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  1. I personally do not care about your age along as you PTFO and have a microphone. Act serious and I'll like you,
  2. Thanks @Tommy! Makes the game look MUCH better. Thanks again.
  3. @TommyI installed your sweetFX (see picture) but now the game doesn't start (fatal error). Can you offer any assistance?
  4. Buddy its damn near impossible to see across the street, let alone 100m or more. My FOV is at 90 which I didn't set. The aliasing is horrible.
  5. As the maps get bigger, it will be important. It doesn't make sense to walk into ambushes due to inability to conduct forward recon without walking up somewhere.
  6. I'm gonna try the Gamma tip and SweetFX because the tips about being outmaneuvered are garbage. There is so much aliasing and blur at a ranges that you cannot spot people so maneuvering is useless unless you want to fight in distances unless than 30ft. You cannot even see clearly across the street, let alone at distances of 100m. It makes the game infuriating when you're constantly being shot at yet nobody can identify targets because they cannot see them due to how bad the aliasing and graphics are.
  7. Faster way to switch between medic pack and bandages instead of holding down key 5. A fix for the awful aliasing issue when using optics or iron sights. Free look. Binoculars for each player. Personal stats page. Transport helicopter (UH-60 or MH-6).
  8. Personally I find the zoom and focus features to be lacking. It is near impossible to engage anyone at a distance of 100m or more. You can barely see them at 1920 x 1080 resolution. They're like a pixel. The game isn't fun if you cannot see where you're being shot at and by whom. It's obvious the game is designed for very close quarters combat. Many times my squad were unable to identify contacts yet they managed to kill us all.