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  1. LAN Support

    bump cause 2019 is just around the corner and still no lan
  2. High Cpu Priority

    Why changing the cpu priority is disabled with v10, lost 50 fps and getting stuttering
  3. OMFG we are back to the same bs with project reality you are no better than EA or valve if people don't like your server they can just leave simple as that you don't add modding and then yeah you need a server license for custom servers. At the end of the day you are still just a bunch of modders that cant even write proper code for lan but very jumpy on the trigger when people try to use or mod your content.
  4. Alpha 10 Public Test

    battlefield 4 movements ?
  5. LAN Support

    bump is this fail like pr the game , pr arma 2 and arma 3 ?
  6. 100 man server. CHECK!

    on 30 fps servers i don't thinks so, i'v been shoot so many times even had blood decals showing up on me after being shot but took no damage, maybe 60 tickrate or above would improve hitreg and lowering the number of players but in the end its a question of netcode. Current large size maps demand 200 players indeed even if there is only 1 defend and 1 attack flag available
  7. Mike_sqhq - Video Megathread

    yes thanks for that much appreciate it !
  8. so i just got a refurbished rig for hosting some csgo BS server this added to the one i have sitting around, so i'm thinking of hosting maybe a squad server at home without a host 2 rigs specs are : 1 - a quad core HT 3.4 ghz stock 8 GB ram and seconds a 3.6 dual core HT with 4 GB, and i got around 10 Mb (not MB) of upload running along, can i host a squad server and how many slots if 30 tickrate is a posibility . Thanks p.s my 5 ghz kaby lake is for gaming rig