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  1. the wrench

    Will Squad in the future have a way where when you join a server with missing mods, they'll automatically download them for you?
  2. If you like PR2 so much, go play PR2. Howbow Dah
  3. Canadian Forces. Australian Defense Forces. New Zealand Defense Forces. U.S Marines. Special Forces (e.g. Delta Force, SAS,DEVGRU)
  4. Fully auto is useless at a distance. Too much recoil. Any ranged engagements, semi. Anything close quarters or urban, fully auto. I tend to run around in auto mode by default because I've had too many situations where I've ran into enemies at distances of 10-20m on foothills etc outside of urban environments.
  5. .
  6. excessive teamkilling

    Some TKs are unintentional. At a range of 50-300m I've been unable to distinguish between friend and foe without using the mini-map especially when firing rockets. Name tags don't show up sometimes at that range. I've accidentally hit friendly due to no nametag or in the blast radius.
  7. I don't see why people are complaining about those who want to lower gunshot sounds. This isn't real life and in real life I can wear hearing protection. I don't want to go deaf or have hearing loss from listening to the insane volume of gunfire in-game. There should be an audio control in settings to lower it.
  8. Gunshots are ridiculously loud in-game. Ridiculously loud. Especially when you have an automatic rifleman open up or a machine gun nest. I constantly turn down the volume in my headset during gunfights to avoid hearing issues.
  9. I did the other day. Went dry in primary during a CQB within 5 meters, switched to secondary and killed the guy.
  10. all of you should be banned for being tryhards calm down its just a game
  11. well administrated servers under 100 ping on the east coast? yeah right. playing squad on west coast servers or europe is unplayable.
  12. lol ill do what i want to i bought the game so bite me
  13. I've heard some players play their own personal music in-game where everyone in the near vicinity can hear it. Is this a feature or are they playing it through their microphone?
  14. I personally do not care about your age along as you PTFO and have a microphone. Act serious and I'll like you,
  15. Thanks @Tommy! Makes the game look MUCH better. Thanks again.