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  1. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

  2. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

  3. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    And then this one...
  4. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    I love JOHN HAMMER MAN! But here is another awesome video from Karma:
  5. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    A lot of you need this, maybe even more than I do.... Very helpful, please direct newbies to this video Very informational.
  6. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Cool bro. Thank mans. Have a nice day
  7. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Read again? Slowly.
  8. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - PORTLAND, OREGON!

    Bump for the NWG BATTLEBENCH doing some v10 testing for our bros at INTEL, NVIDIA, MSI, CORSAIR. Just one of 9 Squad Ready ([email protected]) Battlestations here at the NWG HQ located in Oregon, USA. SLUMLORD over and out.
  9. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    I heard some shit about roy, just tagged him because he lives close and is a Pacific Northwest Gamer but been too busy with my own stuff (I got loads goin on these days), and yeah people get burnt out quickly, far too quickly due to the whole early release/alpha-beta access model of gaming now. Glad to see you still on the forums my dude. You reach more people in a few hours than I do in a month haha. I bet I still get more people to sit down and buy copies of this game though. In fact, you still don't get to hangout with me or my bros unless you got Squad them's the rules. V10 and beyond is getting pretty cool!
  10. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Hey how about me? I was the first dude on PR that pledged to spend THOUSANDS of dollars and buy 100+ keys/copies of this game? So far I have probably gone through 50+ copies already to friends, family, followers, and everyone who has bought a battlestation or workstation from us in the last 2 years WANT TO KNOW MORE? Everyone that comes into contact with me is told, "BUY SQUAD. BUY IT NOW. BEST GAME EVER. SUPPORT THESE DUDES." I come into contact with several people a DAY, that end up at least following Squad/Waiting for full release. Do I get a free copy or what? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING IDGAF AND I WAKE UP AT DAWN EVERY DAY AND BUST MY ASS UNTIL DUSK OR LATER SO THAT I CAN AFFORD TO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT $50-$100 HERE OR THERE I will support this project nearly as much as I do Squad and that includes spending THOUSANDS on it. It would be nice to get some kudos or something though since as far as I can tell I am the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, MOST PASSIONATE mother flipping Squad Brand Ambassador I guess, I have not really heard much from @IrOnTaXi @Merlin @RoyAwesome , my fellow Northwest Gamers... but screw it that is not what it is about. It is about supporting the projects that you love and are really passionate about. And this is shaping up to be the game that we all knew they would make for us. Anyway, I urge everyone to do what you can to support both of these awesome projects. I will take this opportunity to say that I would GLADLY pay an extra $50-$100 for a "DLC" or something to inject some more cash into this project, and ensure it's success and what have you. Star Citizen model for the win. Start selling TANKS and APC's and Lil Bird's! CHILLOUT JUST KIDDING. Sorta. I really do wish there was like a $20-$40 DLC or something because I just do not see it being fair at all that we only paid $20/$40/$60 or whatever for this. It is a massive amount of work and should be closer to at least $80-$100. This "game" at $60 is a freaking STEAL. At $40 it's just absurd. At $20 (Which I have bought it at quite a few times), is just plain old DUMB. If supporting PS in anyway helps support our Dev's I am all for it. Plus, WWII is just about the most manliest thing ever, so I am doubly all for it.
  11. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    Very helpful, please direct newbies to this video Very informational.
  12. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - PORTLAND, OREGON!

  13. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    Every good leader or commander I have had ever, IRL or online, has screamed a lot and used some very "colorful" language. The reason I tend not to SL these days is I know too well that personally, I, scream, yell, shout, kick, smack, and even execute insubordinate soldiers (fully within my rights as a commander on the battlefield hehe). I am not the best leader in the heat of the battle. Perhaps IRL, I could be who knows. But for an online mil sim fps shooter whatever game, I am just too emotional and invested/committed to winning the battle at all costs! And I know this full well, so I leave it up to dudes like Karma who are much better leaders than I. And 90% of other SL's. NEW VIDEO IS UP! I am putting it on for everyone to watch and discuss at the NORTHWEST GAMERS IRL HQ here in PORTLAND, OREGON:
  14. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    And THIS is why our devs are the best devs I will continue to throw piles and piles of cash at this project.
  15. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    @karmakut Can you please post your video's in this thread when/if you get a chance? I know there are at least 10-20 of us who would like you to. They are really educational, and PASSIONATE. New Operators, and Non-PR Vets need to understand how to play the game the right way, and how to communicate, and coordinate. It is up to Badass Operators like yourself to to build and shape this awesome community and I think a lot of us can agree that you and your crew do it better than most. I think we can all agree that THIS is the best place to discuss the tactics, nuances, mechanics, and other gameplay stuff. Until you get your own forum of course. We have a year or two or three (Hopefully no more), until Squad really starts to get into full swing and get everything fleshed out and polished, and I for one look forward to you being on my side of the Battlefield at least that long. SlumLord over and out. I think this was my personal favorite for a long time, so I will start this thread off right by dropping it: What are some of your guys' favorites? Any other SL's on here as PASSIONATE about Squad? If so I would love to squad up sometime!