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  1. : D i aggree but i think mod isnt fix that problem : ( still mods not working properly(my opinion) in game need automatic download maybe after that i can do it (fob defend game mode or basebuilding) i will wait for better versions
  2. but still this is a issue jensen range fun to play i like normal combat but i want try new things with good guys at jensen range if you try play at that servers you can meet realy great guys i played like that 40-50 hours i think total . and i remember 8 guy building base and loking awsome enemys tryed destory our base we defended that awsome but right now squad team changed some things in game always start from zero ammunitions and sucks for that but this another isssue i wanted solution but 1 year later still no answers from squad team and still haves that issue and i see squad team started doing new game (everyhing same chaged weapons and vehicles i think that game isnt a new game like a standole dlc i think squad team wanted create template and imporve template for 2 games thats good but squad still in alpha) and i wanted isnt to much things to do i am programer and i know this is not hard thing to do i am working at mostly at mobile market but i worked at some udk projects 1 year realy long time this is issue can fix in 30 min(I'm exaggerating)..... ahh forget it i deleted game i wait for full release or better version sorry for bad english
  3. i send this message at 2017 february this still problem i think not big problem to fix why squad team dosent care ? (i see squad team now devoloping another game in same engine with squad maybe the reason) sorry for my bad english
  4. can we get battle royale in squad is thats posible ?
  5. View distance ?

    i see that option at pr squad will get that option ? arma using that option too . i think to much view distance is pointless for small screens or lower resolutions
  6. [Solved] How to improve my fps pls help ?

    Guys i fixed win 10 update after my power plans changed i back to high performance mode i getting +80 fps at jensen range (12 players) i try at full server(80 players) i get 40-50 fps i getting better performance at desert maps (+60 fps) i tryed overclock gpu and cpu i get more 4-10 fps but i think thats not stable thanks for helping guys edit: i found solution my self thanks for not helping i sended pictures takes 10 min for me but no one realy wanted help easy to say ur pc outdated and other things i realy disappointed about community
  7. jensen range problems

    some servers we can play with jensen range but some guys troling with fob placing to much fob building fob towers need limit. and if vehicle blows up close to vehicle spawn some vehicles can spawn inside in wreck and cant use it
  8. i cant see ui :(

    1024x768 top right i cant see that text at game isnt to small ? for 1024x768 why not look at 1024x768 this game some players playing at that resolution : (
  9. [Solved] How to improve my fps pls help ?

    my gpu and cpu good with together i searched for best combine at that time 1024 x 768 lowest settings stil not using to much resource if my computer haves bootleneck problem why not using all processor ? i tested on 70 players server getting 15-22 fps i see some times 12 fps i tryed epic settings and 1920x1080 gettin 13-22 fps mostly 14-16 fps jensen range test mostly 12-20 fps and after i tryed 1024x768 lowest i see 37 but i looking blank space but mostly 20-30 fps (i see 15 fps some times) Main problem is i get same fps at 1024x768 lowest settings and nearly same fps at 1920x1080 epic settings and my cpu and gpu not haves bootleneck problem and pls watch this video
  10. Spikes of horrible FPS

    yeah happens me too
  11. [Solved] How to improve my fps pls help ?

    guys i want play squad please help me : ( 22 fps to low : ( i tryed shot front of me guy and i cant kill gun doesnt fired because sooo lagy cant fire properly to much fps drop
  12. [Solved] How to improve my fps pls help ?

    thank you sir : ) but i think not that bad my pc i can play new games at high fps with no problem i getting good fps at arma 3. But squad problem is i getting same fps at 1920x1080 and 1024x768 i cant undestrand that and other games using my all cpu and gpu all fans rpms going louder at squad not getting louder i am in game only 2000 rpm gpu and my gpu can see 4600 rpm i think squad not using resources in my computer thats the problem i played 45 fps and higher at before update ( i played at big servers without no problem 1920x1080 but low settings) after update i started getting low fps and squad started not using my computer resuources that main problem in there. (560 ti good at most games ) (btw i getting 45 fps on bf1 high settings) sorry for bad english
  13. İ geting 20 - 30 fps in jensen range. And other maps i still taking same fps (70 players in server) i looked gpu and cpu using too low squad not using resources before update i getting 45 fps or higher after uptate only i can get 20-30 fps (mostly 22 fps) i think my pc not that bad i buy this game for project realty but feeling sad because i cant play i updated my drivers and tryed every solutions still getting terrible fps my options in game: everything on low and playing on 1024x768 (i have 1080 screnn looks terrible but i want play squad i dont care resolution) every settings closed : ( My pc spec: gtx 560 ti 1gb 256 bit i3 2130 3.40 ghz (haves good cooler) 12 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram
  14. my fps if 60 fps mouse acting good like 1 sensitvy no problem with that but my near exploded apc and smokes maked fps lower i get 10 fps and mouse sensitivity like 0.1 i rotate to look diffrent location to avoid smoke fps drops but my sensitvy like 0.1 Sorry for bad english
  15. smoke greanade problem

    i smoke car with smoke greneade but if car moves smoke grenade isnt stick car sticks to air and stays droped place i think this is not good. we can drop smoke to inside car i i use car smoke greanade stays i droped location not coming with car sorry my bad english