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  1. Walk means walk where you can aim and your scope don't move up and down like is now in game, i think slower than arma 3 combat pace.
  2. Anyway stop saying that the time used to lay down and get up again is realistic, comeon is ridiculous. Also naked you can't do that so fast and if you pick up all the combat equipment with weapons, for sure is more slower than that.
  3. for sure we need slow walk, we could finally move with stable aim! (dont know if is already ingame)
  4. Yeah, a dynamic weather will be amazing like in arma!
  5. What about the RAIN in some maps??? Don't know why there is none here
  6. I'm not talking to pick enemies weapons, only your rifle ammo (something like 10 sec to do that). Anyway the best is to be able to give 1-2 of your magazine to a team mate! This Increase the tactic and the cooperation between squad mates and is simple realistic.
  7. Is there in programm the Possibility to share ammo magazines with team mates? Also, being able to pick up ammo from death bodies? Fast reload while you leave your magazine on the ground instead of put it in the tactical vest? Possibility to mix your half magazines to fill out 1 full (of course it should take 1min or more to do that)? These will make the game more realistic than everyone else. Hope Dev gonna see this, Thanks