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  1. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated since it's been so long since we've heard anything ;-)
  2. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    Bump. Being serious on this question. I'm not looking for Beta 19 to be released immediately, I'm just looking for a general time-frame update since we really haven't heard much from you guy since before December? Perhaps I missed some communication on this, but what are you working on for Beta 19?
  3. In these hard times, I need news. Please help those of us that are suffering at home (grin) and playing Squad to survive. We've been so patient since the 18 update back in December.
  4. Perhaps it's time to have a "Radio" role??? You know, the guy that handles the SL radio for the SL, like they do in real life. Then, you actually get to say "3 Actual" as SL if you decide to turn on the SL radio and talk direct! Otherwise, you can pass instructions on to your radio guy and let him handle the SL chatter with the other radio guys. Lordy this would be nice as SL. I think the SL chat, combined with squad chat, combined with local chat, and NOW command chat, is the single reason I HATE being SL. It's just toooooo much radio chatter to handle when you are also trying to plan things, direct guys, mark the map and build things. It's honestly time to split out some of the SL roles a bit so the SL can be freed up a bit from all the work load. I actually tried this one game with some buddies (back in v.9 or v.10 I believe.) It was a bit wonky because obviously the game wasn't meant to be played this way, but, I took the SL role and the actual SL took another role like medic for the binculors. I followed him EVERYWHERE and handled all SL comms for him, and I tossed down deployables for him when he requested it. He was then freed up to coordinate with the rest of the squaddies and not be bothered with having to be THE guy to toss down things to build, AND handle the radio, AND handle being the planner. He'd just run over to a spot and point with his gun and say "give me a sandbag line here" or "put an ammo crate here" and then say things like "tell Squad 1 we are going to stay here and defend" or "tell the other squads we need a logi run." As soon as he heard I confirmed his order, he ran off to the next duty while I came behind and did the time consuming part of putting down a deployable or radioing in the request. Now obviously this little test didn't work for a variety of reasons. He couldn't mark the map (this was before FTL's.) He couldn't deploy things when he needed to. The other squaddies got confused finding him on the map (this was before squad highlighting was even a thing.) Today this little test would work better for a variety of resons, but like I said, as a proof of concept it did show possibilities!
  5. I've been SL a number of times since Delta was removed, and I really miss having Delta as an option for FTL. In the past, I would typically use all FTL's when defending a fob and I'd send each FTL to go cover a cardinal direction (North/South/East/West.) This worked incredibly well as it gave the guys focus to help get eyes on all 360 degrees of an objective. Since the removal of Delta, it has been a bit more challenging because I can no longer tell an FT leader to go cover "South" or "North". I now have to break up the compass in 3rd's. I'm sure there will be people out there that tell me "you can still cover the cardinal directions" and a bunch of other ways THEY feel I can still accomplish the same goals. The reality is, I like 4 fire teams and this is only one example of how it made it easier for me. I also used 4 FTL's by having 3 stay back and one group was my recon group, or my logi group, or my "shovel" guys. It just flat out made managing a squad easier. Please bring back Delta FTL.
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    SOOOO proud of you guys for making this change. Regardless of how well this change works out, what matters most is that you have listened to the community and are actually attempting some form of change. THANK YOU!
