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  1. Fast beginder guide

    Fast start for those who have played HL, CS and other 1-person shooter before. A small and quick guide to get started playing. 90% of explanation to the game see the map on startup. "SQUAD QUICK GUIDE GUIDE" See the bottom. --- The important thing as beginner --- Do not be SQUAD LEADER (SL)--- - You select a group when you start the game with "ENTER" -If there are no others in the group, so you automatically become leader, choose a group with others member. -If you do accidentally becomes leader. Then press "enter" and Right mouse click, select one of the others in the group, and select. Make leader. --- Use Mic and Speakers -Most server requires you both mic and speaker. -Since it is a team game, and the communication is the most important -Find another game if you do not have speakers. -Without mic, you're not far. But if your partner aceptere it., Then it can go. --- Take care of your life. (and others) - When you die, costing you team a "click" when you select "give up". - If possible, wait for a medic can revive you. - Hear the others in the group, about you have to wait or give up, - Use field dressings, on your, and on other to held the medic. They may run out --- Do not play with cars -The cars is an important part of the game, as transport of ammunition, As well as firepower - But they are easily take out, are not recoverable, many of them costing MANY "clik" --- It is a team game. -You are more of an idiot than an hero. If your playing for yourself, and not for the team - playing for yourself, and not the team = lost game = kick -Listen to your team leader -Help and cover your comrades -A medic is more important than firepower -Of the various things you can be, the most important, medic. -Besides anti-tank as they can take the cars out. --- Jump over walls - Run - Shift W - Jump - Space - Crunch L-Ctrl --- DONT make team kill, Do not act stupid and idiotic to your partner, - It's still not many who play the game. Then you will be remembered and recognized. - You will be banned. And it will be on most server, then you risk not being able to play the game. - Also it is completely foolish and idiotic Sorry my little clumsy, google translate English Hope this is helpful, others who have good tips for beginner and others?