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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    The new Kornet BRDM won't reload at main unless all rockets are fired from it first. I sat for quite a while with 2 rockets left, trying for just a partial reload, but it would not rearm. On a whim, my gunner shot off the remaining 2 rockets, and it reloaded instantly.
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    There is a sound bug with the American M240. When I try to fire only one round, it plays a sound of a 3 shot burst, but I suspect that only one round goes down range. That kind of messed me up when I thought I had squeezed 3 rounds into a target, only to find later that the enemy was still alive, as only one round went down range, but I thought it was 3. It happened twice before I realized what happened.
  3. The way the game is now, a weapon makes a starkly different sound when you are closer to it than when you are far away. Can you implement a system that will blend the sounds? When a rifle is fired from a very short distance, it makes a certain sound. When you move to a specific distance, the sound changes abruptly. You can blend the sounds so that when you are about 30m away, it plays the "close" sound at 80% volume, and simultaneously plays the "far" sound at 20%. That way they would be blended. If you move to 50m, maybe it can play both sounds simultaneously at 50% each. Then when you move to 150, it would play the "close" sound at 20% volume, and the "far" sound at 80%. That way the weapons sounds don't sound so weird as you walk close enough to someone that the sound switches from the "far" sound to the "close" sound. I've seen other games use this to great effect. It would increase immersion a lot. Don't take my suggestion as a complaint, I love this game, and I play it a lot. But this is one thing that bugs me a lot. I'm probably not the only one. Thanks.
  4. We lost a cap, so 2 squads loaded into a truck to go and secure it. But, our transport hit a 1 1/2" pine, and got stuck , holding us all up. We lost the game because the truck glitched into a tiny tree. I'm sick of this. I appreciate this awesome game, and I love the new features you've added in each build, but glitching trucks should have been on the TOP of the fix list many builds ago. It's time to fix this game-ruining bug.
  5. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Why don't you guys just go ahead and do us a favor; dump the new weapon sounds into V11 as an update. Please? They're really an improvement.
  6. Recoil is wrong.

    The recoil in squad causes the rifle to jump up. This is correct. But it also causes the rifle to jump either left or right randomly. This is wrong. For a right handed shooter, the recoil would jump to the right. For a left handed shooter, the recoil would jump left. The torque of the recoil works against the shooter's spine, so if the shooter's rifle is on the right side of the spine, the recoil would push right. Never left. I understand that developers want to put difficulties to overcome in the game, but recoil jumping left for a right hand shooter is just contrived, and needs to be eliminated.
  7. Thank you for your service to our country, but you are wrong. If you set your sights to 50M, you will have significant bullet ASCENT after 50M. The developers need to know this.
  8. You're right, I did some shooting at the range, and you are correct, height over bore is simulated. All that needs to be done is a trajectory change from the muzzle to fix the problem. I hope they'll consider it.
  9. It would be very helpful if squad members could mark the map in a way that only the squad leader can see. Then, the squad leader could mark the map for the rest of the team accordingly. Perhaps the marks from squad members could fall off the map after 10 seconds, so as not to clutter the map. It would help squad mates convey needed information to their squad leaders.
  10. I’ve been playing Squad for a while now, and I love the game because of its dedication to realism. However, there has been a major flaw in the physics of projectile trajectories, and it bothers the heck out of me, and I just can’t take it anymore. I need to bring this to the attention of the developers, and you guys need to fix this ASAP! (please) In real life, soldiers only have to zero their rifles to 100 yards in order to hit accurately all the way up to 300 yards. The point of impact doesn’t start to get below the point of aim until after 300 yards. The reason is because of the distance between the bore axis and the sights. When you zero your rifle to 100 yards, the projectile is actually going up a little bit so that the path of the projectile intersects with the line of sight 100 yards away. Because of this, after the projectile intersects with the line of sights at 100 yards, it is still flying up, and the point of impact will be slightly high at 200 yards, until the bullet starts to fall. At 300 yards, the bullet will have fallen enough that the path of the projectile will once again intersect with the exact point of aim down the rifle sights. This happens with ALL firearms, even WW2 bolt action rifles. The severity of the phenomenon is dependent upon how high the sights are above the bore on the rifle, and how fast the projectile is flying. This phenomenon desperately needs to be implemented in Squad and Post Scriptum. We should not need to change the zero on any weapon for any targets between 0 and 300 yards The distances will be different depending on caliber and weapon, but I know for a fact that an AR15 will hit at 100y and 300y. At 10 yards, the holes in the target should be a little low, because the bore axis of the barrel is lower than the sights. At 100 yards, the holes in the target should be dead on. At 200 yards, the holes in the target should be a little high, but not enough to really matter on a center of mass shot. Then, at 300 yards, the holes in the target should once again be directly on point of aim. It’s really annoying in Squad when you expect this realism, but at 200 or 300 yards, you’re hitting dirt instead of your target. Please view the images below to get an idea of the problem. I whipped those up in Gimp, which I don't know how to use very well. Obviously the distances aren't accurately represented on the curves, and I was doing this quickly, so I may have used Yards or Meters.
  11. When crawling, the weapon sways. That's realistic, that's fine. BUT...when I stop crawling, my weapon continues to sway heavily about a second after I've stopped moving. It's maddening. Please fix that ASAP. Thanks.
  12. Make 7.62 Great Again!

    I'm pretty disappointed by how many 7.62 rounds it takes to put down an insurgent. It was explained to me that it was a balancing issue, that U.S. and Russian forces have plate armor which can mitigate damage, but it would be unfair if insurgents took more damage. I say that's some Call of Duty hogwash. Instead, give insurgents more tickets, reduce their spawn time, and allow them to set rallies within 35-40 ft of enemies instead of 50. Then give my my 7.62 NATO and 7.62x54R POWER!
  13. 90 is too high. I think 70-80 is where I'd rather be. Thank you for the great game.