  7. Alpha 14 Released

    Okay, here's some "try it out for a little bit" feedback for you ;-) I've played numerous hours on Alpha 14, lost count how much but enough to form a good opinion. Voice-Over speech commands: I don't like them. People who have mics keep pressing that stupid "Medic" button when they are dead, complete with the dumb voice overs sounding out. I miss the fictitious groaning and dying sounds that people used to make. I miss the other dumb things they would say that made me laugh as they yelled out for my medical assistance. The pre-recorded voice over makes the game feel like a Battlefield kids game. I also don't like at the beginning of the game how many people click on the speech commands and go bonkers with them. It just feels like a solution in search of a problem that didn't exist. Those peeps without mics are few and far between and providing this as an option for them sadly messes up the immersion of the game for everyone else. Intro game play voice-over instructions: I don't like them. The entire thing makes it again feel like some type of kids game for the Nintendo Wii. Outro music and graphic of winner/looser: Again, yuck. Another solution in search of a problem. Everyone is just waiting for that graphic to go away so we can get to the score board. It literally makes it feel like a single player game, not a multi-player. Buddy Rally: Hated it in 13, hate it still in 14. Literally my most hated feature you've added. I'm so tired of seeing an entire squad (or entire team even) teleport across a map and magically show up at the next forward objective with the goal to capture that objective before the enemy caps the defensive objective. The other team is in turn also teleporting across the map with the same goal. So now it seems we have less fighting and more sitting around in a cap zone hoping we can capture an empty objective quicker than the enemy can capture an empty objective. I'm honestly not sure what problem you guys were trying to solve with this dumb buddy rally system, but it feels like a miss. It feels like, whatever you were trying to solve, could perhaps be solved in a different manner. If your entire squad gets wiped, and your rally gets squashed, you probably should be sent back to some way early point to try again, not be rewarded by hop-skipping over the enemy to the front of the line. I remember the good ol days when poor decision making resulted in a good long run of the entire squad from main because all the vehicles were destroyed, no fobs were placed and your SL put the rally in a really dumb spot and he rushed forwarded ahead of the squad, died, everyone else died and then the rally got squashed. Ahh, those were the days, but they are no more. Now that dumb SL that rushed ahead of his squad and died first is rewarded with numerous buddy rally locations. Perhaps his poor decision making was actually one of brilliance and we just didn't know it yet until the great teleporter from the sky reached down and swept us away. Things I do like about Alpha 13/14: - I like the changes you've made to the roles such as giving more binoculars, more scopes, engineer role etc. I like that an engineer can clear vehicles on bridges and other little goodies. - I LOVE that you can selective pick what you want from an ammo crate or ammo bag. BRILLIANT! - LOVE the changes to vehicles. Love shooting out tires and love that you can repair them to get them moving again. I'm a bit mixed on the ability to switch to the engineer role when you get to a vehicle so you can repair it. I personally think, if you want to fix it, you needed to spawn in as an engineer and huff it across the map to get to the vehicle to fix it. Perhaps things like fixing flat tires should be something anyone can do, but more slowly, sort of like bandages. - I like the removal of the pings on the map. That was just wayyyy too easy to tell your entire squad exactly where something was. - Gappless razor wire rocks. Before it served no purpose, but now it does. - Ability for SL's to spin emplacements around, though I have yet to get this to work for some reason but when I do figure it out, it's gonna rock. - Movement speeds: No real preference. I was good with the old slower, I'm good with the new faster. - I like the generator sound on the vehicle repair station. - FTL range finder removal. Good move. - Direction lines on map and other map goodies. Love them. You guys keep heading in the right direction minus a few changes that I just don't care for. The buddy rally though... my word... it just needs to go.
  8. Alpha 14 Released

    Good points... I retract my comment (for now.)
  9. Alpha 14 Released

    Voice overs? Really? Hi lame run and gun kids game. Listen, you've made some changes recently that while I was not personally a fan of, I could handle, especially when I see how much you are keeping tabs on your users and what they like. But voice overs? Now I'm going to have to shoot every team member that uses the pre-recorded voice over to talk to me until they start using their real voice. The richness of the game is the UNIQUE VOICES!!! I truly hope the Squad community agrees this is dumb and starts the shaming process for this even becoming a legit idea.
  10. Alpha 13.1 Released

    And this is the EXACT reason why I keep asking for features and options to be server controlled! Why is it OWI will not allow servers to pick the various features they would like and then have a way to publish these settings so you can pick the server and rules that YOU like best??? Some days, I like the faster action and I'm okay with the retarded tela-port buddy rally if it will keep the game moving. Other days, I'd LOVE to play on a hard core server that has a "one-life-to-live" option turned on with other various aspects of the game turned off like rally's, map markers, etc. Sadly, that's not a choice I get. The ONLY choice of game play is the one-size-fits-all game play we see today. Options, just give us game play options by way of server settings and then you'll find you can actually please almost everyone. The BEST way to find out what your community likes is to allow server control of the features and then sit back and see what gets used.
  11. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I didn't see buddy rally fix or the insta-death fixes?? You know, the fix where you remove the one and give us back the other?
  12. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Couldn't have said it better.
