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  1. I don´t think is the weaponry that makes the difference honestly. It´s using militia as a regular force that´s not working. The lack of "asymetric combat tools" is the difference. On field, Regular forces need to move slowly because it´s mandatory organization and coordination, recon of terrain for IED´s, looking for ambush... etc The advantage of militia is the skill to go on small numbers, no so much coordination, superior terrain awareness, civilian cooperation, use of asymetric tactis... That´s IMHO the gameplay we need to looking for militans. sorry for my english. Cheers
  2. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    Scalability it´s a convenient word to make good bussines and take a good game and make it exploit free? I´m not against you as developers make good money, in fact i hope that. But i bought a game where i thought at least a decent amount of fair play. good to know... I would say, if you want to scale the game it´s ok,( i´ll run from all open servers like hell ) but let server owners decide the rules of scalability