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  1. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Couldn't have said it better.
  2. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Sorry, I've done that, and it is not the solution, at least not in it's current form. Even if you had three fire team leaders, you are STILL hearing all their communication, plus the guys in your own fireteam, plus the SL chat channel, plus the local channel. IF the devs implemented Fireteam chat, so the FT's could talk among themselves without it going to everyone, then I could see it making a difference. I thought it was interesting in the video that this question was asked and Drav just flat out said "no, we're not going to do separate chat channels for fireteams." How dumb is this? They could TOTALLY implement it using the same keys for SL channel. You could press "G" to talk to your own fireteam peeps (meaning all on a fireteam could press G to speak with each other) and the Fireteam lead could use the number keys to talk directly to other fireteam leads. Or you could go even more drastic and have the "squad" channel be turned into a fireteam channel only and then ONLY FTL's could talk to squad lead. To give a more direct example of how the current implementation of fireteams doesn't work. I was on a tank squad and everyone was a crewman split into 3 fireteams, and we all grabbed Abrams. I was a driver and I was told to ONLY listen to the commander of my tank, and this instruction came from my SL. Obviously this mean that using local chat would be the best way to go as long as you weren't next to the other FT's for them to have to hear your comms as well. During play, we couldn't use the local chat in the tank because the noise from the tank was so loud that you couldn't hear each other without turning down the fx volume a TON, which means you then missed out on other critical sounds. Because of this, everyone was using the squad channel which means you were hearing ALL chat, all the time, and it was insane. Then, when we were in heavy battle, the SL started telling me where to drive, which I could hear because it came over the squad chat. My commander was also trying to tell me where to drive, which was coming over local chat and was harder to hear. Conflicting information came in, one loud and clear, the other not so much. Long story short, it was a nightmare for our entire squad and we all got blown up. After everyone was dead, the SL comes on and tells his other close buddies (who were the commanders of the tanks) "THIS is why we each need to be in our own squad, so that we can talk to each other directly and you can pass down the instructions to your tank crew over your own squad chat so they can hear you with less radio chatter from others. Doing this as fireteams does NOT work." Case in point, there flat out needs to be more radio isolation to reduce the amount of radio chatter that leads to more confusion. When I play with my buddies, we use Teamspeak. The beauty of this is that I use a 5.1 surround sound system (not headset) and then I use a singled eared headset for my Teamspeak comms. When one of my buddies needs to talk to just me, they do so through teamspeak which is right in my ear and I can hear them over EVERYTHING, even if the local, squad AND SL chat are blaring AND there is a tank beside me going nuts. Again, referencing back to the video posted above, I thought it was again interesting when they asked Drav if there would be anything done to help improve comm isolation? His response was pretty lack luster, saying something along the lines of "we could maybe put the SL channel in one ear and another channel in another ear" but it was almost like he was saying this while JUST THEN thinking about it for the first time. It would be very nice if the dev's would allow us to control which sound interface is used for different types of comms. I can't be the only person that plays with external speakers and uses a small singled eared headset for Teamspeak? Having the ability to move certain types of comms to my ear piece would be huge for times when I'm not playing with my buddies. Again, the biggest problem I have with being SL is all the flippin radio chatter. I will say that it would be INCREDIBLY helpful if the SL's would utilize the private comms more, but sadly, it's like few of them even know that's an option and the on-screen notification that it's private is pretty lack-luster. I can't tell you the number of times I private comm'd to another SL (and let them KNOW it's a private comm and which SL number I am so they can reply correctly) and they just use the common SL channel to reply. That just takes up more precious airwaves for other SL's that are also struggling to hear what's going on.
  3. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Regarding your discussion about how to make Squad Lead easier. The biggest problem I have with being SL is all that you have to manage, which includes the radio and setting things to build at a FOB. It's no wonder that in real life they have a man dedicated to handling radio communication. It would be interesting if you explored the idea of a "radio" role, where the guy with radio handles comms to other squads, and could also help mark things on maps, maybe even have a limited amount of things they can place to be built such as sandbags and razor wire. Basically, a Squad Lead Jr role. In your SquadChat with Drav, what I heard as a solution to this concern was not things that would help reduce the load, but would actually INCREASE the load. The idea of talking to a Commander, or calling for air support is just MORE work for SL with yet more comms to deal with. So then while your squadies are yelling "drop an ammo crate" you'll now have another guy yelling "call for air support at my ping on the map" that requires you to stop, open map, watch for ping, mark it, call the Commander and ask for air support, all while taking fire. Do you know how nice it would be if an SL could tell SL Jr. "call in air support on XYZ's ping" or "drop me an ammo crate on my mark." You could even combine it with the approval system you already have built for vehicles so Jr. could do the work and the approval for their actions could come to you to make sure Jr. doesn't go off doing their own thing with their increased power. Oh my word, that would drastically reduce my SL work load by being able to off-load that type of stuff to someone else and make being SL more enjoyable. Please explore this idea a bit more (call it SL Jr., a Radio role or whatever you want.) I think it would add a completely new and exciting dynamic to the game. AND THEN... we could FINALLY have reason to say "this is Charlie Actual. Bravo, I need a Logi now."
  4. Alpha 12.2