  13. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Sorry, I've done that, and it is not the solution, at least not in it's current form. Even if you had three fire team leaders, you are STILL hearing all their communication, plus the guys in your own fireteam, plus the SL chat channel, plus the local channel. IF the devs implemented Fireteam chat, so the FT's could talk among themselves without it going to everyone, then I could see it making a difference. I thought it was interesting in the video that this question was asked and Drav just flat out said "no, we're not going to do separate chat channels for fireteams." How dumb is this? They could TOTALLY implement it using the same keys for SL channel. You could press "G" to talk to your own fireteam peeps (meaning all on a fireteam could press G to speak with each other) and the Fireteam lead could use the number keys to talk directly to other fireteam leads. Or you could go even more drastic and have the "squad" channel be turned into a fireteam channel only and then ONLY FTL's could talk to squad lead. To give a more direct example of how the current implementation of fireteams doesn't work. I was on a tank squad and everyone was a crewman split into 3 fireteams, and we all grabbed Abrams. I was a driver and I was told to ONLY listen to the commander of my tank, and this instruction came from my SL. Obviously this mean that using local chat would be the best way to go as long as you weren't next to the other FT's for them to have to hear your comms as well. During play, we couldn't use the local chat in the tank because the noise from the tank was so loud that you couldn't hear each other without turning down the fx volume a TON, which means you then missed out on other critical sounds. Because of this, everyone was using the squad channel which means you were hearing ALL chat, all the time, and it was insane. Then, when we were in heavy battle, the SL started telling me where to drive, which I could hear because it came over the squad chat. My commander was also trying to tell me where to drive, which was coming over local chat and was harder to hear. Conflicting information came in, one loud and clear, the other not so much. Long story short, it was a nightmare for our entire squad and we all got blown up. After everyone was dead, the SL comes on and tells his other close buddies (who were the commanders of the tanks) "THIS is why we each need to be in our own squad, so that we can talk to each other directly and you can pass down the instructions to your tank crew over your own squad chat so they can hear you with less radio chatter from others. Doing this as fireteams does NOT work." Case in point, there flat out needs to be more radio isolation to reduce the amount of radio chatter that leads to more confusion. When I play with my buddies, we use Teamspeak. The beauty of this is that I use a 5.1 surround sound system (not headset) and then I use a singled eared headset for my Teamspeak comms. When one of my buddies needs to talk to just me, they do so through teamspeak which is right in my ear and I can hear them over EVERYTHING, even if the local, squad AND SL chat are blaring AND there is a tank beside me going nuts. Again, referencing back to the video posted above, I thought it was again interesting when they asked Drav if there would be anything done to help improve comm isolation? His response was pretty lack luster, saying something along the lines of "we could maybe put the SL channel in one ear and another channel in another ear" but it was almost like he was saying this while JUST THEN thinking about it for the first time. It would be very nice if the dev's would allow us to control which sound interface is used for different types of comms. I can't be the only person that plays with external speakers and uses a small singled eared headset for Teamspeak? Having the ability to move certain types of comms to my ear piece would be huge for times when I'm not playing with my buddies. Again, the biggest problem I have with being SL is all the flippin radio chatter. I will say that it would be INCREDIBLY helpful if the SL's would utilize the private comms more, but sadly, it's like few of them even know that's an option and the on-screen notification that it's private is pretty lack-luster. I can't tell you the number of times I private comm'd to another SL (and let them KNOW it's a private comm and which SL number I am so they can reply correctly) and they just use the common SL channel to reply. That just takes up more precious airwaves for other SL's that are also struggling to hear what's going on.
  14. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Regarding your discussion about how to make Squad Lead easier. The biggest problem I have with being SL is all that you have to manage, which includes the radio and setting things to build at a FOB. It's no wonder that in real life they have a man dedicated to handling radio communication. It would be interesting if you explored the idea of a "radio" role, where the guy with radio handles comms to other squads, and could also help mark things on maps, maybe even have a limited amount of things they can place to be built such as sandbags and razor wire. Basically, a Squad Lead Jr role. In your SquadChat with Drav, what I heard as a solution to this concern was not things that would help reduce the load, but would actually INCREASE the load. The idea of talking to a Commander, or calling for air support is just MORE work for SL with yet more comms to deal with. So then while your squadies are yelling "drop an ammo crate" you'll now have another guy yelling "call for air support at my ping on the map" that requires you to stop, open map, watch for ping, mark it, call the Commander and ask for air support, all while taking fire. Do you know how nice it would be if an SL could tell SL Jr. "call in air support on XYZ's ping" or "drop me an ammo crate on my mark." You could even combine it with the approval system you already have built for vehicles so Jr. could do the work and the approval for their actions could come to you to make sure Jr. doesn't go off doing their own thing with their increased power. Oh my word, that would drastically reduce my SL work load by being able to off-load that type of stuff to someone else and make being SL more enjoyable. Please explore this idea a bit more (call it SL Jr., a Radio role or whatever you want.) I think it would add a completely new and exciting dynamic to the game. AND THEN... we could FINALLY have reason to say "this is Charlie Actual. Bravo, I need a Logi now."