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  1. ok i don't know how to load a specific map to show you screens (yea worst noob ever i know) but i've been playing a game in wich americans got onto a roof by a tiny 20 centimeters kind of "catwalk". This building is in the southern part of storage site on yehorivka map, it's a red brick building. In order to get to the roof you got to go up the stairs to a lower roof and use the catwalk, and then you arrive to another roof where you must build sandbags as a squad leader to access the highest roof. There you can place a hab and everything you need, all your team spawns here while under mortar fire but it doesn't matter because it's a 5 flags map and the storage site is the middle one so if you have it, all you got to do is to wait under mortar fire and shoot the russians below. I really don't know if it was intended but i'm pretty sure not, so you better check it out. And if it was intended that wasn't a good idea in my opinion because there is only one access to the roof by a sandbag which can be removed so no one can ever get access to it. not to mention the catwalk way which is impossible to walk on because as soon as you get on the corner and show up you'll get shot from multiple directions. If someone can tell me how to launch a solo game i can post screens if you like.
  2. "glitch" access to a roof in storage site of yehorivka

    Yes i agree. Any dev passing by to tell me if it's intended or not ? While i agree with you on the severals building stuffs you mentioned, i disagree when it comes to creativity because it was mostly an exploit. Too bad i can't show you pictures because you'd agree with me. To go to the roof where you should build blocks to get on the highest roof, you got to go through a silly glitchy path where you got to stick to the wall to walk on the catwalk, and visually, your feet are in the air, the "hitbox" of your character allows you to walk on this thing but visually you should fall.
  3. and join a shooting club this next september. What would you recommend me ? I like the G17 but it's a bit expensive (600-700€).
  4. When Squad come out from (v) Alpha ?

    The game is very good right now. Patience. I'm waiting for the combat helicopters
  5. When will squad devs start optimizing ryzen for more fps

    I have a i7-6700 and i have 40 to 50 fps so no.
  6. How the stryker actually looks like in combat

    Agreed. And that's the very reason i didn't bought Arma but Squad.
  7. Prone!

    I think it's good the way it is, you got to stand up just a little bit to bandage yourself, throw grenades etc. That's a good gameplay. If there was something to change that would be staying prone while having field dressings, grenades, smoke in your hands but not using them. That would be good but when using it, you got to up your chest a bit i like it.
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    I have black smokes too
  9. Squad launcher not working

    Yes it works now ! Thank you. But it's weird i don't have Avira whatever, it works now. Thanks again
  10. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    It's not even sure the game will work after an update because my game worked well BEFORE the last update so...
  11. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    ok so if we find a solution, we will be both able to play, that's a good news. Well... is it ? I think now we got to wait for a hero
  12. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    Yes me too, but maybe someone can help better if just like me, after the loading of EAC, you have a squad.exe that appears for a while (20/30 seconds) in the "background process" like this : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=211997squadbug.png (memory use : 560ko) Just to see if we have the exact same problem or if it is a bit different.
  13. Crash on startup

    I tried but it didn't work... Thanks anyway
  14. Crash on startup

    Hello How do you do this part -Go again to the gamefiles and execute the setup in the EAC folder, i don't understand, i have deleted the EAC folder so how can i go to the EAC folder ? editing : i finally understood but it didn't work
  15. Game Will Not Launch - Tried Everything

    I have the same problem, tell me if squad.exe appears in background process of the task manager after loading of EAC because it does to me (and it closes a few seconds after). And on Steam i have "game launched" but nothing happens.
  16. Squad launcher not working

    I don't get any error message when i kill squad.exe after EAC launch and i have the exact same problem here. You can add me too if you think you can help : Worst Noob EVER
  17. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    Thank you for all the answers and sorry for this late message cause i wasn't around these days. I love the shape of the Walther PPQ but it's still very expensive for me (600€), CZ75 is in the same order of prices. I was also considering having a p226 but it's even more expensive ! I think i'm gonna listen to the multiple advises here and rent a gun to the shooting range before actually buying one. You know, civilized comes from civilian that means "person that doesn't belong to the army", and army comes from latin armus which means "who is armed". So basically the most civilized people are the less armed (because they gave their violence power to the army). Do uncivilized people look more free than civilized ones ? I'm glad to live in a country that tries to be free from guns althrough i have also much to criticise about it. Nice recommendation anyway, this is cheap and looks good.
  18. EAC is smoking weed

    Hello I had this after loading a game : http://hpics.li/257c185 I never cheated in an online game in my life what is it ???
  19. Motar squad watch your size

    The solution is to have one to two mortar-skilled squad limited by 4 people for each squad, and other squads can't use mortars.
  20. Is this a suppressed M110?

    Great if it's implemented but the principal issue with sniper rifles is definitely optics.
  21. IED not causing damage to the FOB Radio

    +1 as well
  22. BladeRunner 2

    Love the book, hate the movie. Why is this movie so popular ?
  23. Hide inactive white flags from map?

    One thing comes in my mind, that is there's NO TICKET BLEED until the middle flag is capped. And that middle flag could be the one to have a FOB in to control it. But also, this will add another rule to a game with already a lot of rules. Anyway, i'd like to say that i'm ok with the current system. Rushing is part of the possibilities, we don't want to have 50 vs 50 in a linear corridor.
  24. Is a Canadian faction, to be expected in the future??

    France too then. FAMAS
  25. Add Ability to Designate Team Leader Positions

    I don't know. There's already a lack of squad leaders, i don't think it's a good idea to give even more responsabilities to the players.