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  1. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    Uniforms are done by the art team, not programmers. Adding N wheeled vehicles and stuff is a must in order to get the systems in place to improve vehicles. The things you think are minuscule are in fact MAJOR for the continuation and production of Squad. Things have to be done in order, otherwise we will be having to undo things later on which would be a waste of man hours. The animations are a must as well to improve performance, so in our book, this is major.
  2. Squad Alpha V9

    Don't you need something to fastrope from?
  3. As long as you dont yammer on about random stuff and stick to the game tasks and talking about the objectives, there will be no issue with players. Regardless of that, we have rules of no bullying and such so server admins should be banning people that are creating an un fun playing environment. Nordic is 12 and he plays all the time and I'm not aware of anyone bullying him.
  4. Squad Alpha V9

    oh no he dinant...
  5. Lost server license key

    Unfortunately not, we dont keep the private key available as that would be insecure. The best we could do is reset your license which would issue you a new key. If you could visit https://support.joinsquad.com and fill out a ticket with your license information (server name and contact email) we can get that reset for you.
  6. RCON Tool?

    yes, it is built on the RCON valve protocol
  7. Server Health

    Hello Squaddies! OWI has added in the ability to see server health from the server browser. This will help players find a server that is performing well that they want to join. Currently it shows live server performance. In the browser, you will see a Red, Yellow, or Green icon which relates to how well the server is performing. We will be enabling this feature remotely shortly, so that server owners can prepare their servers hardware for the Alpha 8 release. We hope this will also help server owners monitor their servers for performance issues. This is also a very useful feature for the end user, as they don't have to join as many servers, looking for one with good performance. In addition to the server browser feature, you can now see the performance icon by looking at the scoreboard in game. This will let you know if the server is performing bad, or if it is your client. Servers in the Yellow category may see issues along the lines of vehicle slowness, users rubber banding and VOIP issues. Licensed servers should remain in the Green. Servers in the Red, will be pretty much unplayable. There may be times when it may go into the red or yellow but the majority of a full server should remain in the green. It is also important to remember that performance can lower as a round progresses due to the increase of placed deployables, as will as the amount of firefights and players in close proximity increasing. Servers not up to the performance standards may lose their license until the performance issues can be resolved. If you have any questions feel free to post here or in our discord! Happy Fragging!
  8. Fatal errors ?!?!?!

    Do you have any crash dumps?
  9. RCON Tool?


    throws boxers
  11. help

    https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and look at the Easy Anticheat Errors section
  12. Server Browser Crash Again!

    There is an article on http://support.joinsquad.com on how to fix this.
  13. Back up your stuff online!

    use a data recovery application to see if you can recover any of the files.
  14. Fatal errors are still with us :(

    please send us your crash dumps and logs.
  15. possible fix "loading screen"

    this was an EAC issue, should be resolved now.