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  1. Bring Walking Back

    I fully support this, walking was a really big part of my gameplay for a while now.
  2. Squad for Steam Awards!

    Ill have to go give it a vote!
  3. Struggling with this game

    Keep playing it, learn the game even if people bitch and whine. Find some friends who know what their doing, it will quickly close the learning curve if you have someone helping you out
  4. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    Works really well Props to the creator!
  5. Single layer Sand bags for ARs

    Just ask your SL to drop some sandbags and only dig them up to 1 layer? I assume that's what you're asking for..
  6. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I can only speak from experience at a range, but I am rather satisfied with the feel of most all the guns in v12, however I do feel that something is off in the gameplay since the release but im just not certain what it is...

    Unlikely they're gunna change that, I personally haven't got any shit for when an idiiot hits my mines
  8. please do not release this patch

    Gotta say I agree with the suppression system in this post, I think suppression is effective how it is now and I think the new update to it is rough. Otherwise I like the new ammo system and so on.
  9. Game won't startup

    No matter the means I use to start up the game, steam, start menu, etc. The game won't launch. The Squad loading/startup bar comes up but when that fills up the game never opens. If I pull up my processes my computer will show a process running but no application. I have tried several times to re-download the game but no luck.