    Can we please get this stupid fire team markers bug fixed? I'm so tired of seeing the enemies fire team markers on my map. I'm tired of being worried that the enemy can see my fire team markers. It has made me not utilize fire teams at all because it totally defeats the purpose of a fire team lead being able to mark the map if the enemy can see where my FT lead marked! I'm not sure if I'm thankful it's limited to the FT markers, or if I wish it was ALL markers thereby forcing you to fix it. All I know is PLEASE fix this!!!
  5. The KEY to every argument in SQUAD

    Why can't we just have a server option that controls if that server allows rally points? Then you can have the best of both worlds as you can connect to whichever time of game play you like the most.
  6. Oh my word... just provide OPTIONS for the server admins to configure the server however they want. I get so tired of these tiny little changes and then the devs trying to decide if it was the right change, are they going to keep it going forward, etc. and then the community voting when the community is made up of varying level of players. Some days I think we shouldn't have any tags over players at all, we shouldn't have triangles for icons, we shouldn't have rally points, we shouldn't have infinite lives. Other days, when it's a server that a ton of newbies are on, they need all the help they can get so they can learn the game more easily. Why in the WORLD can't we just have more server-side options that control this? So if you want to play on a hard-core server that has everything turned off and you only get one life, you can do that. And if you want play on a server that is designed for newbies, infinite lives with all the aids turned on, you can do that. Over time, the devs will learn what they community likes the most based on what the server admin's choose for settings. If you look and there is not a single server running with squares for player icons (or conversely they all are,) then you will be able to quickly figure out if the community at large likes it. Admin's are going to turn features on/off based on what the players are asking for. Let the server admin's be your little independent Unites States of Squad complete with state independence as it should be, and you'll quickly learn what is best for Squad as a whole.
  7. Alpha 10

    Oh believe me, I already thought of that. Problem is, everyone I know that is a gamer already owns the game.
  8. Alpha 10

    HOLY COW. I have been playing V10 on the two occasions you pre-released it and I LOVED it. Even still, I had NO IDEA how much you packed into this release, it is absolutely insane. No matter how many times I read the change log, I simply cannot retain all the information and I'll simply have to play the game more and learn each unique change. It is astonishing how well you have made little tweaks to provide new value. It's now at the point where as an SL you really need to decide what type of Squad you are going to form, of which the choices are becoming HUGE. Logi/resupply squad with a "transition" FOB so a driver doesn't have to constantly run all the way back to main? Maybe a fire support squad that builds temp sandbags for their MG's to rest on while SL's and snipers call out bearings for the MG's to lay down fire ahead of another rushing squad? Mortar/ZU-23 AA squad for long range support? Maybe a close in team that takes as many full-auto M4A1's as possible to clear out buildings? My goodness, the depth and options are endless and growing! You do realize that the more you add in will require more time to plan? I hate to say it, but now even the 3 minute pre-spawn timer is not enough. It is taking at least 1-2 mins for someone to step up to the plate to be SL, which only leaves about 1 minute for the SL to coordinate with the other SL's, convey info to the squad, have them spawn in and get in the correct vehicle, complete with the correct kits. And that is all while being an SL that is straining to hear the other SL's because their squads are all chatting away either asking what the plan is, making fart jokes, or teaching other newbs. Please, pretty please, in V.10.1, find a way to help out the SL comms at the beginning of the game. PLEASE allow local chat with squadies that doesn't include the SL so that the squadies can still tell their fart jokes without the SL having to be interrupted by it when planning. There are so many times when I'm not an SL that I just sit there silent so that the SL can hear the other SL's better even though I myself would like to plan with my other squadies about who is going to take which kit, or even pre-train a newbie. And lastly... I have easily received my monies worth out of this game and more. Your upgrades since I originally purchased it have been unbelievable. It is no longer the game I first purchased. I almost feel like I owe you more money to insure you guys are profitable so you will keep developing it. Do you have any place on the site that I can donate some money for further development? I just did a google search to find a donation page but came up blank ("donate site:joinesquad.com"). If you build it, I will donate towards it ;-) Keep up the amazing work. Your passion for this game and attention to detail shows with every release.
  9. Please bring back the mouse pointer when bringing up the Squad Lead radial menu. Without the mouse pointer to show you where your mouse is on the screen, I find it more difficult to navigate the radial menu because sometimes your mouse is not in the right spot to navigate in the direction you want fast enough.
  10. January 2018 Recap

    This game is so flippin good. At what point do you call it "Beta" instead of "Alpha" and then call the pre-release/special testing versions "Alpha"? If you ask me it should not be called Alpha 9 and Alpha 10 right now, but Beta 9 and Alpha 10 (when you let us test it a while back,) and when you release it, your Alpha 10 goes to Beta 10. It's time to ditch the Alpha moniker except for those special versions we get to test for a week. This game is so polished, it's better than many GA games.
  11. Marker restriction is absurd

