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  1. yes i see, children are the most iritating player in the tactical shooter history
  2. it's funny because you i make attention seeking for making this topic
  3. hahahahahahahahahahaha, you are very funny
  4. thank you for giving me this example, that makes me want to play Squad ASAP without disrespected by other players. I know i must defend myself in a server if there was a some kind of a guy who discriminates me.
  5. is there a people that still has a patience to teach kids?
  6. That seems people are hates kids when play games especially when they rage, i'm 14 years. I want to interact to other people in Squad but i don't want get any trouble because of my age, i'm not yet play Squad but i want to buy Squad ASAP, I know young adult and other 18+ are playing this game. Will i get bullied? or kicked?