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  1. Optimal Intel Network Adapter Settings

    That would explain the awfully high pings anyways in this game. Thank you for the valuable input
  2. Why does Squad deny to be higher prioritized with Process Hacker and Taskmanager alike? Goes for CPU and IO priority. It says access denied. Any reason why?
  3. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

    DOwnload the latest version of Nvidia profile inspector (((my link to it was considered to be spam lol make sure to get the correct version))) and type squad in the line up top - select Framerate limiter mode V2 and select Hz. turn vsync off in game and control panel
  4. Hello valiant men! My question is related to the intel network adapter settings. Usually my Ping is below 20 in optimal circumstances for instance in BF4 and BF1, Insurgency grants me a rock solid ping of 11 on most european servers. Prior to V10, squad offered me pings of 35-50, which is very acceptable. A console ping to google averages currently between 20-30 without spikes. Now after months I installed Squad again only to see that on any server my ping ranges between 80 and 110. I would love some dev input regarding their settings and what the games considers optimal. At the moment I am reading a guide regarding the UE4 engine but my ping is really stable and low in other games that are based on this engine. So far I tried many combinations in squad, flow control off/on, offloading on/off, adaptive interframe spacing on/off, different interrupt moderation rates - which would already have great impact on other games but squad just hovers around 80-110 while others on the server seem to have around 60. Usually I turn most features off except TX flow control and that's how my latencies remain small with no packet loss at moderate data rates. So the question is, does squad rely on some intel networking feature?
  5. Hey what do I need to to in order to Invert Y-Axis for a Controller and also general Keys? So far I tried changing the Exponent value in the default and baseinput ini's. -AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.25,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=1.f)) to -AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.25,Exponent=-1.f,Sensitivity=1.f)) It didn't work though. Are there other files that overwrite these ini's?