    This is why I'd love to see a dedicated "Comm" role. Just like in real battle, you have your Squad Lead (Actual) and the Squads Comm guy. That way, comm guys can talk to comm guys and relay to squad leads, but squad leads can jump on squad chat when needed so they can talk directly to each other when needed. One game, we actually tried this in a very round-about way. It was a very interesting experience. We had an SL but he took a regular rifleman kit and I took the SL kit and in the game I was just a guy handling the logistics of comms, map marker placements, vehicle approvals for the real SL. He would tell me to tell the other SL's something and I'd pass it along. If the other SL's were communicating with us, I received the transmission and then passed it along to our real SL. Anyone in the group that called out enemy position/movements, I was the one to mark which freed him up from having to do it. Even though I handled all these duties, our "REAL" SL, who was just a rifleman or scout, was the one actually making all the decisions, calling all the shots, telling people where to go, etc. I stuck to him like glue the entire round so that we could drop RP's where he wanted, he could chat with me in local comms, etc. It was an interesting experience because it freed the SL from some of the more menial tasks like marking the map, approving vehicles, listening to other SL's complain that all the other squads were why the team was loosing, etc. It was fun for me because it gave me a new role to play and master. We didn't stick with it because the other Squadies with us had a hard time wrapping their head around the idea since the game obviously wasn't designed to be played like this (with the SL icon on the map being the biggest issue,) but as a proof of concept, it was sort of fun to try. If you are looking to try something different and you play with the same guys on a regular basis, it's something a bit fun to mess around with.
  12. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    As someone that has been SL and has had someone take the last spawn despite repeated warnings not to, I say, PLEASE don't change a thing. I am so tired of the nanny state we are creating. THANK YOU for allowing SL's to deal with this on an as-needed basis. The last time I played and someone did this, I could have been a jerk and just booted the guy. Instead, I let the entire rest of the squad give him a tongue lashing and then I told him "for your mistake, you now have to go kill 10 enemy troops before you die next." Who knows if he did it, I'm not sure, but I just left it at that because he already got an ear full and didn't do it again the rest of the game. Either way, I dealt with it, found a squady and dropped another rally point and we moved on. I wouldn't be surprised if the SL's complaining about this are the SL's leading from the front all the time. You know the ones, they are first to run across a street, first into a fight with flying bullets, first to die. They are the ones constantly barking orders and making the game not very fun because they are "so pro" and have "hundreds of hours in the game." The SL's that hang back and use their bino's, use strategy, gently direct their team to victory, those SL's I doubt are having much trouble with this issue because they are typically also refreshing the rally on the regular basis because they know, no rally = no play-ee. On another note. Why in the world do so many decisions any more have to be an all or nothing? I agree that rally points feel a bit like a star trek transport that is totally un-realistic. Why can't this just be a server side setting that can be enabled or disabled and then if you like rally points, join servers that use them, and if you don't, join the hard core servers? Why can't we have like BF4 has where you can have servers that are configured different ways and you can search/filter for them? Want hard core, one life, great, a server is setup for that. Want one that has no limitations except no rally points, great, join a server that is setup like that. I am a big fan of options, let the players weed out what the good/bad options are by playing and eventually you will start to see what the community as a whole prefers. Here's another all-or-nothing decision I laugh at. At one time medics had binos. Then they took them away. Then people wanted them back and others said "NO! the medics were too powerful with binos! They should just be medics!" Umm... how about a compromise? Medics with bino's but the bino's aren't as powerful of magnification? I mean seriously, give those guys a bit more ways to help out but it doesn't have to be 20x binos, even 5x would be a fun little thing to provide them.
  13. What happened to the Smoke?

    Maybe it's just me, but possibly they were going for more realism? The v6 smoke grenade didn't look realistic to me, looks like it ramped up WAY too fast and too much. The various videos I found on youtube show a slower release time and slower build time. From what I remember of the v9 smoke grenade, it seems like it was more realistic. Check out the following you tube video I found and tell us if you think one smoke grenade would really be sufficient to provide the cover you want, at least in the short time frame it sounds like you want it to spread to a thick cloud to obscure you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_7b0eZRuQg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttlIEPLmPYM
  14. Pretty easy question. See the following two recent threads for context: Thread: now-seems-like-the-time-to-increase-pre-game-planning-timer Thread: better-pre-game-planning-stage
  15. Better pre-game planning stage

    I think your analysis is spot on, minus one detail, I believe the timer is at least 2 minutes currently, possibly more (I could swear I've seen that timer above 120 seconds.) That being said, why can't this be a server side controlled setting? Why is that SOOOOOOOO difficult for the devs to implement? (I bet they could implement this in about 30 minutes.) Then one server can have a one minute timer, which will probably garner the run-n-gun types, and another server can have a 5 minute timer, which just as you said will have the impatient ones leave and the more hard-core planners stay. Why devs! This has been massively discussed for a long time on these forums. Why in the world will you simply not allow the pre-game timer and the end-of-round timer to be server controlled and let democracy do it's job!? Even if you gave server admin's that tiny amount of control it could make a huge difference to the Squad gaming experience.