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  1. February Recap

    Is that L129 A1 scope addon working ,I would love something like that , I don't know if we will get costumization because that has a lot of balance problems but if that addon works that's great (I admit I didn't read the AMA on Leddit so this might have been asked) What's the news on HMV's are they lost forever ,are they crazy expensive to license-Make a patreon we could probably fund that Any plans on something like: level ,ranks , recommendation system(foxhole) , or at lest showing the amount of hours played next to player's name?
  2. Alpha 9.14

    Since I don't see a better place to ask this Is the server browser going to get "fixed"?Is it planned to work in real time-it's about 3 minutes behind with current map and player count.I hate joining a 60 people server only to see 15v15 once I load in
  3. Animation System Update

    It's "easy" to guess the distance once you know they way it works.Are the scopes going to be set in yards for USA ,and meters for Russians?