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  1. As far as i am concerned this is applied for as ghosting. Wich is cheating = kick, after another time its a ban.
  2. How'm Does one set up Effective FOB Fortifications?

    Not any kind of reinforcements. Secret HAB`s tend to be longer secret due to not drawing attention.
  3. How is the optimisation in v10?

    The fps tend to be a bit higher for me, except on beleya. There the fps are almost doubled for me. Seem like that map is ten times better than any other? or is that not how it works?
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    RIP in kokan paas
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    [RIP] in Op Firstlight AAS v1
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    [RIP] #2 in Fool’s Road AAS v2
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    [RIP] #1 in Fool’s Road AAS v2