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  1. Hello guys, i have gtx 1050 (2GB) , i5-7300hq and 8 gb ram here is the problem, when round start my gpu usage at %99 and fps=80-90 after start 2-3 min my gpu usage=%50-%60 and fps=38-45 And cpu usage always at %40-%60 sometimes (rarely) %80 Temps 60-65 C for both cpu and gpu
  2. DELL N5110 GT525M

    i have dell n5110 laptop my system spec is cpu: i5-2430m 2.4 to 3.20 turbo gpu: gt525m 1 gb nvidia ram: 6 GB Can i run it websites says my system can play this game at minimum settings i play battlefield 3 with this system at 30-45 fps sometimes 50 with medium settings(in multiplayer - 64player caspianborder-operation firestorm) (aa off) Here is the questions can i play Squad at low-medium settings with 30+ fps? Thanks in advance