind of use it like that - have done since Wiindows 98. This would be the first time I have had to move that for a game ever.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Test .. I wonder if there is a delay between adding the additional Perk Key to Steam and the badge appearing here. Also is it retrospective - will it appear on past posts or just newer one once activated? OK - so since I had linked steam before I had found and applied the PERK KEY the previous I had to re-link and it retrospectively updated.
  3. I tried to play this game again (backed this a long time ago) and realised again what stopped me doing basically anything before as I got frustrated and left (figured Alpha I'll come back later - a year later and its the same?). I instantly still hit an issue I had previously - the main menus and any UI element as far as I can tell have the hover and click stat miss align from the graphic element. For example along the top of the screen I have the main menu items If I put my mouse over those nothing happens and click does nothing - but I noticed as I travelled up to the menu the hover state did activate. So moving the move immediately below each item I was able to see the hover state change and click to activate it. This is confusing but the targets are large enough that I basically 'automatically' coped with that with out noticing too much. I then when to join an empty server to just 'mess about' (who needs training or manuals right?) but I could not figure out how on the map to pick a 'spawn' point. There was a key around the map showing flags an vehicles etc .. but where do I actually spawn? As there were no other players (i think I can spawn on players?) I could not figure it out and clicked on everything ... after about 5 minutes (I didn't want to be beaten on just getting into a game) I figured out that there was an offset issue here too and If I actually had the mouse below the marks some had text come up - and the yellow dot was clickable ... and I finally spawned! This seems like big error and makes navigating frustrating.