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  1. Indies in OP First Light AAS v1
  2. Hi Devs, There seem to be a bug in Squad's (or EU4) implementation of RCON, mainly for the `ListPlayers` command. For context RCON response contain an header with the size of the body in bytes. Also most response send text in ASCII (or at least single byte fixed length encoding). But some exotic characters in player names can make the server answer with UTF-16 (2 bytes per char). It's annoying on it's own to detect, but ok-ish. The problem is that when it happens, the response lenght header doesn't account for multi-byte encoding , so effectively the response body is twice bigger than advertised. I managed to develop workarounds for this bug, but I figured I might as well report it. The workaround: (Ark might possibly have the same issue).
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