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  1. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    "Transport" Helicopters ,Man "vehicle squads" never transport troops,they think Tanks are snipers on tracks and use them with that mentality,most "vehicle squads" have no idea what APC stands for.Nothing will change,they will use the Heli to have a sniper in mid air and no transporting will be done
  2. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Will there ever be a real time server browser or is it impossible in Unreal Engine 4,You can que to a full server and load into a 30 people one because it didn't show you that a round ended and people left,it takes about ~5 mins to update to the the new round player count
  3. September 2018 Recap

    As a medic main that's simple , you revive the screamers last and tell them many times to shut up , All these people think they are funny and I can't hear enemy steps ,And guess what they do first thing after revive ,they reload their weapons so we can both die .Most people don't deserve the revive ,and they should be forced to play only medic for 20hours before other roles are unlocked for them
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Exionas Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041282182 Primary Language(s): English+Polish Age (optional): 21 Timezone or Region: GMT+2 Poland (I play from 6 to 18 my time) Nature of Interest: MilSim Competitive ,Please No Minecraft aka Superfobing, I have a screenshot where I am the only person going for the enemy flag (all it took was to go south ,use the river , and go north ,And somehow I was the only one to do that,my patience for this bullshit is out) I would like it be the last one ,but I doubt that Gaming Background: Since I can remember,~700h in BF4 , ~200h in Planetside 2, 1668h in Squad Additional Skills: I main Medic,I am also a really good pusher and flanker,pic related Fair warning, to "Medic stay back" I answer "If you want me at the back ,then you have to be at the front" Status:Unassigned
  5. Red Ember Clan [=REC=] #RECRUITING

    Are you EU or USA based , which time zone is the most common in your clan
  6. February Recap

    Is that L129 A1 scope addon working ,I would love something like that , I don't know if we will get costumization because that has a lot of balance problems but if that addon works that's great (I admit I didn't read the AMA on Leddit so this might have been asked) What's the news on HMV's are they lost forever ,are they crazy expensive to license-Make a patreon we could probably fund that Any plans on something like: level ,ranks , recommendation system(foxhole) , or at lest showing the amount of hours played next to player's name?
  7. Alpha 9.14

    Since I don't see a better place to ask this Is the server browser going to get "fixed"?Is it planned to work in real time-it's about 3 minutes behind with current map and player count.I hate joining a 60 people server only to see 15v15 once I load in
  8. Animation System Update

    It's "easy" to guess the distance once you know they way it works.Are the scopes going to be set in yards for USA ,and meters for Russians?