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  1. One thing comes in my mind, that is there's NO TICKET BLEED until the middle flag is capped. And that middle flag could be the one to have a FOB in to control it. But also, this will add another rule to a game with already a lot of rules. Anyway, i'd like to say that i'm ok with the current system. Rushing is part of the possibilities, we don't want to have 50 vs 50 in a linear corridor.
  2. France too then. FAMAS
  3. I don't know. There's already a lack of squad leaders, i don't think it's a good idea to give even more responsabilities to the players.
  4. I give you that... I just felt it was annoying to use a field dressing when dropping from the roof of a very small house. I mean you're hit by a .50 caliber bullet in the leg and you use the very same item to stop the bleeding.
  5. I've already thought about that, but to think that you can put on a keyboard every action you can IRL do precisely is presumptuous... Besides, if devs manage to do that, we'll have a lot of "skilled-players" that don't fear death (of course cause it's a game) and it's the first step to 360° hs with a sniper rifle.
  6. Oh my god i've laughed so loud. Actually i've got a CPU which is like "AMD, i've got some work for you come here", and the GPU is like "Please let me go intel, this is too much for me ='(", and it answers "Work it harder, make it better, do it faster", and the GPU goes like "My work is never over".
  7. I disagree with you, it's less than 5 seconds. I think it's fair.
  8. Very good idea, and the range of the teamkiller is definitely something to add. If he was 200 meters when his mine teamkilled another squad, it wasn't on purpose (i think). Oh that was mines ? They should change it, simply put a mine icon on the map.
  9. +1
  10. R U serious ? Dude c'mon. It's the players you don't like, not the gameplay. Altho i can give you this : ^ sure. me for example. And i don't see how it's transforming Squad into counter-strike. You can have some things in gameplay you disagree with, but you can certainly not say this game is going casual or driving away from realism. ok, mortars should be fixed. Unfortunately, i think the feeling you have is normal. More and more people are gonna know about Squad and buy it, and they'll never have played a milsim before so some rounds ends up like shit i give you that. If one can play like stupid and win, it means that the other team was worse, it's as simple as that. Maybe you're too good, think about that.
  11. I know i was joking dude Made me thought about falling in hay from the towers in AC........ Jumping in trashes from roofs in Squad, what's the difference ? Thanks for the answer. You probably already thought about that, but the animation when being hit by a friendly vehicle would be also great when falling from too high.
  12. What the hell ?
  13. $/20
  14. You mean assassin's creed like ? Shoot a guy with a sniper rifle and then disappear like an eagle ? errrrrr........ how can i put it ? No !
  15. I'd very much like to see furnitures in houses. Everything is emptyright now, that looks really weird. I'd like to have, if possible, a random furniture layout in the houses every round. Just some basic stuffs : sofas, tvs, wardrobes, carpets etc... This would add some intense stress when clearing a building, the enemy could hide behind furnitures, not in the corner like always. Sometimes when i know there's someone in a room i prefire the corner and it often works, i do not find it rewarding, and when you're the one getting attacked, you have nothing to cover yourself it's - i'm not gonna say unfair but let's say - annoying, boring.